Antenna: mobile to base?

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Keith Cattaneo:
Has anyone converted a 2 meter mobile antenna to a base antenna?

Stuart Schaffert:
If it's not a halfwave antenna intended for mounting on a fiberglass boat or car all that is needed is the addition of a groundplane made up of four appropriately sized radials.  For 2 meters 19.5" would be about right.


Dale Hunt:
One of my mobile antennas came with a kit that included a NMO base that straps on a mast
and a radial kit.  But if you have a 5/8 wave whip, you'll want to use horizontal radials
rather than ones that slope downwards (and which radiate out of phase with the main
part of the antenna.)

If it is a mag mount, just stick it on top of the fridge, a filing cabinet, metal heat duct,
cookie sheet or old washtub.

Quote from: KC8YKB on January 19, 2012, 11:37:38 AM

Has anyone converted a 2 meter mobile antenna to a base antenna?

  Stick it on top of the outside part of your air conditioner!  A 20 inch pizza pie plate can also do the trick.

In my 15-yr involvement in 2 meter FM:
use only a HUSTLER Collinear High Gain Mobile Antenna CG-144 with the HUSTLER MKR-2 Radial Base Kit; as a base
antenna.  It's about 15-feet above the ground.  Works super.

it's about 15-years old now and still works perfect


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