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James K.Allen:
  Has anyone experimented with theses platforms for making useful homebrew projects in relation to ham radio operations?

Rich Visokey:
There are lots of people mixing the Arduino platform with amateur radio.  APRS projects, Morse keyers, station monitors, even VFO's.  My own project was a great DDS VFO using the Arduiono.  It's documented on my site:

Just google a bit and you'll find lots of fun stuff to build, or better yet, experiment and invent something new!



Dennis Zabawa:
I needed to remotely control a Kenwood TM-V71A radio as a remote, simplex base station.  This can be done by sequences of DTMF tones.  To simplify the sending process, I constructed a device using an Arduino Uno, a DTMF decoder shield, a serial LCD Display, several push buttons and a relay board for PTT.  The LCD displays a list of memories loaded into the remote radio.  An Up and Down pair of buttons scroll through the list.  Another button initiates the sending of the five DTMF sequences to select a particular memory.  To send each of the five DTMF sequences, the relay shield switches the mike input from the hand mike to the Aurdino, closes the PTT line and the Aurdino generates the DTMF tones.  At the end of the sequence, The relays switch back to their normal state and the DTMF decoder shield listens for a response from the remote radio.  If the response is received in the set time interval, the program progresses on to the next DTMF sequence otherwise, an ERROR message is displayed on the LCD.


James K.Allen:
   Thank you both for the interesting info. Rich's DDS-VFO project got my particular attention as I was thinking of buying a kit one for my Johnson Adventurer xtmr. but building one on an Arduino platform looks like it would be more fun while also learning a little bit about computers.


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