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Author Topic: Why has AG6K been Banned Here ?  (Read 55683 times)

Posts: 467

« Reply #45 on: December 01, 2011, 11:33:55 AM »

Wow, this thread has grown a few heads.  Anyway most of (maybe all of) what is being said here is not relevant to the core issue.  It would do all of you some good to read what I posted before:,79118.msg556639.html#msg556639

I will restate it again and be more specific, clearly some are confused.

Rich's posting privileges were removed because of some content in a post he made.  This content was about a woman whom was in Rich's employ.  Rich used the woman's name.  His described sexual abuse committed against her children.  It was much more lengthly than my two sentences here and more detailed.

Rich's posting privileges were removed because of this post.

While it is true that he was also posting about priests and alter boys and a few other off topic things
it was not those very off topic posts, it was the above.  That is not in any way implying that it is ok to post other off topic content in a forum that is about amateur radio amplifiers. Be those posts about flower arranging or camping or any other topic - the forum is about amplifiers. 

Rich did not have his posting privileges removed because of any of the following (and many more that I do not mention I am sure):

Because of his ongoing feud with W8JI and others.

Because of any other posters in any other threads in the last months in the amplifier forum.

Because of the QST article(s).  -- I have never read any of that myself.
(you guys can stop posting those links in this thread - it is not the reason)

Because Susan temped him into writing about some topic - she did not - see the above - she did not bring up the topic at issue.  And even if she or anyone else had it does not then make it ok to continue off topic postings. (off topic, full stop)

Because of any technical content that has been posted by him.

I am sure I could add more things here but I hope you get the point, if not start over at the top of this message and reread the reason.

As for the requests to see the parts of the thread that were off topic and removed (about 10 postings in all) I do not really see the point in that - nor a way to allow you to view the thread.

- I removed it because it has no place here on - so why would I put it back?

- I saw the content, others did too, and then I acted.  Having people review the content
  is not going to change the past actions.

- If you still feel you want to see it for whatever reason, well I am sorry, I am not going to repost it.

I would suggest contacting Rich and asking him for a copy of what he posted. 

The bottom line:

Rich made a post in the amateur radio amplifier forum that I felt went way over the line.

Based on that post I removed Rich's posting privileges.

I did this because based on that post along with past post (last few weeks and months) it is clear in my mind that Rich has trouble telling what topics should and should not be covered in the amateur radio amplifier forum - I do not trust him to not post similar content in the future.

Perhaps you should reread this post from the admin.
It's not at all about baiting, it's really very simple.
Just read this post.
« Last Edit: December 01, 2011, 11:37:11 AM by AF6LJ » Logged

Take Care

Posts: 182

« Reply #46 on: December 01, 2011, 11:47:14 AM »

It is time to let this thing push up daisy. The reasoning has been provided. I know nothing of the original problem. I know no one involved with the original issue but I know what I have read here. It is the same question with the same answer over and over. If people were "baited" they should have held their cool. That is different than turn the other cheek. If you need to say what you need to say in non-vulgar, non-child sexual comments. Dont make up stuff. Believe me after 15 years of working in corrections mainly prison I have had every button that I have pushed. You have to learn how to keep your cool until you get a chance to get back at what was said. If you are going to use colorful language dont do it in front of other people.

Now lets kill this beast before it grows to be more than it really is.

Posts: 194

« Reply #47 on: December 01, 2011, 12:36:39 PM »

Wow, what a firestorm!  Being new to all this, I was curious who the guy is.  I found his website and agree with others that he has an emotional issue - a bad thing happened in 1995, and he can't let go.  Life is full of bad things.  It is the adult's choice to learn from them, not continue trying to beat them into the ground.

For those who want more of this person's writing, there is a YahooGroup called "ham_amplifiers" that promises no censure.  All Rich, All the Time.

- k

Posts: 2485

« Reply #48 on: December 01, 2011, 12:58:53 PM »

Wow, what a firestorm!  Being new to all this, I was curious who the guy is.  I found his website and agree with others that he has an emotional issue - a bad thing happened in 1995, and he can't let go.  Life is full of bad things.

I was curious too and googled his name/ callsign and for his technical stuff some of what I had read was well written. Unfortunately he does not separate his more "vitriolic" discussions away from the saner discourses and sometimes it is like I was reading two different people. The well meaning AG6K and then the rather over the edge person who must come out when the moon is full and it is time to put on a good hate for Mormons, Catholics or people who buy 2% milk <j/k>.

While we all have the right to be Dr. Jeckyl and Mr. Hyde it is a forum moderators nightmare when they both show up to the same party. It is always a tough call when you need to put on the site administrators hobnailed boots and kick someone out. there are p l e n t y of amateur radio sites that would not have tolerated even one slip-up like "da-Zed". He could always try out for the Island of Misfit Hams (another forum I follow) or some of the other groups.

Reading and commenting on topics of discussion on eHam is almost always a pleasant experience. It just takes a few folks with seemingly split personalities or who are just malevolent (referencing to someone who used to post very rude and insulting things in the Youth part of the forum more than a year ago (hint, had a name of a type of broadband antenna sometimes used on VHF/UHF radio)). To put it in the terminology of the generation before mine "man, sometimes you can be a real bummer".

Glad it's over. Admin made the right call.

Ms. Tisha Hayes, AA4HA
Lookout Mountain, Alabama
Free space loss (dB) = 32.4 + 20 × log10d + 20 × log10 f

Posts: 402

« Reply #49 on: December 01, 2011, 01:15:26 PM »

I think this topic has run well beyond it's course.

I will likely lock the thread.

I see no reason to pile on AG6K.

I decided to answer the original question posted and to do so in this public forum. Some people will like the way I have done / do things and some will not.  I knew that long before this thread. 

I have no problem with that - we are all different individuals and it is not surprising that we will have different ideas about how to do things.   I am always open to input - but that does not mean that I will agree with or implement your ideas but I will always listen. 


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