ESD mats portable set for safe soldering

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Petr J. Ouøedník:
Hi all,

After bad experiences during the FT-100D jewel repairing I decided to solve my
ESD protection in the kitchen "lab".

I would like to share my experiences with ESD mats for safe, ESD protective
soldering as it can help to others. I looked for long time on the eBay and other
shops for possibility to purchase small portable ESD mats including the cables
to connect for same el. potential or directly to common ground.

All mats I found were big and expensive or small but expensive or small, not
high quality and expensive etc.

Requested parameters were: two layers, oil, grease and solvent resistant, high
temp resistant, acid proof and knife cut proof material.

After long time I returned back to Czech market where I found the company where
they has exactly what I looked for but unfortunately the mats are too big.
Standard size is 80cm x 160cm for high price dedicated for professional
industrial usage. So I tried to call them and after some negotiation they
promised to cut it for me to preferred size 40x60cm and install the cables and
bananas for ground connection.

We also reached after some phone calls excellent price. Total price is finally
$25 including all h/w.

- thickness: 2mm
- RTG = 10^6 – 10^8

ESD Rubber Mats have two layers; the top one is a blue static dissipative rubber
layer laminated to a black conductive rubber bottom layer. Surface resistivity
of the top layer is 106 – 108 and bottom layer is 105 – 106. This ESD Rubber
material offers excellent resistance to oil, grease and most common solvent.

These ESD Rubber Mats are very light compared to our single layer and three
layer mats.

The link with pictures is over here:

After ordering and arrival at home I decided to make several tests:

Several oils, greases and different solvents and mat survived without
any damages.

The flare-up point and it seems to be higher than 1000 C which is
corresponding to almost 2000 F. (I was limited by temp sensors and thermometer
over here)

The burning thru temperature and it survived 450 C for 2mins which is
corresponding to 850 F. (I was limited by my soldering station, hi)

The max of the temp without any noticeable damage of the top layer. It
survived 200 C for 2mins which is corresponding to 400 F.

In fact I did not measured it for the first time because I had not any appropriate
probes available to make serious measurement.

According to Your kind comment I called to my friend who is working in industrial
corporation and he allowed me to use their professional surface resistivity tester
with actual calibration certificate.

Measured in harmony with IEC 61000 standard I tested this ESD mat and with 6cm
distance measured the resistivity of 12.1x10^6 ohms which corresponding to better
than 10^7 ohms. It seems to be perfect result as the suppliers datasheet is talking
about the 10^6 to 10^8 ohms range.

Finally I tried to cut it using standard knife and make the hole thru using drill
and it proved very high resistance.

All these tests results are so great that I am really happy with this new ESD
mat and I am sure that it will make great job.

...and one more thing

If You would like to get this ESD mats also then let me know OFF-LIST to

I am ready to help You with purchasing, repacking and shipping to you worldwide
as NON-profit help.

Sorry for a bit longer message and bothering other people but I guess it can
help to many of us with ESD issue and it will help to some of You as same as
to me with safe soldering in the kitchen property...

73 - Petr, OK1RP

Petr J. Ouøedník:

after several email about the common ground connection I decided to share it over here...

Of course that mentioned Industrial grade ESD mat is following ANSI Standard so it means that both coiled wires for wristband and common ground connetions has 1MOhm resistor included to limiting the maxim current thru body in the circuit.

So there is no additional grounding point adapter with resistor inside needed in this set.

73 - Petr, OK1RP

Claude Stewart:

Surface resistivity of the top layer is 106 – 108 and....

I hope that means 10⁶Ω to 10⁸Ω (10MΩ to 1,000MΩ), otherwise don't apply power to the circuit--the mat will become a very hot dummy load almost instantly!

I have a 5-foot wide ESD mat at work, but in a pinch I have used empty ESD bags as improvised mats. They may not be as good, nor as fancy as the real thing, but seem to get the job done nonetheless. GL with your setup, and thanks for the info.

Petr J. Ouøedník:

thank You for note. YES of course it means 10⁶Ω to 10⁸Ω (10MΩ to 1,000MΩ) > it was just typo issue on my keyboard. This Industrial grade ESD mat 60x40cm is following all ANSI standards and my measurement of the surface resistance confirming the suppliers datasheet values perfectly. I am very happy with this mat as the size fit to home lab table comfortably.

BTW as I ordered few mat set more I have still few pcs available so do not worry to ask if You would like to get one. I paid $25/pc + $13 s/h (including packaging, insurance, paypal fee) so total $38 shipped worldwide which sounds to me excellent and I did not found anything better for this price.

My best regards,

73 - Petr, OK1RP

Petr J. Ouøedník:
Hi all,

upon few email requests I am posting over here that mentioned ESD mat sets are still available (in few pcs).
Do not hesitate to email me if You need them for safe kits building/soldering.

73 - Petr, OK1RP


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