A Steampunk RF Milliammeter


nanda kumar s:
Here's the link.


Many thanks.



Claude Stewart:
Nice home brew project, especially for QRP enthusiasts. I appreciate how you reused salvaged parts in this test gear. I would imagine a T50-6 would be a good toroid for the sense transformer.

Nandu:  OK, I give up..... let me step in it.....

An RF millimeter I understand.  But, what the hell is a "steampunk?"

OM Nandu:  I am 77 years old and have been a ham for 57 years.  That is the FIRST time I've ever heard the term, "Steampunk!"

Now I understand and I thank you for the explanation.  Keep on 'punkin!"   ;D

Al Koenig:
The son of Frankenstein, his laboratory was the essence of Steampunk.  Search Ebay for steampunk and take a gander at the wild stuff that shows up.


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