thowing some ideas out for an apt hf antenna

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Steven Eizenberg:
1st I have the ok from my lanlord to run a long wire antenna out my window into the trees,  there is room for around 50' of wire.  On the long wire I would tie it into and antenna tuner but been in a 2nd floor apt I don't know what to do about an antenna ground.    Also I am using a spare bed room in my apt for the radio shack.  The room  is ruffly around 10' by 11' square.  Is there a way to run a indoor multi band square loop antenna on the ceiling (all 4 corners).  Maby a baldwin to 50 ohm coax to an antenna tuner?  I am looking for ideas for the best multi band antenna 80m to 10m with what I have available to work with.

Steve  kc7byp 

Peter Chadwick:
Have a look back into history and the W3EDP antenna. 83 feet long and with a counterpoise wire which is supposed to run at right angles, but people found that wound the room under the carpet worked. Also the counterpoise length was found not be critical, either.

Peter Gant:
I'd like to second the idea of multiple counterpoises, one for each band. These can be run in various ways including directly down the wall or over the roof and you can use nice thin wire. OK, a counterpoise for 160m might be a struggle but one for 20m will be about 5m long.


Peter Chadwick:
There are lengthy discussions on the W3EDP in various issues of the RSGB T&R Bulletin for 1939 and 1940....

Any antenna you can get outside will be better than one inside. 

There is no good solution.  I've lived in dorms, I presently have a townhouse.  I have a wire loop around the ceiling of my third floor.  But practically, I just don't transmit with it.  There are too many electronics, radios, tv's, speaker, phones.  I don't want to end up with a mob with pitchforks and torches at my door.


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