KX3 workstation on tripod for portable use


A recent purchase of a used AlexLoop had me look for a good tripod solution for supporting that antenna. I found it in an existing heavy metal tripod. Once that was done, I took some inspiration from the builder of the AlexLoop and took to making that tripod a home to hold my KX3 in the field. The result is shown below with comments in the captions.

The total experience: KX3 suspended on the tripod in working height when sitting on a chair or bench. Over the protruding part of the column will be the base of the AlexLoop.

Closer up, you see the only custom-made part for this solution: a plastic bar (actually a track for laminate floor trims), cut to length and notched where needed to hug the tripod's inner spreaders. All is solid and strong enough to not budge when pressing buttons or knobs on the KX3.

A closer look at that plastic bar and one of its notches.

The antenna is connected via an angle adapter and nothing touches the metal tripod leg.
Also visible is how the KX3 is held in position, with its fold-out legs reaching over the tripod's spreaders and secured by two rubber bands.

In my case, the space was a bit tight for the power plug, so I cut off the edge as shown. Nothing inside of it was bared. My other connections (key and phones) will easily fit even with straight plugs.
Visible is also the other leg and the rubber bands.

So, there you have it. An external battery can easily be hung off the spreader bars.

Something similar could very likely be fashioned for the extremely thin, lightweight Vivitar tripod that is available with the AlexLoop and which would be the choice when hiking out. With that tripod, the KX3 would have to be suspended under the spreaders and held in protruding position by some other support bar that will hug the legs. Not hard to figure out and build.


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