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Reviews Categories | Antennas: HF: Vertical, Wire, Loop | Cushcraft R-6000 Help

Reviews Summary for Cushcraft R-6000
Cushcraft R-6000 Reviews: 72 Average rating: 4.1/5 MSRP: $310.00 (Street price)
Description: 6m, 10m, 12m, 15m, 17m, 20m; 3db gain; 1.2:1 typical; 19' tall
Product is in production.
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You can write your own review of the Cushcraft R-6000.

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K8DHU Rating: 2/5 Nov 30, 2017 09:34 Send this review to a friend
Reception capabilitys  Time owned: more than 12 months
Purchased a new R-6000 in August of 2016. In vested time and material for a roof edge mount using a dish mount. See QRZ K8DHU.

Very disappointed in that fact I have {NEVER} heard a signal on any band band above 17 meters. Have checked my FT-950 with other hams and their antennas and the receiver checks out fine.

My antenna analyzer confirms all bands are with in after taking the antenna down several times.

The R-6000 was a replacement foe a MA5VA which worked very well but had power limitations and the reason for the replacement.

I do not recommend this antenna for use above 20 meters.

NG1I Rating: 5/5 Sep 26, 2016 17:30 Send this review to a friend
Excellent  Time owned: 6 to 12 months
Have had mine a year and used an MFJ 259 antenna analyzer to get all bands at 1:5.1 and lower. Worked great and proof of the pudding was my participating in the CQ WW RTTY contest in 2016 and 300W from the Ameritron ALS-600 solid state amp with no tuner switching bands. Another piece of ham gear not needed and gone
KE0XQ Rating: 5/5 Jan 28, 2015 05:34 Send this review to a friend
Bought before MFJ.  Time owned: more than 12 months
I bought mine 15 years ago. Still working fine. Bought it from HRO in Denver. MFJ should worry about their quality control.
VA2DV Rating: 0/5 Jan 27, 2015 19:14 Send this review to a friend
If only I could build it...  Time owned: 0 to 3 months
Ordered and received a brand new R-6000 from a well know canadian dealer. Had two 15m traps in the box and no 17m trap. MFJ-Cushcraft could not provide a estimate for a replacement part...put everything back in the box and returned the whole thing for a refund.
K6SDW Rating: 4/5 Jan 20, 2014 13:58 Send this review to a friend
Vertical slamms!!  Time owned: 6 to 12 months
Cushcraft R6000 vertical really works, sometimes outperforming my tri-bander.....yes, I know I know, the R6000 is a "compromised" vertical antenna using shortened radials, but at 40' I'd never get a 1/4 wave vertical using standard ground radials that high in the air...

Construction is good, not great. Installation instructions could be better, but take your time and it works.

VSWR 5' off the ground tuned great, but changed at 40' ..... I'm not surprised, that's quite a change in distance from 5' so the tuner needs to be used on some bands. No problem.....

I would never have considered buying the Cushcraft verticals until a ham friend started bringing his R6 out RV camping....the first time we put it together and set it up at about 8' off the ground, with 100-watts we worked several stations in Europe from 6-land!! WOO-WEEEE

Cheers All
EA7IN Rating: 5/5 May 4, 2013 04:23 Send this review to a friend
BOMB¡¡¡  Time owned: more than 12 months
I try to be as accurate as possible to help future users of this antenna.
I have a small, sloping roof, so I can only install certain antennas. I tried on my roof the diamond cp-6, also self-built by eantennas specifically the 13m long and 6 to 80m. Also a dipole rigid self-constructed to 10-15-20-40.
After placing the Cushcraft to 2.5 m, I was pleasantly surprised. No need radial rods unless it brings, and I could work without problem from 6m to 20m. Within two weeks, went up to the roof and gave 1.5 m. more height. The antenna now pays more. My rigid dipole is deaf to the side of this antenna. This pump 50w With South America have contacted all, caribbean, usa, russia, united arab ..
I'm surprised this cuscraft performance. It is very expensive, if expensive .. but it works very very well. Result: I have not spent the money twice. I have antenna for many years. Only 6.5 m long with a magnificent result.
You certainly do not need coupler ... this to 1.1 1.3 in all bands. Totally recommended. But give her height at least 4.5 meters from the ground ...
KG7OF Rating: 2/5 Nov 18, 2012 15:30 Send this review to a friend
Assembly Instructions Poor at Best  Time owned: more than 12 months
I owed an R7 for a number of years in the 90's and liked it a lot. That was before MFJ got a hold of them. I purchased the R6000 with the same basic expectations as the older R7 I previously owned. The instructions are poorly written, brackets were drilled incorrectly and small parts and pieces were missing. An email to Cushcraft asking for replacement parts went un-answered. Not the first time I have opened a Cushcraft antenna box and was left with missing parts. I eventually had to cannibalize another antenna for the needed parts.

