Multiple Radio to One Headset (Mic/Headphone) Interface

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Chris Hays:
Looking for a design that will switch multiple radio headphone outputs to one headset, likewise, multiple radio microphone inputs to one headset....

Anyone have a link to such a device?

Dieter Kuespert:
The MFJ 1263 is something that comes close to your plan. If you want to DIY that circuit you could do it with just two multilayer multiposition switches.

Chris Hays:
Only allows two radios and they pretty much need to be the same type (model).  Ran into that investigating MFJ's product, which they never mentioned.  Can't use it.

Don Jaster:
head phone part is easy.. a double pole double throw  switch.  mostly  8 ohms outputs.
If an old radio  with  higher impedance  phones, then a transformer to match one side orr the other.

The mics  might be harder, although most modern rigs use more common mics.
some may need wire for the  electret power.

my headset works on both the TS180S and the  Yeasu  FT980.. both use  about  10k  mic.

just match the impedance ..

easy  DIY operation..

Bill Grassa:
There are quite a lot of companies that make a such device. Here is just one...

NCS Radio


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