Mosley Traps Identification


Don M. Wait:
I acquired 6 Mosley Traps and was told they are for 10-12-15 meters, there is no identifier on any of them.  What is the process for telling which is which? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Donald L. Collinson:
Why not contact Mosley directly.  Take a couple of pictures and provide measurements of diameter and length and send them an email.  They might be able to help:

GL & 73,

Don, K2DC

Franklin M. Cloud:
They could be from the TA 33 Mosley. The manual is here which may help to identify them.

Douglas Cain:
On my web page it tells you how to ID the traps on the CL-33 this may help.

Don M. Wait:
Thanks to all who replied, special thanks to K5ROW, My traps have winding just a little different that your picture and description showed,  some a off by 1/2 turn. and the other end has just a wire screwed from trap shell down to the plastic insert and straight for about 2 inch and screwed to trap pipe.  Sooooo! I'll get in touch with Mosley and ask them.   Thanks again to all



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