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Reviews Categories | Transceivers: HF Amateur HF+6M+VHF+UHF models - not QRP <5W | Ten-Tec Pegasus Help

Reviews Summary for Ten-Tec Pegasus
Ten-Tec Pegasus Reviews: 54 Average rating: 4.8/5 MSRP: $895
Description: DSP-based HF Transceiver
Product is in production.
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You can write your own review of the Ten-Tec Pegasus.

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KG4FET Rating: 5/5 May 28, 2016 09:41 Send this review to a friend
Typical Ten Tec!  Time owned: months
This is my first foray into SDR, and granted it's older tech, I have not been disappointed.
First and foremost, the receiver is quiet, very quiet. You hit that Noise button and signals pop right out. Take the RF Gain back a tad and all you hear are signals and the occasional static pop. You will NOT get the watery sound or flutter associated with "modern" DSP's. Filtering is superb with 9 filters showing in the TT software and 12 in N4PY's. All of these can be changed to suit your style and mode. They go from 8KHz to 300hz, IF shift is incredible. I can take stations out on 7284 completely and still hear whats going on on 85. A word on the software. I used the TT software and I BOUGHT N4PY's. I was looking at Hamstation Ultra but one email convinced me that guy was not worth sending my money too, what an a**. I did do side by sides with 2 other hf(+) radios on the bench and hands down the Peg was the better rig. First was a TS2K. What the 2K couldn't hear the Peg had no issues with. Noise in the RX'er of 2K is what got it moved to V/UHF in the first place. Next it went against the Yaesu FT 920. Here it was a little closer. The 920 has able to hear nearly every thing the PEG was BUT the background noise was still there. Add in the NR on the 920 and in comes the flutter. Over all this is a great rig, and with a 302 remote all the better. Man you can program some stuff into that thing! Older yes but what a great way to go. One thing hard for me though was I keep reaching for
W3ATT Rating: 4/5 Jan 24, 2016 08:47 Send this review to a friend
A great radio - Will Keep  Time owned: 0 to 3 months
Picked up a nice Peg at a good price. Came with remote tuning pod which I love, full paperwork - including full schematics! I have been using this radio for about 2 months and have logged about 125 qsos (mostly cw, then digital, very few SSB..) The CW note is very nice and the QSK very smooth (ten tec.) And the received SSB is fabulous.

Relays can go bad, just the nature of the beast - as in any relay application. Many industrial applications that I work with use relays - and guess what? they go bad. Just replace them. And if you can't replace relays, you'll just have to pay someone else to do it.

Just to note: I do use N4PY software which opened up many, many new features of the radio like SWR fold back, K1EL WinKeyer USB integration, many more CW settings, amp tune, etc.. This is not a review of N4PY software, so I won't get into all that. However, the N4PY software completes the Pegasus and is what makes it more functional (and Fun!) to operate.

Great reports of my CW note on the receive end and also great audio SSB reports (limited, however because I don't do much SSB...)

Small little computer tower-like thing that tucks away with just the tuning pod up on the desk with all control on the PC and tuning pod (which can be custom tailored with functions that you use the most.) I also just used it with an amp for the first time, and it worked excellent. EXT/TR output on the rear of the radio is a simple female RCA so hooking to amps is a breeze.

Also worth mentioning is that is a GREAT radio for the Digital modes.. I have logged about 40 JT-65, PSK-31, and RTTY qso's combined and the radio has rock solid stability, and low noise. This is a casual operators rig - not a contesting radio (which is why the 4 stars instead of 5.) But then, If you're a contester, you probably already have a contesting rig.

The receiver is good, and if you know how to use a RF gain knob to bring down some noise, use the filtering, RIT, and adjustable pass band tuning, the weak sigs can easily be heard. I have been working some weak signal SOTA QRP guys with ease with the Peg..

Overall, a great, fun radio - and certainly a good back up. Easy to use and figure out with full PC control. Latest (and final) firmware update opens up 60 meter operation - and AM transmit operation is great. And general receive of AM Broadcast band is wonderful. DSP filters from 8.0 kHz for AM down to 300 Hz for CW blocks unwanted signals.

