I used to use an ICOM IC-2AT to get into the packet network. The radio failed and an EBay replacement also had the final blown.  I recently bought a IC-2100H and would like to use this as my packet radio into the local DX Cluster. I would appreciate any help coming up with making an interface cable to fit into the telephone type microphone receptacle on the radio. Marty

Check the article in the May 2002 QST, "A Microphone Adaptor for the IC-706", maybe this might work for the IC-21000?

Ray Johnson:
I got a 8 pin modular phone coard at radio shack, cut it in half and soldered the tnc connector on. works great

Dave Wilburn:
I have a new Kantronics KPC3+, which I connected to my ICOM IC-2100.  I would be happy to give you help.  You can contact me at KG4SSO@arrl.net.  Here is what I did.

I have a friend that does network cabling installation.  I had him put an end on about a 4 foot cable.  In hind sight I should have made this a bit longer as I have cut it off several times while connecting to different packet boxes.  If you do not know of someone who can put an end on a CAT5 cable (the end is an RJ45 connector) then you can go to any radio shack or office store and buy a cheap CAT5 cable.  You do not need a fancy expensive one or a long one.  Then cut it in half and you have two cables.  One can hook to your 2100, and the other can connect to your HT.  But that would be another post.

Look in your manual for the pin out of your 2100.  Keep in mind that is what the front panel of the radio looks like, so you have to line up those pins to match up with the pins on the cable.  If you have the end of the cable pointed towards you face, with the locking tab pointed down, then pin one is on the right of the connector and pin eight is on the left.

I then did a continutiy check on my cable to see what wires were connected to what pins.  Mine ended up like this.

1 - orange white
2 - orange
3 - green white
4 - green
5 - blue white
6 - blue
7 - brown white
8 - brown

My cable was one I put together, so yours may be different.  Just make sure you know what goes where. I then looked in the Kantroncis manual to find out what its connector setup was.  My was listed as follows.

DB9 connector
1 - mike transmit audio
3 - PTT - push to talk
5 - recieve audio
6 - ground - receive audio
9 - ground

6 and 9 are probably confusing.  I used the external speaker connection on my radio for receive audio since this is not available on the mike connection.  My KPC+ came with this cable.  I connected pins 5 and 6 to the external speaker jack.  5 to the tip, and 6 to the side (ground).  So this is what I ended up with.

RJ45 Connector to 2100             DB9
Pin 6     mike transmi audio       Pin 1
Pin 4     PTT - push to talk       Pin 3
Pin 7     Gound (not mike ground)  Pin 9

External speaker cable
tip/center conductor               Pin 5
ground/outer conductor             Pin 6

I then did a final continuity check and found I had one cable that I was supposed to connect to pin 3 on the DB9 connector connected to pin 4.  I fixed this and then tried again.

Hope this helps.  Like I said, drop me a line if you have any questions.  Take care and have a good day.  73s



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