Ford Explorer (2013) Antenna Location

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Bill Frantz:
I am finally going VHF/UHF mobile in a new 2013 Explorer (police version) and need some suggestions for an antenna mount.  I can't drill holes in the roof, but would prefer something like a hood lip mount for the right front fender area.  I suppose a rear hatch lip location would be OK, but I don't really want to run the coax the length of the vehicle.  TNX.  W3OWL

Alan Applegate:
Why can't you drill a hole? Is it not yours?

Bill Frantz:
Correct, no drilling holes in the exterior of the vehicle.

Conor Turton:
Change the radio to one with a remote head unit and then you can put the main body in the back and not need to run the co-ax the length of the vehicle.

Bill Frantz:
Yes, I will be using a unit with a remote face plate.  I was asking if anyone had a suggestion (brand, style, model number, etc.) of an antenna mount which could be used on the hood lip/front fender area of the 2013 Explorer.


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