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Reviews Categories | Antennas: HF: Verticals; Wire; Loop | CHA P-LOOP 2.0 (Chameleon Antenna) Help

Reviews Summary for CHA P-LOOP 2.0 (Chameleon Antenna)
CHA P-LOOP 2.0 (Chameleon Antenna) Reviews: 5 Average rating: 4.8/5 MSRP: $399.00
Description: CHA P-LOOP 2.0

7.0-29.7 MHz

The CHA P-LOOP 2.0 was designed with portability, ease of use
simplicity, ruggedness and high performance in mind. Unlike any other
similar antennas on the market, the CHA P-LOOP 2.0 is made with
premium materials that are precisely manufactured and assembled in
the USA!

This is an exciting new product from Chameleon Antenna. Easily
deployable HF magnetic loop antennas, also called small transmitting
loops, have been routinely used for many years in military, diplomatic,
and shipboard HF communication links, where robust and reliable
general coverage radio communication is a necessity.

These antennas have only recently become commercially available for
amateur radio. The real practical advantage of the small loop, compared
to a short vertical whip tuned against earth or a full sized vertical
antenna, is the loop’s freedom from dependence on a ground plane and
earth for achieving efficient operation; this unique characteristic has
profound significance for portable or restricted space antennas.

In comparison, the bottom of a vertically oriented loop does not need to
be more than a loop diameter above ground, making it very easy to
install in a restricted space location. There is no significant improvement
in sky wave propagation performance when a small loop is installed
high; all that matters is the loop is substantially clear of objects in the
immediate area and oriented towards the desired direction of radiation.

The magnetic loop is different from typical antennas because it
emphasizes the magnetic part of the radio wave (H field) rather than the
electric part (E field) of the radio wave. It also has a high Q resonance of
around 15 KHz on 40 meters, providing immunity from interference
outside the bandpass.

The new CHA P-LOOP 2.0 is more rugged, lighter weight, and more
weather resistant than previous versions and using the included power
compensator, can handle higher power. We’re sure you will be amazed
by the performance and agree that the CHA P-LOOP 2.0 is the most
advanced portable magnetic loop antenna available today.



7.0 MHz to 30.0 MHz (40 - 10 meter ham bands)
Power handling: 10W CW or 25W SSB
Power handling with the POWER COMPENSATOR: 30W CW or 60W SSB
The CHA P-LOOP 2.0 is weather resistant to dripping water when
mounted near vertically.
The tuning box is equipped with a Picatinny rail for easy assembling of
the unit.
Proprietary solderless aluminum coupling loop. This coupling loop
design can be used with any types of coax cable feed-lines. Because of
its rigidity, the antenna tuning will remain stable, consistent and will
prevent SWR fluctuations due to usual coupling loop deformation.
The three sections collapsible portable mast allows easy storage, fast
deployment and ease of use in all conditions. No need to play with
multiple tubular PVC sections to assemble the antenna.
The rubberized handle at the bottom insures a great antenna grip and
an easy thumb tuning when operating the antenna handheld.
The bottom of the telescopic mast is equipped with a stainless steel
1/4-20 threaded hole for easy tripod installation.
The 12’ RG-58 with integrated RFI choke feed-line decouples the
coupling loop from the radio which is essential to prevent SWR
fluctuation while rotating the antenna or moving the coax cable around.
Our custom made capacitors which are equipped with a 6:1 reducer,
offer a smooth and consistent tuning while providing the highest
efficient performance on the market.
The cotton canvas classic military messenger bag offers easy storage,
transportation and protection for the unit.
The unit is now equipped with a NEW larger Delrin tuning knob for
smoother tuning and operation.
A 48" diameter booster kit loop for 15M to 40M can be purchased


The antenna system consists of:

1 X CHA P-LOOP 2.0 water resistant tuning box
1 X Stainless Steel base adapter 1/4”-20
1 X LMR-400 coax cable radiator
1 X Power Compensator
1 X 12’ with integrated RFI choke feed-line
1 X 100% Cotton canvas classic military messenger bag
1 X Proprietary coupling loop
1 X Folding Tripod
1 X User guide
Product is in production.
More info:
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You can write your own review of the CHA P-LOOP 2.0 (Chameleon Antenna).

KC4YCX Rating: 5/5 Sep 17, 2017 08:10 Send this review to a friend
Very portable, seemingly good performance  Time owned: 3 to 6 months
So, I am hardly an expert on mag loops - this is my first! I was looking for something with decent performance that could be put in my suitcase and pulled out at a moments notice when bored in some hotel or rented apartment during my frequent travels. I had tried some of the usual options - random wire, portable verticals, etc, but I was seriously disappointed with their performance. So I figured what the heck, life is short, let's see what all the fuss is about concerning portable mag loop antennas! They seem to be quite popular at present and all the reviews were encouraging so I plunked down my cash and ordered the Chameleon version based on one silly youtube review that gave it a thumbs up. I was not happy with the price given what you get, but sometimes it is worth the extra for the convenience.

The ordering was painless and the product arrived very quickly, not quite amazon-prime-quick, but almost. It was very easy to set up and once I was sensitized to the very very fine tuning required, I had it up and running with my KX2 in literally minutes.

My first attempts to use it "for real" were on a mountain top in Fukushima Japan on 18 m one Sunday afternoon. At the time this was the only band with much activity. After a quick tune, the band was jammed with activity. I was super impressed with the receive performance as it appeared to vastly exceed anything from a random wire or portable vertical. However, given my QRP state, and language restrictions, I was unable to provoke a response to my CQ's.

I am currently in a Tokyo Hotel room trying again. Unfortunately the electrical noise in the room is horrendous and I can't receive anything, let alone transmit. Of course, the band conditions are abysmal as well. Truly abysmal.

