home-brew sigma 4 11 meter antenna

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tried my hand at making a sigma v . sirio currently makes their vector 4000 which is their version of that type of antenna , but i continuously read comments on forums about the 4000 not be durable in bad weather areas . we dont get nor'easters or more than a foot or so of snow in my area , but we do get hurricanes and pretty high winds at times . so i decided to roll the dice and make one that i think will be sturdy enough . my initial ideas for construction didn't work as well as i though they would so i had to re think and buy new material to make into the parts i wanted . it took a while , but i got it done . here's a link to the entire thread for anyone that may be interested in seeing how it progressed for me as well as my mistakes i made along the way .


im just gonna post pics here of what i ended up with . im starting with a 29 ft vertical length , 108 inch basket element length and a 30 inch loop . the gamma is 3/8 solid aluminum rod and 1/2 inch inside diameter aluminum tubing . i used a simple mobile stud for the coax/gamma connection .

here's the bottom bracket .....

here's the loop with tabs for the basket elements and the basket elements .

putting basket elements on the bottom bracket .

my gamma strap .

a pic of the basket .

and the finished (for now) antenna .

not me in the pic , just one of my buds .

put my astatic 700 meter on it real quick and got a quick and dirty 1.6 or 35 and did a quick check with 2 locals . just sitting literally on the ground it made a good contact with a guy in the city that my other 5/8's (29 ft. to the tip) just barely made through the static . even though its much taller , its a whole heck of a lot lighter than my 5/8s with the big plate and mounting boards

i guess pics are not allowed here .
all the pics are posted in the thread of the link after the first paragraph .

Vince Wilkins:
Um, who cares?  I'm sure there's a place for poorly written CB articles out there, but this is not it.


LOL , i didn't build it to make you happy .
got any articles about antennas you have built to share ?



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