Passive LC Audio Filter

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David Fentem:
I've recently completed a passive LC audio filter for CW and SSB that I thought I'd share.  It uses surplus telephone toroids.  Unfortunately these are extremely difficult to find now.  Full details can be found here.

Peter Gant:
Nice work!


Wesley Moore:
Makes me envious.  :) Now you started me on another diversion.

Tnx for the incentive to build something. As the commercial use
to say for the Aftershave Lotion "Thanks, I needed that!"


David Fentem:
Thanks.   :)

This was a fun project even though it did get a little intense at times.  Somehow things fell into place so it could all come together.

Christopher W. Boone:
What's the insertion loss?? Amazing these days its all done in single DSP chip with lines of code....


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