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Reviews Categories | Antenna Tuners | LDG RT-100 Remote Tuner Help

Reviews Summary for LDG RT-100 Remote Tuner
LDG RT-100 Remote Tuner Reviews: 25 Average rating: 3.8/5 MSRP: $199.95
Description: The RT-100 uses the same proven technology as other LDG tuners, but is engineered to be installed outdoors near the antenna feedpoint, reducing potential SWR losses in the transmission line. DC power is provided over the coax; no separate power cable is required. The RT-100 contains an internal “Bias Tee” circuit that separates RF and DC at the tuner
Product is in production.
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W9PMZ Rating: 3/5 Feb 10, 2015 08:03 Send this review to a friend
Does work mostly as advertised  Time owned: 6 to 12 months
I mounted it on my chimney with about 50' of wire.

It tuned 40-10 without any problems and I could make contacts.

Would not tune 75M.

I like the feature where the matching stayed at the current setting with the unit turned off.

I did not like how long it took to tune at times.

DC injector was nice, but not really designed to be on the desk top with the RF connectors. Optimal design would have been a box with an on/off switch that goes to the actual DC injector box that sits remotely.
SM0WRA Rating: 3/5 Feb 10, 2015 04:18 Send this review to a friend
Good tuner, fragile control unit  Time owned: 0 to 3 months
Update of my first review: the tuner works good within its specifications, which are a bit limited compared to my Elecraft KAT-100, running a benchmark test close to my transceiver. It however tunes my 32 foot vertical all bands 80-10 m within 1:1,7 SWR.
N.B. don´t use it connected directly to your Elecraft 100 KPA amp, which has a 100 uH choke across its terminal to protect the amp from high-voltage sparks. It was probably this connection/choke by pass/ that blew my RC-100 control unit. The control unit is fragile and to my mind needs a redesign. It should first of all include protective circuitry (e.g.a 500 ma fuse) and more robust inductors L4-L7. You may better off building your own bias-tee, which I did for less than 12 dollars.
Finally, sorry to say that LDG technical support is inadequate and can only sing one song,¨send it to us¨. This is prohibitively expensive for us living outside the US. They provide no help for fault tracing and will not give component specifications. I give them only 1, they answer but give no useful help. Instead a give a 5 to Daniel with their german distributor WIMO for hands on and practical advise. 73 Per SM0WRA
N9AOP Rating: 5/5 Jan 22, 2015 09:37 Send this review to a friend
As Advertised  Time owned: 3 to 6 months
Bought in August and used weekends in my camper to tune a shakesphere 1020 antenna with a 4:1 UNUN and KX3. As with any remote coupler, you have to make sure that whatever you are trying to tune falls wirtthin the parameters of the unit. I have used other LDG tuners and they all worked well for me. I am currently using it at the base of a tree with 53 ft of wire, a 9:1 UNUN and 4 radials. I am not in a restricted community but if I were, this thing would be invisible.
KE2N Rating: 2/5 Jan 1, 2015 11:10 Send this review to a friend
does not work right  Time owned: 0 to 3 months
My new RT-100 does not reliably remember & reuse previous matching parameters, as advertised and described in the instruction manual. In my application, the transmitter always goes to the same frequency on each band and I was expecting the tuner to be ready to go in less than a second after the initial training. Instead, on certain bands it insists on doing an elaborate tuning cycle lasting 5 seconds or more, even though the previous match on that frequency was just fine. Sadly, support at LDG was absolutely no help with this. I wonder if I have unrealistic expectations?
N4ZAW Rating: 3/5 Dec 9, 2014 06:52 Send this review to a friend
I do not recommend this for mobile use.  Time owned: 6 to 12 months
UPDATED REVIEW; Stationary use is a different story. It operates flawlessly, as long as I'm not in-motion.
After using LDG's AT-100pro in my mobile, I was so impressed, that i wanted to get another one so I could replace the manual tuner in my work shop. While doing my cost comparisons, I saw this new remote tuner, and chose it instead. I pretty-much ended-up with the same issues as KF5VDV listed, only the bands were different in my install. After I got everything in, it werked fine in the driveway, and tuned basically where I needed to go. But during my first "shake-down cruise", IT, (not I) decided to try to tune in SSB during a QSO... Uncool.
Especially since SSB isn't exactly a the best mode to attempt tuning! I've gotten to the point of just staying on 40M in the truck and shutting the Bias Tee box off. At least, it won't decide to tune you out of a QSO that way. My suggestion is to pick the AT-100Pro for a mobile application. And their AT-1000proII is AWESOME in my radio room. I have both and rate them 5, only because there is no 10. This new remote model, however, needs "additional refinement" to say the least!
CONFIRMING that shutting off the remote's optional "bias Tee" box while underway IS a workable solution to the problem I have, as long as I stay on the initially-tuned frequency as I mentioned a few months back. This is because the slightest change in the resonance it "sees" will invoke a tuning cycle. This includes driving alongside a 10-wheeler, or other proximity to objects. Large changes would be understandable, like intermittent, or loose coax connections of the feedline, or antenna... But ANYTHING that causes the standing wave to change in any way, and it attempts to tune. Mid-QSO in SSB is not the time for a tuning cycle to initiate. As far as HARDware, I doubt there is anything wrong with this tuner... A SOFTware patch may be the answer to this issue. As it is now though, it has become painfully clear that the mobile environment is NOT a good candidate for this particular autotuner. I still cannot definitively say why the AT-100 never did this underway, while this RT-100 does. But I THINK it is because the tune-threshold point can be changed on the AT-100. However, I never had to change the default when the AT-100 was in the truck, (which is why I'm not 100% sure). I'm going to switch them around once I isolate the feedline ground from the rest ground points in the work shop. The RT-100's "bias Tee" box MUST NOT see any other ground besides it's own because it puts 12volts DC on the coax -- otherwise, it would already be swapped-out with the AT-100!
KF5VDV Rating: 2/5 Mar 27, 2014 07:43 Send this review to a friend
Worked ok, while it worked  Time owned: 3 to 6 months
I bought the LDG RT-100 as soon as it hit the market in 2013. Initial results were ok, but not fascinating. The RT-100 was set up as a remote tuner on a 29' Zerofive 80m - 6m vertical. My Yaesu FT-450D can tune 30m - 6m (minus 15m) on the Zerofive with the 450's internal tuner, but 15m, 40m and 80m were out of the internal tuner's 3:1 SWR reach. The LDG RT-100 was able to tune 40m with no problem, 15m would sometimes retune during a QSO; so had to tune, then power off the RC-100 bias tee so the tuner would stay put, and 80m wouldn't even come close to tuning. The RT-100 usually would tune a new band within 6 - 10 seconds, but would sometimes search endlessly even when the SWR would drop to 1:1, the tuner would keep tuning and SWR would rise and fall until I unkeyed the mic. Once a match was found, switching bands was usually instant with the exception of 15m.
A few days ago I noticed the SWR spiked when switching from 20m to 17m. The RT-100 wasn't tuning. After a few minutes of troubleshooting, I hooked up my Fluke to the output of the RC-100 bias tee to test for 13VDC, there was no voltage. After troubleshooting the RC-100, I found a failed resistor and after replacing it, the RC-100 bias tee was once again working. Wondering why the resistor had failed, I doublechecked the feedline to make sure nothing had shorted out, all was well. I hooked the bias tee back up and keyed a 30w AM carrier on 17m but the RT-100 still wouldn't tune. After some more troubleshooting and taking apart the RT-100 tuner, I found that when powering on the RT-100 tuner, the red LED on the board lights up, one of the relays “clicks”, then the LED goes off and the tuner goes silent.
I have never grounded the feedline nor run more than 100w PEP / 30w continuous through the tuner, so the tuner has never seen any abuse.
LDG tech support said to send the tuner back for replacement, so I am shipping it back today. Will give an update when I hear back from LDG.
G4CMY Rating: 5/5 Mar 4, 2014 04:35 Send this review to a friend
The right tool for the job  Time owned: 3 to 6 months
Due to restrictions on outdoor antennae, I needed to put a multi band antenna into my loft.
I decided on a shortened doublet (as described by G8PG in Autumn 1990 edition of SPRAT).