K0CRX Rating: 2/5 Dec 8, 2015 13:04 Send this review to a friend
Another unreliable TT nightmare  Time owned: more than 12 months
I acquired my Pegasus from the original owner in absolutely pristine condition. It did what I expected of it for some time. Then, one day, it wouldn't even power on.

I sent to TT service for repair. To my utter shock, the bill came to $440. They replaced every relay in the radio, among some other stuff. There is only one reason why all of the relays required replacement. That is, the radio was built with substandard components. Interestingly, TT was happy to let me, the consumer, pay for their manufacturing shortcoming.

I sold the repaired Pegasus immediately and will NEVER have another TT radio in my shack.

My rating of "2" is generous.
OD5ZZ Rating: 5/5 Jul 6, 2013 06:50 Send this review to a friend
Ten-Tec Pegasus   Time owned: 0 to 3 months
After reading so many reports on eHam I wanted to test the Pegasus.
I was happy to find one in pretty good shape on eBay , I downloaded the N4PY software , which is a nice piece of software.
At first I was confused how to hook it up to my Amplifier since the Pegasus does not have an ALC jack but that did not prove to be a problem , after hooking it and going on the air I can tell you I have been getting reports about the audio quality and signal strength that I did not get before, plus the reception is perfect with the filters you can eliminate most QRM due to adjacent stations calling, if there is any you can use the filter and you can only hear the station you want on the freq and no QRM , stations with S1 is not a problem to copy.
If you find one in good shape do not let it get away, you will be glad you have it in your shack , just wonder why Ten-Tec discontinued this great rig in the meantime I am enjoying using it.

73 de OD5ZZ
KC5GWU Rating: 5/5 Feb 25, 2013 13:31 Send this review to a friend
It just works!  Time owned: 0 to 3 months
Purchased 3 weeks ago on Ebay - talked with Ten Tec Service (they define customer service!) and installed new transmit relays. Rig now as new.
I effortlessly tune from Am broadcast through SW, join a ssb net on 20 meters, then rag chew on cw 30 meters, the autotuner keeping pace. Selection of DSP filters, RIT, XIT, PSB are all a touchpad click away. Control of the radio via the computer is intuitive, requiring no external knobs, wheels or buttons. Ten Tec GUI addresses everything the radio can do. I operate mostly casual CW with a few SSB nets, evening AM, and maybe BBC or Radio Australia thrown in. Moving through the bands, tuning, setting preferences, using memories, all are intuitive. I will read the manual! Line out to small 10 w amp, 2 4.5" acoustical suspension speakers gives broadcast quality AM, super clear SSB and pleasant CW; filters and pass band remove hiss/roar. Most contacts comment on clear cw tone or "fabulous,remarkable, broadcast" ssb transmission. My best investment in 18 years of amateur radio. if radio is about how you are heard and what you hear, the Pegasus is the right stuff.
N3OD Rating: 5/5 Jun 19, 2012 06:08 Send this review to a friend
Excellent especially considering price and age  Time owned: more than 12 months
My Pegasus is a very early model 2001.I am strictly an SSB operator, so I can't comment on its CW performance. That said, I know that TT's reputation is excellent for both CW and SSB. I operate mostly casual rag-chewing so I can not comment on its contest performance. I really like the many different bandwidths available both on transmit and receive. I also like that it always right on frequency unlike some other TT rigs I have owned. I did have some problems with relays on the BP filter. I guess TT had a bad bunch of relays. That was all taken care of by the TT service department and it has been trouble free since.All in all I am sorry I didn't buy 2 of these great radios.They are hard to find on the used market.
WB5CYS Rating: 5/5 Feb 16, 2012 14:18 Send this review to a friend
Outstanding Fun!  Time owned: 0 to 3 months
I picked up an old Ten-Tec Pegasus and downloaded the N4PY control software and I haven't looked back! It is astounding that a radio designed 13 years ago and discontinued 6 years ago can still be so up to date. This is the beauty of SDR. The software keeps the radio current and the N4PY software is just amazing.

