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Reviews Categories | Amateur Radio Equipment Repair | Yaesu Factory Service Help

Reviews Summary for Yaesu Factory Service
Yaesu Factory Service Reviews: 252 Average rating: 3.5/5 MSRP: $N/A
Description: Yeasu's Amateur Radio Factory Service Center in California
Product is in production.
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N9BC Rating: 0/5 Jan 12, 2018 12:59 Send this review to a friend
Would not Honor their Offer  Time owned: more than 12 months
I upgraded to the latest firmware on my FTDX-3000 and after the performing the upgrade I noticed I could no longer set the power level past 50w. I called Yeasu support and ended up talking to Tim Factor. At the time of writing this is. He is currently the support manager. So now that I have him on the phone we downloaded the firmware once again. And he walked me through the process which I did a few times but I would entertain him and go through it again. If flashed just like before with no errors. Looking at the firmware versions I noticed that on the TFT version it was set to the correct one but also had more info than any of other firmware that was loaded. I took a short video of what I was seeing and sent it to Tim. He said he had never seen that before and needed to send this up to the Japan engineers.

A day later or so he got back to me. Stating the firmware that after installing the TFT firmware was once checked by pressing GEN+50+ENT Plus a forth key by mistake and then a second time by mistake. That is what caused it to be locked in to the EU/JAP 50w restriction. This condition can only happen as described. It was a innocent mistake by me by pressing the keys. He then offered to repair the radio at no charge but I would have to send the radio in to them.

No too happy that I have to send it in. But I would like it fixed. So I picked up a nice Pelican case packed the radio in and sent it off Via UPS. $120 later it is on its way.

A few weeks later I got an update. Not from Tim but another support person. He told me that the technician that looked at my radio noticed I had performed the MARS/CAP mod and shorted the control unit and that is what caused the issue. He then said to fix it I would need to pay $375. I replied back with what Tim had stated that came from the Japan Engineers that the only why it could happen is the key sequence that I mistakenly did. More emails exchanged and was told I would still need to pay the $375.

I personally think they canít re-flash the board and the only way is to replace it. I also believe the MARS/CAP did not cause any issue since that was done over a year previously and did not have any issues adjusting the power level past 50w. I find it very disturbing that Yeasu would not honor the offer they initially told me. If I would have known they were going to charge me I would not have spent the money on a shipping case and paid for shipping it there. Needless to say I did not have them do the work.

