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Jan van Vugt:
The Kenwood D-STAR that was displayed at the Japan Ham Fair - 2005 proves that other manufactures are willing to support the D-STAR standard. Who will be the next one to steep up to the plate?

Jan van Vugt:
You may see evidence of the Kenwood D-STAR at: .
This is a text only picture, but there is enough English to prove the Kenwood connection. You can also see a picture of it at: or .

D-STAR is the digital standard for amateur radio. You will never find a commercially built ham radio with the APCO P-25 standard built in, because P-25 is a commercial standard. No ham radio will ever be type approved for commercial use. If you want to have interoperability with public safety radio, you will have to use commercial equipment. You will also have to have special authority, and pay for the extra commercial license that is needed, to be legal.

If the only thing that you want to do is listen in on an APCO P-25 conversation, get a scanner that is capable of doing that. That will be cheaper and easier than buying a commercial digital radio.

Inserted from .

There is now a D-Star compatible UHF repeater in the Portland Oregon/ Vancouver Washington area.

The repeater is on 443.675(+5 MHz) and is located on Larch Mountain. The repeater is also capable of P25 operation. Please contact me via E-mail before you use the repeater.

Thanks and 73
Jim W7RY
w7ry at centurytel dot net

Please contact Jim - W7RY for more information.

Eric Grumling:
It looks a lot like the Icom ID-800H. I wonder if Kenwood is getting Icom to do their R&D...

Cliff Segar:
Re: the link to the Kenwood D-STAR at
The really odd thing is the link under the pic stating its a Kenwood takes you to the ICOM (in Japaneese no less) page for the ICOM ID-800 2m/440 D-STAR radio. Hmmm - me thinks someone mislabled the picture.

de KD4GT

If you look at the picture again, KENWOOD is printed on the radio and mic. ???


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