"A Simple Two-Tube Transmitter" ARRL 1968 -- Build

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Greetings all,

Today I'm starting to build "A Simple Two-Tube Transmitter" from the book, "How to Become a Radio Amateur," 1968 edition. This is the companion to "A Three-Transistor Receiver for the Beginner" that I built last summer.

Together, the receiver and transmitter make up a complete Novice station, with a regenerative receiver and crystal-controlled CW transmitter.

The transmitter is QRP, with an input of about 10W which is about 5W output in modern parlance.

Pictures of "Chapter One" of the transmitter project are at the URL below. Further chapters will be posted here as the building proceeds. For the full effect, click on the first photo, then click the "Full Screen" button toward the top left of the screen:


(Anyone who is interested in the receiver project from last year can find it documented here: http://tinyurl.com/m6tzp8k.)

73 de Martin, KB1WSY

Dave Ellison:
Very cool Martin!  I'll email you with a couple suggestions that might help.
I built much the same as you know but without having seen your exact schematic,
so may not be the case, the one I went from had a couple really wrong part
values and I also found that altering it from a Boosted Pierce to a MOPA got
me a full watt (25% more power!) more output.

I very much look forward to watching this project evolve and hopefully be on the
air soon with your homebrew receiver!


The ARRL has given permission for me to reproduce the transmitter's schematic (circuit diagram) in this eham thread. It has now been added to Chapter One linked above -- it's the first picture in the series.

73 de Martin, KB1WSY

Ronald Prusinski:
Where are you going to get the old style crystals?

What is the modern Crystal equivalent for the old tube rigs?

Peter Chadwick:
I think that HC/6U crystals would be OK, but I wouldn't go for anything smaller.


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