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Greetings all:

I'd like recommendations for meter scale designing software.  Preferably FREE but will consider all.  It needs to be somewhat intuitive because my software learning curve is very convoluted.

I was hoping to find a program that was free or very inexpensive because I would use this program once in a very great while.  At the present time I would like to design a meter layout that uses Red, Yellow and Green on the scale instead of numbers or graduation bars.

Al - K8AXW

Dieter Kuespert:
Hi Al,

try this:
He got an El Cheapo version for trial. It was for free on my 2013 ARRL handbook CD.

Ken Jenkins:

I can attest that Jim Tonne's METER program is excellent.  He has a basic version for trials, but I purchased the full program and use it far more than I had thought I would.  I think its well thought out, easy to use when you haven't used it for a while, and does an excellent job on meter faces.  Its allowed me to design circuits where I want to use a single meter for multiple applications and still have it look professional.   

I would check out his basic version at a minimum.


Thank you both for the answers to my question.

Prior to asking I did several online searches for such a program and kept coming up with Tonne's METER. 

No long ago the same question came up on a Yahoo forum I belonged to and there were several suggestions provided and since that information has been long gone I thought I'd ask here.

I'll go ahead and download the METER basic and see how it goes.  It just might be worth the $34.95 fee for the full version.

Thanks you again.


Al - K8AXW

Dieter Kuespert:
Good luck and may be you let us know your experience.


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