!60 meter tranceiver

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Frank Schwark:
     I decided I don't want to be a "appliance operator". I would like to build a 160 meter transceiver(AM,SSB,CW).If anyone has any build plans, please email them to me. I would also like to build a 40 meter transceiver(SSB,CW). Also, if anyone has build plans , please email them to me. I will be testing for my General Class License at the Dayton Hamfest, so I got to get busy. 73'S

Peter Gant:
Try this one for starters:



Peter Chadwick:
Unfortunately, the SL6700 has not been made for 17 years. The SL6270 VOGAD has been copied by another company - see the RSGB RADCOM magazine for April 2013.

These were manufactured originally by Plessey Semiconductors in Swindon. The SL6700 was derived from a 1970's design by Electronique Marcel Dassault for a pager type application for the French government.

I was the Applications Engineer for those parts for many years.....

Peter G3RZP

The transceiver may be miniature, but the antenna isn't!

Dale Hunt:
You might find some interesting circuits here:


If you find a good design for a transceiver you can usually modify it to a
different band.


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