I coupled a Ten-Tec RX-320D SDR receiver as a secondary receiver to the Pegasus. It took about 15 minutes for me to review and configure the software and I was up and running. No big hit to my computer's processing power and a standard USB port or serial port is all that is required.

I toyed around with a Flex but the demands on my computer system and the extremely finicky firewire interface proved way too frustrating. Intermittent connectivity was all I could get even with a very powerful brand new computer system (i7 quad-core). The firewire interface is a big negative for Flex in my opinion - but back to my review.

I am operating CW, all digital modes, SSB with great audio reports, split operations, qrp to 110 watts and driving my Ameritron AL-80B when needed.

There are other reviews which very clearly and completely discuss the technical aspects of this little radio, so no need for me to repeat them. I just wanted to add that all the frustrations associated with computer controlled operations are gone with the Pegasus and the N4PY software and all the fun is there.

I understand that Ten-Tec discontinued this radio because they did not want to maintain the programming skills necessary to produce capable software to go with it. That is a true shame because even today it is an extremely modern and satisfying radio and there is software available that really makes it shine.

Pick one up if you can - they are developing quite a cult following I think. You will really like it if you have an interest in computer controlled operations.

My Kenwood TS-450 and my Icom IC-756PRO are dark now because I am having too much fun with this dandy little Pegasus.
NY4D Rating: 5/5 Sep 11, 2011 13:39 Send this review to a friend
Fun Rig That Won Me Over  Time owned: 0 to 3 months
I've been using the Pegasus for about a week and it has been a big surprise to me. I downloaded the latest software - yes they have updated it in 2011 - and did the flash update. Hooked it up to my netbook running XP and was up and running.

Ran into low tx audio with a Ten-Tec desk mic but read that there was an internal adjustment. No service info available but if you follow the mic leads from the chassis socket, the adjustment pot is right next to the header socket for the mic leads. In getting this set just right for my purposes it is obvious that just about any mic can be made to work with this rig with this internal adjustment.

The delightful part of this rig is the abundance of filter widths, there are 34 all together, with 9 (you pick which ones) being displayed at any one time. The fact that any of them work in any mode and that the if shift is infinitely variable within the passband means that this receiver performs very well. So far, in the really miserable HF conditions we've endured lately, it has done very well. I have a high end rig in the shack right now, an Icom 775dsp, and the Pegasus, while of course not its equal, holds its own fairly well.

It's got band sweep, as many alpha tagged memories as your computer allows (probably thousands,) and a settings menu that you can adjust on the fly.

The manual is a little outdated, the flash updates have added AM transmit, 60 meters, a low power tune function, Windows 7 compatibility, etc. You can get the latest software upgrades at the Ten-Tec website.

The n4py software was recommended to me but so far I am having so much fun with the free one provided by Ten-Tec that that will be a project for down the road.

I have always been a knob, button, and dial man, but the interface and the performance of this "PC Controlled Amateur Radio Transceiver" won me over. Yes you have to use it with a computer but the one you gave away years ago would work fine. The software is so efficient that it will run even back to Windows 3.1.

Couple of nits but not enough to downgrade the rig: lack of external speaker output (there's a line output and a headphone jack) and the noise reduction is a tad aggressive most of the time.

If you can find one at a decent price there is a lot of bang for the buck here. And it is a lot of fun to use. And let's not forget that it is "Made In The U.S.A."
AC5XP Rating: 5/5 Jun 16, 2011 09:09 Send this review to a friend
Excellent software defined radio  Time owned: 6 to 12 months
The TenTec 550 Pegasus

This is quite a remarkable radio from the boys from Tennessee. And a very positive surprise after my not so good experiences with a Paragon that I once owned many years ago.
After a long search I finally was able to buy the Pegasus (they are very hard to find on the used market due to their cult status).
For those of you who don't know this radio, it basically is a software-defined radio. The entire IF processing is done by a fast Analog Devices digital signal processor, for both the receiver as well as the transmitter.
The radio has no physical controls other than the ON-OFF switch. It connects via an RS232 port to a PC, on which a TenTec provided GUI (graphic user interface) offers all the controls to the user, as well as frequency readout and the like. The GUI runs on all versions of Windows that I know of, from Win98 all the way to Windows 7. It is very intuitive and user-friendly; I never had to open the manual.
I also tested it with one of those low-cost USB to RS232 converters which works perfect as well, in case your PC has no RS232 ports.

