Antenna vendors in Montreal, Canada...???


Ian Beeby:

I'm going to be visiting Montreal in the next few weeks and wonder whether anyone can recommend a Ham Radio store that has a reasonable selection of HF Mobile antennas.

Ideally within public transport range of the centre-ville.

Thanks in advance...


Ham stores are rare these days.  Even major cities may not have one.

You may do better to choose your antenna from online or catalogs, then order and have it delivered overnight when you arrive in Montreal.


John Pavelich:

I was in Montreal yesterday! Fabulous city to visit.
Most of the ham radio dealers have gone. The big outlets are  in Toronto. Try contacting hams at the Montreal Amateur Radio Club: They might be able help you out.

Most of us order online these days.

John Pavelich:
Just another thought. If you order online from a US outlet your delivery will possibly be held in customs until you clear it, and the paperwork and additional brokerage fees  will be annoying. However if you order from EKEL they are in Trois Rivieres (Three Rivers) and can possibly deliver to Montreal. Same for Durham Radio in Toronto There are one or two other stores that I can't recall for the moment. Enjoy your trip!


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