The antenna performs well as long as you have the expectation that some of the bands are not very broad banded. 15 meters seems to be the worst, I never was able to get the SWR below 1.7.

It holds up well in the weather. We get a lot of high winds here and the antenna has never giving me trouble there. I have relegated this antenna as the backup antenna when all else goes down. Would I buy another one probably not. When this one finally dies, I will be done with Cushcraft antennas.
M0TCF Rating: 4/5 Sep 13, 2012 05:32 Send this review to a friend
Not Bad - So Far  Time owned: 0 to 3 months
I purchased this antenna via ebay for the princely sum of £80(ish) - fortunately for me the seller didn't know what he had and assumed it was just a lot different antenna bits :) It arrived in a 'used' state and so I set to with wire wool, wet 'n' dry paper and finally metal polish and a mop. The result was very pleasing. The only fly in the ointment was the missing bottom mounting rings - but these were quickly sourced from the Cushcraft's UK supplier at reasonable cost (excellent customer service - well done!!). I had a little difficulty opening the box at the bottom mainly due to the use of steel screws rather than stainless - but again, given that it had been in the air for some time this was forgivable - I swapped them over anyway as a matter of course.

Once I'd downloaded the instruction booklet it became apparent that most of the hard work putting the antenna together had already been done for me :) Which on closer inspection of both the inst. and the antenna, I was more that a little relieved...... The instructions weren't that great and the design is a little complicated for those not familiar with such things. Adherence to the measurements give in the instructions makes life easier as does the availability of an antenna analyser!

Its now sitting approx 18 feet above the ground on a sectional, guyed tubular mast being fed by a decent length of RG213. The antenna on its own is manageable by one person, but care needs to be taken not to damage the radials if laid on its side. Mounting it on a mast/pole becomes a two person job. Cushcraft rate it fairly highly for adverse conditions, and while it hasn't exactly been hurricane season over here in the UK recently, on one or two occasions it has been very windy, I'm glad to say the R-6000 hardly swayed at all, perhaps my location helps.....

I'm running a 757GX2 and matching auto tuner at 10 watts into it at the moment (license restrictions) but have been able to work plenty of stations. I haven't got another antenna to compare it against yet, but I have noticed despite my best efforts to isolate it from all sources of RF the output from the radio is full of white noise etc. so perhaps it is a little noisy??? All I can say is that for the money its proved to be an excellent performer so far, best of all none of my neighbors have complained about it :) (yet).................

Perhaps the only downer I have with this antenna is that its 'only' supposed to tune down to the 20m band - my atu keeps telling me it's well happy on 160, 80 etc. which probably says more about the atu than the antenna. For preference I'd rather loose the 6m element and gain 40m!

If and when the time comes to replace this antenna then I'll definitely be giving the Cushcraft range a long hard look. I give my R6000 a big thumbs up!!
KD2BS Rating: 4/5 Nov 16, 2011 19:15 Send this review to a friend
Excellent Antenna with a few initial challenges  Time owned: 0 to 3 months
After looking at quite a few verticals, I finally settled on the R6000 for it's relatively small footprint and 6 band capabilities. It arrived minus several key parts and one incorrect one. I called DX Engineering (where I purchased the antenna) the next day, and I received the needed parts direct from MFJ (well packed), exactly a week after first receiving the antenna. That's excellent service from both companies!