However, I will take the antenna for a walk with me this evening to a local park and see what happens. I am hoping for magic. I will keep you posted.

Until then, and in summary, as best I can tell given my limited experience with such matters, this antenna performs as promised and is without doubt incredibly portable and easy to use. If you are in the market for something like this, I have not detected any red flags so far.
AK4YH Rating: 4/5 Jul 11, 2017 02:56 Send this review to a friend
Well built.  Time owned: 0 to 3 months
Like everything Chameleon makes this loop is well made. I tested it with my KX2 using 5W and my RT-320 at 30W. It works well even at QRP levels, but I would suggest forgetting about 40m SSB QRP and use CW on that band, efficiency being very low at 7MHz. This is not Chameleon's fault, as all small loops have a similar efficiency. With the power compensator and more power, it should work. No problem on 30m with more efficient modes. On 20m and up it's awesome.

If you plan on using the P-LOOP with the slightest wind outside, you'll have to secure the tripod since the legs are too short to make it stable.

Get a BNC-to-PL259 adapter if you use a QRP or military radio, there isn't one in the box.

The included bag is a nice touch. The part of the tripod holding the feeding loop and the capacitor box can be used as a selfie stick, always a plus!

I can see on the loop could be very useful in a hotel room for example. It does radiate all around, in the plane of the loop, and it's affected as much by the proximity of the ground.

Tuning is very sensitive as with all mag loops. One advantage of that is that you thus filter out everything you don't want to listen to, great to use with small QRP kits without filters, or when operating in proximity to other stations.

So in conclusion, thumbs up.

K6UDA Rating: 5/5 Jul 10, 2017 12:48 Send this review to a friend
Best Performance for a small Loop  Time owned: 3 to 6 months
I got the Chameleon P-loop 2.0 just before leaving on a dive trip to the Bahamas. I actually packed it as a backup and ended up using it as my primary antenna for my KX3. Everything fit together perfectly and it tuned quickly and didn't overshoot the correct tuning thanks to the gear reduction tuner. worked great in a remote location where I had no trees to tie off a wire.

Using the high power puck, I'm able to run close to 50 watts which really helps in poor conditions. it's light enough to pack in the bottom of a suitcase or in a backpack and give me good performance and the flexibility to operate literally anywhere on earth I choose to go. It's become one of my go to portable antennas.
OH8STN Rating: 5/5 Jul 10, 2017 02:18 Send this review to a friend
Fine balance of performance, portability, & modularity  Time owned: 3 to 6 months
Hello Operators.
I received the Chameleon P-LOOP 2.0 some months ago for evaluation and review. There was no expectation of "the good review". Like all my reviews, they're honest straightforward and meant to help makers improve their products in the two main areas important to me, ruggedness and portability.

I also own the original Chameleon P-LOOP, F-LOOP+, and several Homebrew magnetic loop antennas. So I'm no stranger to magloops. The first thing one notices When comparing against the original P-LOOP is the breakdown size. The loop now comes apart in 3 pieces, the main loop, pickup loop, and telescopuc mast support. This was the single most important update for me, since I could now fit the system into an even smaller backpack. The awkward size and shape of the original P-LOOP (for packing), made it kind of up bummer to pack with other gear, but that problem is solved.

My P-LOOP 2.0 came with two main loops, and two pick up loops. The smaller pick up and main loop set are tuned for 40-10m. The second set is called a booster kit, which includes a larger tuned main and pick up loop for 40-15m. Since I don't work 12 or 10 meters, I regularly operate the P LOOP 2.0 using this booster kit, which gives improved performance on 40 through 15 M at the expense of 12 and 10.
On the original P LOOP version, only the main loop was changed in the booster kit, leaving the pickup loop as it was. A simultaneous WSPR comparison on 30 & 40M showed the booster kit at an advantage over the 40-10m kit. So I use the booster kit religiously.

The P-LOOP 2.0 also included a Power Compensator, allowing the loop to be used at far greater power levels then the base model. If I remember correctly it was 60 watts SSB. I almost entirely work qrp, but I can see the advantage of having increased output power capabilities for a lightweight man portable magnetic loop like this.

I would have to say I'm a magnetic loop fanatic. I would also say I'm a field communications fanatic. I don't want to be bothered wasting my time putting up wire antennas, so long as the system performs well for me. The Chameleon P LOOP 2.0 has been my primary antenna for field communications, for the past 2 months. I also have other antennas in the toolbox, which I would choose if my operating criteria were different, but the P-LOOP 2.0 is my everyday, lightweight, man portable system, I'm extremely happy.

So if I had to say anything bad about the P LOOP 2.0, it would be the tripod. The tripod is magnificent if you're using it on a hard surface on a calm day. It also works very well indoors. The problem with the tripod is the base of the tripod has two small diameter for the size of the antenna. To get past this you can either use a different tripod, or do what I do and mount a mesh bag at the lowest point of the tripod, then add rocks or a water bottle or something like that to prevent the tripod from falling over in the wind. I don't want chameleon to change that tripod, since it has the smallest folded size of any of the tripods they've delivered so far. So I'm willing to live with having to weigh it down in the field.

As usual I've done lots of research, comparisons, and videos before posting my eham review. A simple search of Google or YouTube with callsign and the name of this product, and you'll find all the good and all the bad.
de oh8stn
K1DOS Rating: 5/5 Jul 9, 2017 21:09 Send this review to a friend
Work Great!  Time owned: 6 to 12 months
I have all three of Chameleon's antennas (F, Pv1.0, and Pv2.0). All three work great and are well built. I use them all the time for QRP digital ops (Pactor) and have never had a problem finding a tuning solution. If you do field ops check out one of these antennas.

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