What is Definition of SSB QRP?

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Roger Fell:
I am finishing a homebrew sideband transmitter...


It has a P.E.P. of 20 watts so I'd expect the average power output with voice modulation to be around 5 watts. Would it qualify as a QRP rig?


Dieter Kuespert:
In SSB the average actually may be in the range of 10 to 20 % of PEP. The factor 4 comes from AM.

See also http://www.arrl.org/qrp-more-than-a-state-of-mind

Dave Johnson:
The Q code means "decrease transmitter power". However, for CW the accepted power level for QRP contests is often 5 Watts output or less. The power on SSB is less clear, some suggest 10W PEP and others 5W PEP.

20W PEP isn't QRP, nor is trying to convert it to average power.

73 Dave

Mark McNabb:
Hi Rodger,

Very nice looking work!  Very organized and clean!

Hmm, since you are DSB, that's 10W on each SB so maybe you are OK hihi!  Probably for contests you would have to ask what they think...

Anyway, what are you using for your PA transistor and what is your Vcc on it?

Cheers and 73,


Beautiful work!

73 de Martin, KB1WSY


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