The next challenge was the instructions which could use some work. The L brackets appear to be listed backwards which I discovered by downloading the instructions to the R-8 which seems to have the same base, but opposite directions (which fit the R-6000). The key to successful assembly is taking great care in identifying the parts. Some are very similar looking, but slightly different (color coding would really help!). The main section is all in one paragraph so I used a highlighter after each step to keep my place.

The extra week gave me time to plan and study the directions so the final assembly went well. I assembled the antenna in the house (other than the radials), put it on two saw horses outside for final measuring checks and placed it on a pole in the center of a round wooden picnic table to add the radials. A check with an MFJ-259B Ant. Analyzer showed SWR well under 2 for all bands. I connected the antenna to my station and made a contact on each band. These included Switzerland, Isle of Man, Croatia, Ukraine and Ohio - all with the antenna at 4 feet in the table. My son helped me move it to the roof - a bit awkward, but not bad.

With the base now at around 20 feet, I worked Japan on 12 & 15, and Ascension Island and Argentina on 17. Five continents in all - not a bad 1st day. The SWR is nearly flat on all bands except 17 where it's 1.9 to 1. No adjustments were needed.

So, while I'd give the R6000 a 5, I have to take off one point for the instructions and the missing parts, something that could be easily fixed. But now that it's together, I'm really pleased with my R6000!

CT1DDW Rating: 4/5 Oct 29, 2011 04:49 Send this review to a friend
R-6000 My Conclusions and experience  Time owned: 6 to 12 months
The Antenna its half have and has basically flat SWR, with a little rise on 20 meters and the lower end of 15 meters. I have made no attempt to tweak the SWR, i find experimentally that retouching gives no good results. It is mounted on a pole at about 3,5 meters above roof top and 12 meters from ground with a lot of different antennas down and sided. It does look good but has some fragilities that the average Radioamateur must have in mind and overcome with some measures, like the follows:

Doubling care on contacts – I know by experience with these antennas what it means a loose ground strap between transformation box and metal structure, a real pain, so I doubled! Silicon mat again over with and on the radials ring. I didn’t like the base fixation system of the Cushcraft specially with those heavy and delicate antennas, so I reinforced with a heavy bracket between two rings.

Traps and cares – All the components of the vertical antenna are interconnected, so my advise its follow the factory measures even if you got SWR readings worst than expect (it means something its interacting with the antenna, so no use to retouch the measures). You can do something on the tip extension retouching 20 meters section. I like the system and the fact that are only two traps, that means greater efficiency and lower losses. Reading some comments on the reviews I take care isolating the traps with silicon mat, top and plastic caps, leaving the bottom untouched for respiration wholes. Nothing detune severely when it rains!

Fiberglass isolator base – Prevent start to delaminate with spray or better with silicon mat - and to all the spreaders and clamps.

Transformer Black Box – Fragile for my taste, so gived a spray of cellulose paint protect contacts and surface of UV rays. After disassembled all contacts checked and solder the ones in electric contact with screws, also care take inspecting the fiberglass board with the toroids and capacitors.

Reinforcing inside tubing – That’s a preventing measure against bending or crashing, I don’t use guy wires, instead I introduce inside the vertical some small diameter aluminum tubes in the stress points. So far so good – no bending.

Electrical contacts – I find by experience that telescoping Aluminium tubes used on antennas produce dirty contacts, so I use a kind of grease that comes on the little bags with antennas and with good results maintaining electrical contacts.

I had a lot of verticals over 28 years of Radioamateur and the bests are Hustler, Gap, Cushcraft ATV, R5, R7, Hygain, but the best results i am getting its with the R-6000. In the past few months, for example, i have worked lots of countries on 17, 12, 10, 15 meters, often with 59 or 59+ reports, using QRO 150 W, and QRP 10 Watts working several Continents. I have broke through many pile ups with only a few calls . The SWR is as good as they say it is if not better on some bands. The R6000 would work well on 80M, 3750 - 3800 with SWR of 1.4:1. The average readings for Impedance shows between 40-56 Ohms, Reactance in the gap of 0-10 Ohms all the bands from 20-6. For the GURUs that say verticals radiate equally bad in all directions let my say they are dreaming, regarding counterpoise issues so far so good – I can even remember the hours of roof top work hiding and stretching radials.
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