45 MHz IF Transformers

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Peter Gant:
Does anyone know of a source of 45 MHz I.F. Transformers? A Google search found a place in Australia but these were not the real deal.


Peter Chadwick:
Find an old valve TV set. They'll have 38 MHz (approx) transformers you can pull up. Or make your own - not difficult.

Nelson Derks:
Standard IF frequency for US TV's was 45 MHz, and that was true from the rotary dial era through the VCO / PLL synthesized models......... VCR's, too, but on the most recent analogue designs the tuner is a miniature brick loaded with SMT parts and a complete lack of anything adjustable. Seems that I recall they tune by a data line, too.

In any case, a decent US thrift shop would have no problems providing all the salvaged IF cans you could want and every one of them will have a bandpass wide enough for NTSC video with an audio subcarrier at 4.5 MHz. Translation: It's a barn door with tuning slugs.

Peter Chadwick:
I think I'm right in saying Tanakasan is over here....

Michael J Froehlich:
 For what it is worth, I have had good luck with older VHF/UHF FM crystal type radios that had a 45 MHz I.F. and then the 10.7 MHz I.F.   The last ones I pulled were from an old Johnson VHF radio and it had three of them.  On the top of the can it said "TOKO RCL"  and on the side it had four lines of print. First line = 1013, second line = 001, third line = 8626, fourth line = HK. Aprox. 3/8 square and about 9/16 tall.



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