Making stripboard look (a bit) less ugly

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Peter Gant:
Once in a while I come across ideas that are simple but effective, this is one of those moments:


Clark McDonald:
Paper?  On top of a circuit board between the components and the board? 

No thanks, I'd rather have it ugly and ultimately safe than sit around waiting for one overheated something or other to set the paper on fire. 

Then there is the humidity factor, as well, paper is likely to absorb moisture from environment over time...


Scott Schrader:
laser printed on acetate sheets would be more stable.


Thanks for the fantastic link!  What a great idea!  Quite often I have to build something that doesn't require a PCB, which is a major PITA..... and so I use perfboard.

These projects look bad enough on top and the underside looks worse than a hillbilly outhouse! 

With the use of photopaper, I don't think moisture will be a problem.  Certainly worth a go anyhow!

Peter Gant:
Following on from the original idea there's no need to use a CAD program to do the layouts. Fire up your favorite spreadsheet and set it for 0.1" x 0.1" cells. You can then align text to the tenth inch holes and create 0.3" x 0.7" or 0.3" x 0.8" highlighted cells to show you where to punch the chips through the paper.

As for KE3WD and his worries about fire, paper burns at 451F and 60/40 solder melts at 370F so the joints on your component would have melted long before the paper started to burn. In any event, fuses and current limited regulators are always a good idea.



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