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Author Topic: G*dang UPS - My new rig destroyed before I ever get it  (Read 16764 times)

Posts: 1925

« Reply #30 on: November 09, 2011, 11:29:01 AM »

Now I would not trust those people in the UPS store to properly package a radio. I have a few thousand dollars of ceramics, glassware and doo-dads that ended up completely trashed when they shipped from Boise ID to Alabama. I presented each item at the counter and took a photograph of it before they laid their grubby hands on it.

Their idea of packing is to dump all of the stuff into a box and fill it with packing noodles so stuff could slop back and forth in the box. THAT is indeed a UPS problem. The good thing is that I had $3000 of insurance on the parcels and when it arrived broken I went to the local UPS office with the box and the pictures of what was handed over in Boise. They paid the full amount and left me with the shards that I tried to super-glue the least damaged pieces together. They put a set of heavy brass candelabras in the same box with crystal and just packing noodles to keep them separate.

The drivers are not responsible for that. Now I pack my own stuff and double box, paying particular attention to the corners on rack mounted gear. I have yet to have something I personally packed that ended up tore up at the other end.

Ms. Tisha Hayes, AA4HA
Lookout Mountain, Alabama
Free space loss (dB) = 32.4 + 20 × log10d + 20 × log10 f

Posts: 1209


« Reply #31 on: November 09, 2011, 01:14:33 PM »

I shipped a Alpha amplifier that a Missouri ham buddy bought from a local ham close to my QTH in CA. After I checked the amp out and verified it was 100% working, I pulled the transformer and foam blocked the tubes in place as I really didn't want to remove them as they are hard to find and didn't want chance any more handling of them than necessary. I overbuilt seperate wooden crates for both the amplifier and the transformer using some oak 1x2 and 1x4 lumber I had in the scrap pile and 2" thick medium density foam sheeting (specifially made for shipping heavy items). I had made the crates to withstand everything I could think of. After I crated everything up, took them too the local UPS shipping store. The counter guy had to inspect the inside of the crates. No problems as I had them screwed together in anticipation of that. After inspection, I closed the crates, put the heavy strapping tape around the outsides (would have like to use metal strap but didn't have any) they took them and shipped them as they were. I know because when my buddy got them he asked if there had been any boxes around them as he got them without any.

Needless to say both crates got to MO unscathed and safe. Cost a bit more to ship that way but I figure that it was worth it rather than fight about damage from some UPS schmuck putting a 50 lb amp in a cardboard box with shipping peanuts and getting a 'kit' delivered on the other end!

My buddy took the crates apart as I designed them that way . He has saved them in case he has to ship them again later.

Everytime I ship anything with ANYBODY, I am always reminded of the luggage commercial with the gorillas throwing the suitcase around in the cage. I always either custom pack or overstuff double boxes. Shipping supplies are lots cheaper than new radios.

Gene W5DQ

Gene W5DQ
Ridgecrest, CA - DM15dp

Posts: 515


« Reply #32 on: November 12, 2011, 05:10:56 AM »

Mistake by UPS; I bought an amplifier from a non-ham and they shipped it with tubes still in the amp. When it arrived tubs were just fine nothing broke or banged up.

I am sure it was a mistake to get it in perfect condition. It won’t happen again

Posts: 2243

« Reply #33 on: November 12, 2011, 11:16:45 AM »

Boy, all these horror stories!
Hope I never have to ship my amp (AL80A).

If I did, I would use the Model 1620 Pelican Case
I bought for it when I took it to Africa. I went to
a specialty custom foam place, removed the soft open cell foam,
and had it replaced with much, much stiffer closed cell
"foam". For the front panel they made a custom 3" thick
piece with cutouts for the knobs. I put in a piece
of wood to keep the transformer from shifting and
of course removed the tube. After the initial security
inspection the airlines let me padlock the Pelican case.

I carried the tube and a spare in a soft foam filled
tackle box inside my carry on. The only place they
opened it or even asked me what they were was
in Singapore. These days, being glass, I don't
know if they would even let them on the plane.

Of course the airlines have their moments too.
At LAX the amp case came down the carousel
with the 4 big red "This End Up" signs upside down!

Of course this WAS all Pre 9/11 travelling.

I think if I tried that today I'd get pulled out
of line and have some 'splaining to do.  Grin
I don't think they'd give me any Excess Baggage
Waivers this time either!
« Last Edit: November 12, 2011, 11:18:40 AM by AD6KA » Logged

Posts: 495

« Reply #34 on: November 12, 2011, 02:45:40 PM »

For travel within the US (Do NOT try this coming to Europe!), there is a trick that gets your hold baggage special treatment....

Pack a firearm or starters pistol in the case (Unloaded)!
When you get to security, ask to speak to a supervisor in private and explain that there is a firearm in the case. It will be inspected in your presence, then sealed.
At the destination the seal will be broken in your presence (And there is a good chance it was hand carried to the cockpit and traveled there).

They do this because NO airport security weenie wants a lost firearm airside on their watch (Think FEDERAL Security folks).

Sometimes you can make the system work for you, and this is a popular trick among professional photographers and also sound recordists.

Regards, Dan.

Posts: 431

« Reply #35 on: November 29, 2011, 09:03:23 AM »

RE: UPS. I had a radio shipped to me (Kenwood TS940) which the owner did not have the original box. I advised him to have it professionally packed. He took it to UPS and they put it in an 18x18x18 box. Realize the outer dimensions of a 940 is 16 1/2x16 1/2. It was damaged needless to say and UPS denied the claim, improper packing.

Now what?

Small Claims Court. 

And make sure that prior to the date of the hearing, you've spoken or corresponded with people from the local media (TV, radio, newspapers, whatever).  Someone will love to cover a story like this. 

Posts: 305

« Reply #36 on: November 29, 2011, 01:11:44 PM »

I advised him to have it professionally packed. He took it to UPS

The "UPS Store" is NOT UPS....they are independently owned franchises that used to be called "Mailboxes Etc.".

Don't think your getting 'professional packing' at a UPS Store, your just getting some guy who works at the local strip mall and sells stamps and photocopies, they aren't even UPS employees.

Any radios should be DOUBLE PACKED with a box inside a box at the bare minimum.

Posts: 19

« Reply #37 on: April 25, 2016, 05:00:38 PM »

You are exactly right on. If you don't have the original box and shipping carton, sit that radio on the shelf and admire it. They tore my hf radio all to pieces. I took it to The UPS Store and they double boxed it, but that wont stop forklift forks at all. They sell you insurance and then give you a run around for six months, then tell you time has run out. As bad as I hate to admit it, USPS takes better care of electronics. A lot of repair shops wont accept shipments unless they are in the original shipping cartons with Styrofoam inserts. NOt all those peanuts that blow all over the yard. Save your money. UPS and FedEx are jokes.

Posts: 1250


« Reply #38 on: April 26, 2016, 10:33:49 PM »

Obviously you have never filed a damage claim with USPS. They make UPS and Fedex look like a walk in the park. They have denial down to a fine art, everyone is is a beginner. The hoops you have to jump thru are incredible. Call someone at USPS and ask about your claim, wait. You don't have a phone number except for the main 800 number. Good luck.

They require you to take the damaged item to a post office along with all the packing and turn it over to them for inspection. They take it and don't give a receipt for it and tell you they will contact you. Uh-huh...
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