Nice thing about this remote-control concept is that there are no physical controls that can go bad: No scratchy pots, no frequency dial that suddenly starts skipping steps, do display that suddenly starts to develop problems with the LCD. An old $25 laptop running Win98 bought at a flea market can do all these functions. Or your $3000 quad-processor super-duper PC, whichever you prefer.

The radio is built very well. Inside looks very clean and everything is easy to reach in the unlikely event that servicing would be needed. The input and output ports make a rigid impression on both the front panel as well as the rear apron, no flimsyness on this radio. It runs from an external 13.8V DC power supply. The absence of an internal PSU makes the radio very light, not in the least because the whole frame is aluminum, with the exception of the rear apron and the case which is sheet metal for improved rigidity.

How does it perform? well – that is the real reason why I write this review. This radio is in one word phenomenal.
There is a whole host of filters for the user, from a narrow CW filter to an 8kHz AM filter. Any filter can be used in any mode, and any carrier point (sometimes called "IF shift") can be chosen. This filter flexibility I really love. Most competing radios are so "intelligent" that the "right" filter is selected for a particular mode. Especially if you like digital modes (like I do) this is a real pain. Because there are so many different modes requiring different filters and carrier points, it is important that for the SSB mode (where most modern digital modes need to be operated) any filter and carrier point can be selected. This radio allows that, which makes it the perfect radio for the digital modes.

The receiver as a whole is very impressive. Excellent AGC function, great sensitivity even on 10 meter and not the slightest problems with overloading. I tested this latter issue in the shortwave broadcast bands in the evening, where most stations push the needle past the +50dB mark. But even without the attenuator activated, the Pegasus works flawless. You still can pick out that weak station even in the presence of such big guns.
This sometimes makes you wonder why anyone would need that $5000 radio with the impressive dynamic range numbers on paper – As long as you don’t have a radio ham as a neighbor, it is unlikely the average ham would ever need such dynamic range performance. The Pegasus gives the perfect balance for dynamic range requirements what one would need in real-life situations (the broadcast canons) versus affordability.

What else can I report? Let's see – AM operation also on transmit, the latest firmware upgrade from TenTec also allows transmit operation on 60 meter band, silk smooth tuning without artifacts all the way up to 1 Hz steps (programmable), an effective noise blanker, an automatic IF heterodyne killer (notch filter), a very good working digital noise processor, the best I have experienced on any radio (one that really helps to curb listening fatigue) and an RF speech processor.
Also: Unlimited memory channel storage, allowing added text labels and storage of mode and filter characteristics for each individually stored channel.
The radio's modulation is excellent (different TX filter widths can be chosen), and output power is above 100W for all bands.

This radio really made me change my mind about TenTec. A terrific radio worthy of any classic radio collection!

73s, Loek "Luke" d’Hont, AC5XP

VA3PWC Rating: 5/5 Apr 27, 2011 11:30 Send this review to a friend
PC-Controled Radio (Not SDR)  Time owned: more than 12 months
I have used the PEG for 2 years, and this radio is lots of fun. Very good reception (triple conversion) with many filters + DSP.
I decided to sell it because I wanted a PRO3, now I am looking for another PEG in good conditions with accessories. There are only 4 PEG´s in Brazil, and none of them are for sale.
If you don´t enjoy a radio without display or manual VFO, but if you like Ten-Tec you must get the Jupiter. I am pretty sure you will enjoy this equipment. Rick PY2EL / VA3PWC
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