Echolink and Kenwood Rigs


Mike Whatley:

Kenwood has made Echolink integration near "plug n play" with the 2007 release of the TM-V71A and TM-D710.  Further their inclusion of Echolink Control codes with their own distinct memory assignments is a big plus. (At first you say so what? Then after you use it, the utility becomes very clear!)

If you want to use Echolink often and seamlessly these rigs make it easy---- No 3rd party integration needed. The radio, a couple of cables and a PC connected to the net. You're good to go.

That said, it's not an entirely smoothe ride to set-up. My configuration is Radio to PC with NO PC mic or PC PTT capability. It took some experimenting and deviation from the Echolink suggested set up.

Some info below.

Have fun.


WA4D Echolink Set up HERE


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