Extremely disappointed with Yeasu and their dishonest practices.
WA0FSE Rating: 5/5 Oct 1, 2017 07:03 Send this review to a friend
Job well done  Time owned: more than 12 months
My Ft-857 display went bad...Zebra effect I believe it is called. Tried some local repair places and also in Chicago but no one seemed overly interested so I went directly to Yaesu.
They responded to my initial email in a timely manner. I shipped it and insured it. The only way I knew they received it was I had insured it and the post office let me know it was delivered. I sent it on July 10th of this year (2017). It was the end of august that I received an email giving me an estimate and asked me to call if I wanted the work done. I did...the estimate was, in my opinion very reasonable, $221 parts and labor. I received it back in about a week after my call.
I was not upset about the time it took as I have other radios and I was expecting a much larger charge....not in a hurry to pay a big bill.
All in all a good experience for me...the radio works great now.
N8TFE Rating: 5/5 Aug 31, 2017 11:25 Send this review to a friend
Great job  Time owned: 6 to 12 months
I sent my Yaesu FTdx 3000D in for repair on the 25th of July. The service department contacted me on August 1st by e-mail to let me know they had received my radio. They also stated the average turn around time was about 15 days. On August 15 I called the service department to check on my radio and Stephanie I believe it was told me the radio was repaired earlier that day, two transistors were replaced. They shipped it out on August 17th and I received it on August 22nd. I've had my radio back for only a week but so far it's working perfectly. I shipped it from Ohio to California, and it cost $121.00 to do so. They shipped it back to me at no charge. So from the day I shipped it out and it returned was 28 days. I was treated with respect and the phone call I made was answered with in two minutes. any questions I asked were answered with out pause. I am more than satisfied at the moment and will continue to run Yaesu equipment. My experience with the service department was first rate. Oh, by the way I've been a ham for 25 years. I'd say 95% of my radios have been Yaesu and this is the first ont to go back for repairs.
W3AFV Rating: 4/5 Jan 13, 2017 09:29 Send this review to a friend
Good Experience  Time owned: more than 12 months
Sent my FT-897D back to Yaesu to have the CAT fuse replaced and the MARS Mod removed. Was finished when they promised it would be and cost what they said it would coast.
KE8CEW Rating: 0/5 Jan 13, 2017 05:00 Send this review to a friend
Not a good expierence  Time owned: 0 to 3 months
Sent in a new MD-100A8X desk mic for warranty repair. After 6 weeks, was told their techs said it was not worth repair. Beings I purchased it at a ham fest new in sealed box from a non-authorized dealer, wasn't covered under warranty. Ok, so how much to repair? Would not give me a cost quote. Ended up over $65 to return it to me. $35 bench and $30 to ship. Only costed me $20 to send it to them to begin with. So someone at Yaesu is enjoying a new cheap mic at my cost. I told them to scrap it which I doubt they will.
AC8YJ Rating: 4/5 Nov 26, 2016 23:41 Send this review to a friend
almost a 5  Time owned: 6 to 12 months
Needed to send my ftdx 1200 in for repair, unit was repaired promptly, only issue I had was I had to call to get updates and about what was wrong, otherwise very pleased
NG9W Rating: 2/5 Nov 1, 2016 08:18 Send this review to a friend
Be Prepared to Wait  Time owned: more than 12 months
Sent my FTdx-3000 in to repair a problem with the +5V on the microphone connector. They needed to replace the pass transistor and Zener diode controlling that voltage. About $1.59 for parts and $140.00 for two hours bench time.

However the radio sat untouched for 3-1/2 weeks before seeing the bench, and another week in the shipping department before being sent back. I could only get information if I called them. The average wait time on hold was 12 minutes to get through the call queue, and most of the information was uncertainty about how much longer it would take for the radio to get fixed.

Yaesu Factory Service must either be having a hard time recruiting and retaining qualified electronics technicians (and in the heart of Silicon Valley) or their equipment is having general failures of all kinds faster than they can keep up.
AE1N Rating: 4/5 Oct 25, 2016 06:43 Send this review to a friend
Very pleased  Time owned: more than 12 months
My FT-950 lost all output and living on the East Coast I dreaded shipping it to California so I called Yaesu who quickly gave me a $400 estimate, "if it's the finals". I spent a couple of months trying to decide what to do. After realizing, I can't sell it anyway if it is not repaired. The experience was great. Fedex took a week each week and Yaesu was very responsive with all queries. Yes, the final transistors were replaced. They replaced them and updated the latest firmware and hardware and completely aligned the unit ... as good as new! (About $250 total).
Layne AE1N NH
KB3JQJ Rating: 1/5 Jul 25, 2016 09:30 Send this review to a friend
Forget it!  Time owned: more than 12 months
I picked up a used FT-60R & it wouldn't stay on. I sent it to Yaesu for repair. They communicated well but their prices were staggering. A replacement mainboard was near the $200 range if I wished to replace it myself. For them to repair it was going to run in the $300 including shipping. List price for the entire radio is $200. The only good thing I noticed is the tech who worked on it left stickers inside with arrows pointing directly to where the problem was. Labor costs are fine, it's the parts they make a killing on.
AB4D Rating: 0/5 Jul 15, 2016 13:37 Send this review to a friend
Lack of repair under warranty  Time owned: more than 12 months
I recently concluded a failed effort to have Yaesu USA perform a repair under warranty. The problem, when using a FTDX-3000D transceiver with my Yaesu Quadra amplifier. The SSB audio would distort, whenever the ALC line was connected to control drive to the amplifier. Testing with several other transceivers did not duplicate the problem at my station. Using the FTDX-3000 at another station that also has a Quadra, the problem was present there as well. Transmitting into a dummy load, also showed the issue was present. In December 2015, I contacted Tim Factor, Service Manager at Yaesu USA, for assistance. When I described the problem, he immediately suggested that excessive mic gain was the cause of the issue. Based on his suggestion, I tried all manner of settings, but I could not resolve the issue.

