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John Satterfield:
Anybody planning to homebrew a rig for the "new" 630 meter band?  A qrp CW rig, tube type would be cool.  Suggestions?

Dale R. Parfitt:
It appears that Elecraft is going to be able to do a firmware upgrade to allows us K3 owners on the band with only a PA needed.
JUMA also has a 630M transverter.

Dale W4OP

Dale Hunt:
There are a number of designs for European 136kHz rigs that would give a good
starting point.  While those with a good supply of tube parts can probably use
those, switching MOSFETs are an excellent choice at this low of a frequency.

On the receiver end of things: not actually homebrew, but the 630m (472-479 kHz) band is squarely within the tuning range of the BC-453. Makes sense, since that WWII receiver was a navigational set for radio beacons. However I'm not sure it would be much use for hams trying out the new band. It would only be a single-conversion super, right? I just checked my own BC-453 and the 7-kHz spread of the new band is only about half of one turn of the little tuning knob. Still, when I get my "yet to be restored" BC-453 up and running, I look forward to seeing whether it is any use for copying the intrepid early users of the band.

73 from Martin, KB1WSY

martin wendell:
With a power limit of 1 watt (or 5 watts depending on geography) an RF signal generator feeding a magnetic loop antenna tuned with a variable cap could be considered.  My old Heathkit puts out about 20 MW and I haven't even looked at peaking it.
If it was kept under 100MW and the antenna and feedline were kept under ten feet would it be legal for experimentation under Part 15, pre-allocation?   Tnx ~ M


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