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Author Topic: Selling "airtime" on ham radio  (Read 181398 times)

Posts: 6

« Reply #90 on: December 31, 2012, 10:50:21 AM »

Somehow ke2tr came off ignore.

What's laughable here is you seem to want to turn this into a size of your johnson contest. Pal it ain't about that. I CHOOSE to have a ts820. I enjoy it. I've owned HUNDREDS of hf radios in the last 35 years. Including High end stuff like ts850sat, ts950, 930's, multiple Icoms, and virtually every Heathkit ever made.

It ain't about the size of my Johnson trust me. It's about having fun. The fact that you seem to want to belittle me is even funnier. I got a 40 meter dipole right now is that supposed to be funny too? I've had more fun in the last few years with a tube radio barefoot and a dipole than I ever have in my life of ham radio.

I've owned a large contest station. I have built more stations than you've ever seen in your life including a 11 tower monster. I really could give a crap what you think or have to say.

Just because the arrl says it's legal don't make it right. And I've yet to see where the fcc has ruled it legal. No-one here has shown me...And I'm still waiting to hear about the illegal zoning issues of having large towers installed on a private property under the guise of personal use when they're charging people $5000 to use the station. Maybe this thread printed and forwarded to a few towns would open some eyes.

Back to ignore for you pal. Have a great New Year. Spend it talking to yourself some more. Smiley

Posts: 704

« Reply #91 on: January 01, 2013, 08:14:01 PM »

You have to be the biggest dick head on this forum, number one I searched the net and found nothing about you or anything that you have built, I just love the small minded piss ants like you that BS all day long and the bottom line you have done nothing on building anything. Here is a link from one of the contest forum's from my buddy JP, oh BTW  I have friends, I don't think you do.
Plus if you search the net under W2A/W2AA, JP put a page of pic's together of my station I had ton's of fun with my friends, both building and OPing between 1994-2002. BTW in 1996/97/99 that little station place first in CQWW Phone Multi Single USA, the woods on the wall and in 98 we placed 5th Multi/Multi Phone SSB CQWW USA (The station was nor designed but we just wanted to see what it would do with six op's and three station setup. As far as my johnson is concerned that my wife's business and none of yours unless you hop the fence but I must say I don't sway that way. In 96 we used KF2ET, then W2A for the other three so it had nothing to do with my call being the spotlite, I really did not do it for my call to be in bold black letter's but it was about the most fun any of us from that group had with this hobby I have been in this hobby since 1968 so I have see all type's, played around with contesting since 1977 on and off but in 93 started to build my own station that would do some battle with some very large station's. Crewed with K2UU on W2HCW's re build of his bertha from the old telrex monobander's to 125MPH Plus M2 Monobander from 40-10mtrs, in the late 70ies I help build a station here on LI with all 6 element KLM big stickers, help KR2N put up lots of monobander's of two 120ft tower's and believe me there is more cause I did work with K2UU on and off for a couple of year's re doing  more than a few station's here on LI. So what have you done and you call the radio's you have had Hi End, you are a joke, Yes I may own a TS590 now cause it's got one hellova good receiver in it plus its a great bang for the buck but have owned FT1000D's,FT1000MP's,FT990,IC751A,IC746Pro,TS850,TS930,TS830,TS820,TS520's,TR4C,Drake C lines,KWM2,CX7A,IC765 to name a few but only one doggy Heathkit which was a HW100 which was my 1st SSB rig.
As far as you building some monster contest station well who's call or maybe you work for Matt KC1XX in which you are just a worker not the builder/designer, I knew you were full of crap cause you show nothing to back up your word's at all, nada,zip. BTW if you had a station together back in the late 90ies I bet you were one of the guy's I spanked all the time in the contest's back then, for some reason the old fart mentality like yours never likes the small well designed station's that do well or you think you are better than everyone else.
Happy New Year you big turkey, maybe I'll send you a tube of preparation H, you seem to need it!

Posts: 704

« Reply #92 on: January 02, 2013, 11:26:52 AM »

I can see why N1CX is getting so pissed off, he runs a TS820 into a 20mtr dipole at 20ft! No wonder he is so crazed at a guy in a condo working DX he shouldn't be able to work from a big station but I gotta say if the ham who rent's the station can afford to do so, so be it. I know what it cost's to put a semi larger than average station together, not with Rohn 25/45G guyed tower's but a pair of hefty priced crank-up's, then there's the cable and grounding, rotor's, not even thinking about what's inside the shack as far as cost, then the local town permits. This guy is thinking about ham radio like he is back in the 1960ies. Then you consider what the cost of building a world class station which I am sure is way over $100K and that's just the antennas, not the property, house, and what's needed inside the shack for rigs, amp's, switching that will make it all work via the net so you look at all that for one site and I bet you over and above $500K and N1CX doesn't like that cause his simple minded idea's of what ham radio should be but that's in his own mind.
This is a different age we live in, remote station's have been in growing number's and I too one day might be stuck in a condo down south which will not allow antenna's, hell I would be the 1st one to sign up, God willing maybe own my own remote station at that time as well and hell if I could rent that I would cause I don't use the radio all day, let someone else use it but I'll be dammed after all my hard work someone is going to use it for free.
I think N1CX wants a supper station for free cause he is that cheap type of ham, doesn't want to pay for anything, who is he to put down the ham's who push the envelope with this hobby.
I have heard a number of guy's run remote station's, they all use there call then portable what ever district there in, if the own or rent the station doesn't bother me one bit as long as there having fun which is were N1CX losses the battle, he is way to busy bitching about what everyone else has and he doesn't.

Posts: 704

« Reply #93 on: April 12, 2013, 04:07:00 PM »

Hey N1CX, did you get your new QST yet? Looks like they liked the idea of Remote Ham Radio allot! No full page add just a review that is like the they are giving the guy's doing this there blessing's but you still have your old way's to knock a great new idea. Must be hard getting old and being of old fart age and acting like it.
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