Upon my insistence, I sent the radio to Yaesu USA for warranty repair. Yaesu service was able to duplicate the problem on the bench. Yet, Mr. Factor would not acknowledge there is a defect with the radio. Rather, he was adamant, that excessive mic gain was still the cause. I was told, no repair was necessary, and I was instructed that when the radio was returned, to set the mic gain no higher than "11" and I should only use the stock MH-31 hand microphone. As far as Yaesu was concerned, the issue was resolved. I asked if they checked other modes as well, to ensure there was no issue with any of the other modes? He admitted they had not, and indicated no intention to do so, because I only mentioned a problem with SSB. It was clear, Mr. Factor really had no genuine interest in finding the actual root cause of the problem.

The radio was returned to me without any repair attempt by Yaesu. I set the mic gain to "11" as suggested by Tim Factor. However, what I quickly discovered, with the mic gain set so low, the radio would not drive the Quadra to full output. Thus, there is little to no ALC voltage being generated, so it only temporary masks the issue. When I increased the mic gain to achieve adequate drive, the problem returned. Rather than fix the issue while the radio was under warranty. Apparently, Mr. Factor thought he found a simple trick to circumvent the issue.

I had previously owned another FTDX-3000D, that I used with the same Quadra Amplifier, and did not have any issues with distortion. The usual mic gain setting for my voice is 18, which gives an ALC reading of about 60% of full ALC meter scale deflection. I spoke to a number of other hams using the FTDX-3000D and the Yaesu Quadra, and none of them are required to have the mic gain set so low, or use the stock microphone, and none of them have experienced a similar issue with distortion. I also shared this information with Mr. Factor, but he ignored that information, and was still persistent that excessive microphone gain was the cause of the problem. I concluded what I already suspected. The FTDX-3000D I own has a unresolved defect within the ALC circuit.

Dissatisfied with the repair effort, I sent a follow up email to Mr. Factor and Mikio Maruya, Vice President of Customer Service, notifying them the problem was still present, and asked if they had any further interest in resolving the issue under warranty. However, neither of these individuals responded to my request. In frustration and a due to a lack of response. I gave up, and assumed that Yaesu had no intention of honoring the warranty on my new radio or performing the repair.

Then something odd happened. A few months later at the end of April 2016, I was contacted by Wesley Gray of Yaesu Customer Service, asking if I still had the problem. He made a few suggestions of using ferite beads to resolve the issue, as he suggested it could be RFI related to my station. However, it seemed he was completely ignoring or wasn't aware that, Yaesu service had already duplicated the issue on the bench, so it wasn't location specific. He asked for a few more facts about the problem, which I provided, and said he would speak to his supervisor about the issue and would get back to me. I felt elated and redeemed, and foolishly believed that Mr. Gray was interested in helping me resolve this issue. A few weeks passed, and I had not heard anything from Mr. Gray. So I began sending him emails about every other week. However, despite emails asking for status and the courtesy of a response, I haven't had a response from anyone at Yaesu USA. Yesterday, I sent Mr. Gray a final email, asking for status. Yet again, he has choose to ignore my message.

There once was a time when I thought Yaesu gear and their service was very good. It appears, those days are gone. I've purchased a significant amount of gear from Yaesu over the past 25 years, including a new FTDX-9000MP. One would think, that Yaesu would be interested in helping a loyal customer and retaining their customer base. However, I think I've learned my lesson about buying products from Yaesu. Based on this experience, it's highly doubtful that any future purchases will bear the Yaesu name. BUYER BEWARE!
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