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I need to upgrade my old  hand tools. Which are the best quality, non-Chinese hand tools around ?

Mel Granick:
A list of companies manufacturing hand tools in the USA can be found here:

Mel - KS2G

Chris J. Smith:
Home Depot and Lowes offer good quality hand tools at just a bit more than reasonable prices--but they stand behind them just as Sears used to do with their Craftsman brand.  Break one, and if you bring it back you get another.  Craftsman tools still offer that, but sadly, some of them are now made elsewhere. (China)

Klein screwdrivers seem to be pretty good.  Likewise Channellock pliers.  Open end wrenches at Auto Zone are good but high priced.  Wrench sets at Home Depot, likewise ratchets and sockets.  Sears/K-Mart is still good for misc. tools--the hard to get kind, that is.

Dieter Kuespert:
A bit closer to Malta is http://www.reichelt.de/
I think they would also ship to Malta. They got a good selection of electronic tools at reasonable prices.

Peter Chadwick:
What sort of hand tools? Cutters, pliers? There, go for Lindstrom from Sweden. Hand drill, hacksaw, vice, Stanley from the UK. Drill bits - Presto, Dormer, Osborne. Cheap drill bits are a menace. Saw
blades - don't get cheap ones. Not worth it. Especially slitting saws.

Can't remember which European manufacturer for files - again, cheap ones not worth it.


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