Antennacraft st4


I am thinking of buying an antennacraft st4 discone scanner antenna and putting it in my attic. I am wanting to wake up my scanner in the basement. I read by the specs that it will also transmit on 6 and 2 meters. This would be a plus because I don't have a 6 meter antenna. Has anybody owned one of these antennas and if so how well do they work for transmitting? I am sure the receive wil be plenty fine for my scanner purposes.


Donald L. Collinson:
Don't expect any gain, and certainly don't expect any miracle performance in an attic mount.  But it should certainly work for 6M transmit.  Their web site says it's good for up to 200W:

If you can, do your best to keep it away from any wiring, vent pipes, etc.  But I'm sure it will do something, and it certainly will do better on the scanner than the whip in the basement.

GL & 73,

Don, K2DC


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