Elecraft K3 Building Completed ... kinda :)


Nick Palomba:

On to final assembly of the Elecraft K3 – there didn’t seem like much left to do before testing so I had some time the other night to finish up. There were a few parts here that were a little frustrating – mostly to do with the heat sink for the 100-Watt Amp. It was something that got put in early on in the steps that gets in the way when you have large hands for some of the more delicate work that has to be done after this.

After this you work on the bottom panels, which are very easy but a couple of things to think about here. Getting the feet laid out so when you put the raising bar on you will ensure that you get them right the first time. My video doesn’t show it as it’s in fast motion but I spent a little extra time ensuring I had the feet in the right order.

The next step is the noise blanker board which of course is an easy install but with the head sink as well as the top bar in place if adds al little complexity to getting it installed that I’m not sure needed to be there. This is one of the places in the instructions that could use some updating but I’m going to save that for my overall build notes.


Chuck D:
I think it's called a "tilt bail". 

IC:  I looked at your video.....and I think I understand your problem.  

You simply must slow down!   ::)



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