Problem - I needed to get the feed from the open wire feeder down into the ground floor shack without injecting my house electrics with stray RF or picking up electrical noise along the way.

Solution - an RT100 remote auto tuner in the loft at the end of the open wire feeder (via a 4:1 balun) and coax down the wall cavity into the shack.

The rig sees an SWR of 1:1 on all bands from 30m to 6m and around 1.5:1 on 40m and all without the need to for multiple trips up to the loft pruning wires for resonance.

Works fine with my 2W QRP rig and my 100W QRO rig.

No EMC or RFI problems experienced so far.

Make sure you don't ground the coax though or you will instantly cook the RC100 controller (bitter ecperience).
W2QID Rating: 4/5 Feb 28, 2014 06:38 Send this review to a friend
Very well made  Time owned: 3 to 6 months
This tuner does not tune as well as my S.E.A. remote
tuner. I have been unable to use my 33' vertical
antenna below 7MHz with it, whereas the S.E.A. will
tune 1.8Mhz and up with no trouble at all. I have
done everything that the LDG tech people have
suggested but no joy as yet. I even sent it back
to them but they found no problem with it. I must
say that this company seems top-notch and the turn
around time was fast. As to the bias T feed, in
trying to use various UNUN configurations I smoked
two of their units by inadvertently grounding the
feedline. When warmer temperatures return I will
make another effort to get it right.
K1YPB Rating: 2/5 Feb 27, 2014 17:44 Send this review to a friend
Burned up  Time owned: 3 to 6 months
Everything was working fine then... poof! The RC 100 bias controller smoked while tuning. Lots of smoke and really bad burning smell in the shack. Antenna and coax are ok. They worked perfectly after removing the LDG stuff and using my MFJ-949E at the transmitter. Not sure what happened. Looking forward to see how LDG handles this.
G0TMX Rating: 5/5 Feb 27, 2014 07:06 Send this review to a friend
Great Bang for the Buck!  Time owned: 0 to 3 months
A friend recommended this tuner to me, after I had messed around with alsorts of remote tuners. When I got the unit, there was a definite 'rattle' from inside and I feared something was lose, but testing it with my friend's set up proved I need not have worried, and all was ok..
You will need to ensure you have an earth connected to the tuner before trying any serious work with it. Once you have, operation is quick an easy. On initial tune up, it can take quite a long while for the tuner to find a match, but when it has, it retains the settings for future use and speedy return. It has managed to match my simple 40m dipole to most of the traditional ham bands, and even the WARC ones with ease. I would recommend getting the RT-100 bias tee controller as well.. although once tuned, you can switch the whole set up off, and it retains it's settings and you can continue to operate.. I really like that. Well done LDG!
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