Questions about upgrading TS-680s to PC/USB interface and isolation


Richard Allen:
I've found a TS-680s to play with, but noticed there was no PC tuning interface, so I'm designing my own using somewhat newer technology than Kenwood's IF-10 parts. I've actually got it a USB FIFO wired up to the TS-680's Z80 CPU and it is working on my breadboard.

I've noticed that the Kenwood IF-10 devices have no isolation/ground-loop protection on board. Does the Kenwood IF-232C provide isolation between the radio and PC? I could easily add something like if it is needed. Also, where is the best place to locate the isolation barrier? Should it go right behind the ACC1 port, or would it be alright to run the USB cable all the way to the expansion board location and isolate it there?


Clif Holland:
The IF-232 uses a TLP521-4 for optical isolation. The Radio data lines and ground are not connected to the IF232, only to the IC for isolation.



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