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Author Topic: FT2000 or TS590  (Read 19587 times)

Posts: 758

« Reply #15 on: February 28, 2014, 11:15:54 AM »

I lived and operated from Australia incl. contesting. Very little activity and usually fairly light signals. Also operated from NZ, and the activity there is even lower. If signals are large to cause overload, one jumps with joy because they indicate an excellent propagation. Specials efforts are needed for IMD to cause any trouble to anyone. The biggest challenge is to be heard. On SSB this means a good speech processor. The next one may be reliability as repairs are costly.

TS-590's advantage is new design. FT-2000 has 2nd receiver and built-in PS but is older. I would take FT-2000 is the price is right.   

Ignacy, NO9E


Posts: 319

« Reply #16 on: March 01, 2014, 10:05:08 PM »

The second receiver on the FT2000 is invaluable if you are into DXing. Will definitely make breaking pileups easier.

John AF5CC

Posts: 681

« Reply #17 on: March 03, 2014, 06:54:44 AM »

The 590 is a newer style RX with down conversion and very good roofing filters but it only has two (2.7&600) and no options. The Ft2000 has VHF roofing filters cause it's a up conversion design, the roofing filters are not that good and only go down to 3Khz plus they there are no real IF filters like in the earlier MP series, they must do all filtering at DSP, I am sorry that's gonna be a very weak RX when the band's get busy. The 590 is better in that respect but a radio like the K3 or the FTDX3000 would be a better call, the K3 get's up there in price and the basic rig IMO leaves allot out so they nickel and dime you and before you know it your up close to $3k. The FTDX3000 has one optional roofing filter for the die hard CW buffs and comes with 600hz,3Khz,6Khz and 15Khz as standard filters plus the street price is around $2.4K. IMO since I have owned the 590,K3 and now the FTDX3K plus have had several MP series rigs in the past I have settled on the Yaesu, I really don't miss the second RX but it would be nice but don't wanna spend $5K to get it and I will not ever buy another radio just because its on Rob Sherwood's list again, I have found you really got to sit down and use these radio's yourself and find out what you really like. If Kenwood would fix the ALC spike issue and make the front end design with less noise floor like the Yaesu I would buy another one for a back up and a rig to take to mini DX location's cause without these issue's it's  great deal but it's way too small for a base rig but great if you wanna remote ham site. I have seen that many are getting a KX3 cause its at the almost top of sherwoods chart but it looks and feels like a Tonka toy, smaller than the K3 and maybe for portable op's it would be good but if the RX and TX audio is as harsh as the K3 it's not for me.
If you are more into ESSB I do hear that the FT2000 is very good cause those guys are into how wide it sounds and don't care about tight selectivity during contesting or DXing. For the ham who wants to get on and rag chew all day or night its perfect but to compete in the DX arena it needs at least on SSB a good 3Khz roofing filter which can be done but still places the radio behind a good FT1000MP all filtered up and Inrad roofing filter so its still ends up a little on the light side.

Posts: 1257

« Reply #18 on: March 03, 2014, 03:10:20 PM »

Purely CW here, and CW monoband contesting on 20, so the 600Hz roofing filter is fine by me.The reports on 3000 are that ergonomically it is challenging.

Operated a Elekraft the other day, did not like it at alllllll.

Oh dear what am I to do.

I am seriously thinking of just putting the B & C line back on the desk.  Do the sherwood mods to the C line and then will be pretty much ok I think

ex MN Radio Officer, Portishead Radio GKA, BT Radio Amateur Morse Tester.  Licensed as G3YCP ZL1DAB, now taken over my father (sk) call as ZL1BBW.

Posts: 681

« Reply #19 on: March 04, 2014, 08:53:36 AM »

Well if CW is your game and for the price the 590 is good but even though I have no love for CW myself these days the sound of that T1 note on the FTDX3000 I have has been the best I have heard from any of the newer DSP radio's and as far as challenging control layout yes the 590 is an easier layout but small and too many mulit function controls were the 3000 is IMO more laid out for the DXer/contester. Again you are taking Mr. Sherwoods opinion on the 3000( his comments were on the very first production radio's in which they have had firmware updates), why don't you try and find a dealer to try it out for yourself or look at the number of youtube vid's on the rig. As far as the 300Hz filter the guys I know in the states who have this rig sold there 590 to jump to the 3000 because of the 300Hz roofing filter, to them it made a huge improvement in close in CW work for dxing and contest. If its the price range and you wanna keep the cost at $1500 then between the 2000 and the 590 I would say the 590 has the better RX cause you only have a 3K roofing filter in the 2000's front end which act's more like a 6K filter and then it goes right to DSP. It has been proven many times that DSP alone is not the end all to selectivity, it needs a little help from your friends in the front end with some good shape factor roofing filters. BTW the K3 you tried the other day I bet the menu's were confusing and the multi functions for each control was one of the things you didn't like plus I bet the RX audio you dint care for either. I had that radio and a 590, imo the 590 had it all over the K3, rx audio was better and ease of the controls were better but I will say the 3000 I have now has the best RX audio I have heard on many of the newer radio's and that's on CW not just SSB, I likes it better than a friends FTDX5000 but the 5000 has slightly better front end specs but I don't own a contest station any more with stacks on 10/15/20 and 3 element beam on 40 with phase arrays on 80 anymore, if I did I would pony up the extra cash for the 5K. The one to talk with on the C line is W8JI, he has a very nice station in the SE USA with some huge antennas, I feel he could give you a better opinion on what cuts the mustard on CW and I do believe he may still have his C lines but may have been replaced. I think he uses FT1000MP MKV's and K3 but you would have to check with him.
Good Luck!
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