speaking of Heathkit building...

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Apparently making a comeback. I took the survey, its comprehensive.

James K.Allen:
I goggled Heathkit.com and all I got was the copyrighted name on a registered web site,just the logo and postage stamp no other information of any type.This makes me wonder about the legitimacy and intended use of other than electronic related personal survey questions.Yes you can label me somewhat skeptical or please direct me to the appropriate (new)?Heathkit website.

Ummm. The link to the survey is in my post...I tested it, goes straight to the survey.  ;)

David, thanks for sharing this! I am STOKED!!!
This is encouraging news. I indeed took the survey. It'd be most excellent if they can "reissue" some of the vintage gems. As well, it'd be great to see what good could come of possible hybrid transmitters with full mode features and matchinf peripherals. As a bonus, bring back some AM Phone goodies :-)

Thanks again Dave.

This should be an E-Ham all points news plug !

James K.Allen:
    David,Yes I could get to the survey via your link but was trying to follow up on the (new) Heathkit website itself for more info.Thanks for posting.


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