MFJ and Kit Building

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Dennis Zabawa:
I saw this in the latest MFJ catalog:


MFJ-941EK Antenna Tuner Kit

Ever wish you could just build your own? But then you get a list of the prices together and the time and effort to put one together and realize it is just not worth it. MFJ has now made it fun and economical to build and test your very own MFJ antenna tuner. You get the popular MFJ-941E, all of its guts totally apart so you can build it yourself. The finished kit features 1.8-30 MHz coverage, 300 Watts power handling, 1.5 inch Cross-needle SWR/Wattmeter, 1000 Volt capacitors, Lexan front panel decal, all aluminum chassis and cover. All knobs, hardware, components and switches are here to build your very own MFJ tuner!!! You don`t have to punch a clock, but you don`t get an MFJ paycheck either, just the joy and pride of building your own.

I guess this means you now will have a choice between a kit of component parts OR a factory built kit that you can troubleshoot and make operational yourself.  Wait a minute, did MFJ secretly buy Heathkit????

Roy Herman:
This is a good step for MFJ and the ham community
An antenna tuner like the 941E is basic enough to lend itself to being offered as a kit.
In the hands of a competent builder the workmanship will probably be better than the factory built version.
Having taken my shot at MFJ QC, I must admit that I own a number of MFJ products and I have been generally satisfied with them.
Back in 2012 at Dayton, I had a chat with the Ameritron people regarding the possibility of offering the AL-811 and AL-811H as kits.  They liked the idea, but the prospect of liability brought about by the accidental electrocution of a less than careful builder turned them off to this.


Peter Chadwick:
You might get a better product that way too, without the usual MFJ quality complaints.

John Satterfield:
I also looked at the kit, but it is only $20 less than the built unit.  Maybe that is what they pay the employees to put one together?  Maybe the problem with qc?  That said, I sure wish that more kits were available. :(

Nelson Derks:
Quote from: KJ7YY on September 29, 2013, 04:59:46 PM

I also looked at the kit, but it is only $20 less than the built unit. Maybe that is what they pay the employees to put one together?

There isn't that much to a 300 watt tuner in terms of construction time or complexity, and then you remember MFJ pays Mississippi wages.......... It still takes time & labor to count, bag and package the parts just as it does to box a completed unit so I'm not surprised the dollar differential between built & unbuilt is modest.


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