Trying to find a source for a Ten Tec 1320 QRP transceiver PCB

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Michael Brown:
I am in need of a PCB board for one of the Ten Tec 1300 series QRP transceivers.  Specifically, I need a PCB for a Ten Tec 1320 20 meter QRP kit.  I have contacted Ten Tec, and they have basically said that they are out of the PCB for the 1300 series kits, and that they are in the process of redesigning the PCB for the 1300 series kits to include SMD components.  Can anyone point me in the right direction as far as getting a replacement/reproduction for one of the 1300 series PCB boards?  I know there are companies that can reproduce old PCB boards, but without having a PCB board for them to go by, what do I do?  I guess I am just S.O.L. unless I can somehow talk Ten Tec into letting me borrow a PCB board from one of the 1300 series transceivers to have reproduced until I can ship their board back to them.  Any recommendations on a PCB reproduction company or suggestions on this one?  What about the cost to have a small PCB reproduced?  Thanks!

Michael KU4UV

Dieter Kuespert:
There is a layout for download on there website as you probably know. The disadvantage you got the components there as well. Worst case one would have to use something like Photoshop to remove all unwanted parts of the drawing.I have done that myself, it's only a matter of patience and time.
There are still hams out there who can at least do single sided boards themselves.

Mark Brueggemann:
What's the goal?  Even if you sourced a PCB you'd still have to scrounge all the parts and documentation.  Then the best you'd have is if you bought the kit outright.

If it's a 1320 you want, just buy one used/built.  From there you could go through it stem to stern and make it into anything you want.  If it's just the board you want, you could strip it completely.  A lot easier than fabricating a PCB, at home or commercially.  Even buying the kit new (they're still for sale at the TT site) and just keeping the PCB you're way ahead in the time and effort fabbing a PCB.

Quote from: Dieter Kuespert on June 12, 2013, 10:06:42 PM

There are still hams out there who can at least do single sided boards themselves.

I make double side boards at home.  Not much harder than making a single side board, really.  Just have to be mindful of registration.

Mark K5LXP
Albuquerque, NM

Bob Lewis:
Ten Tec probably has the gerber files for the original PCB that would permit any of the PCB mfgs to reproduce it.  Because of setup costs it would be an expensive board if you only wanted one. You might get the cost down to a few $$ each if you purchased at least 100 boards.

Michael Brown:
I contacted Ten Tec again today, since it has been over 48 hours and still no reply to any of my e-mails to them.  I basically have been told that they are no longer going to produce any boards for the current crop of 1300 series QRP transceivers.  So, I guess you are just plain out of luck if you mess up something on the circuit board and need to order a new one.  I was essentially told to just purchase a new kit.  O.k., but I don't need a new kit, I just need a circuit board for one of the kits.  I was told that they don't produce the circuit boards in-house.  One of the reasons why I purchase from Ten Tec is that I live one state away from them and can get parts quickly if I ever need them.  I think with this incident, and the fact that they are slow to never in returning e-mails, I am done with ever buying Ten Tec products again.  Why would I buy a product without knowing whether or not I can ever get parts for it if I run into a problem.  While I don't expect all products to be supported forever, I thought this was what Ten Tec was known for.  Oh well.



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