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Reviews Categories | Antennas: HF: Yagi, Quad, Rotary dipole, LPDA | Mosley PRO 57-B Help

Reviews Summary for Mosley PRO 57-B
Mosley PRO 57-B Reviews: 15 Average rating: 5.0/5 MSRP: $1,089.95
Description: 7 el Yagi on a 24' boom
Product is in production.
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You can write your own review of the Mosley PRO 57-B.

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AK6ZZ Rating: 5/5 Feb 9, 2014 04:39 Send this review to a friend
Extremely pleased  Time owned: 0 to 3 months
I picked up a used Mosley Pro 57B that was in great shape for $150 and did some initial A/B testing versus my other Mosley which is the Super 33 on 20m yesterday.

The Pro 57B is preliminarily installed at 25' and I was very impressed. Rated Specs for S33 are 7.3 dbd gain and 25 db F/B versus Pro 57B 8.5 dbd gain and 20 db F/B. I was running 300W and did signal report checks between antennas with a ham friend who lives in Colorado and I am in San Diego.

The S33 is basically at 250' height with help of my tower being on an edge of a canyon (tower at 35' and canyon at 210') and the Pro 57B is at 25' height. Results for initial test were as follows: S9+30 versus S9+25. So for that relatively short install height on 20m the Pro 57B is doing a pretty respectable job. Though antenna height is critical for DXing since lower takeoff angle is extremely helpful. The Pro 57B is on house bracketed rohn tower not permanently installed yet (mast needs to be pushed up) and the rotator installed. Base noise levels are three S units higher on Pro 57B coming from house and neighbor noises. The S33 is pretty far from both house and neighbors. Tower is 50 feet away from house and 2x higher than roof top.

For $150 the Mosley pro 57b was a great deal! I was missing having 15,12&10m and now I have those bands again. I am sure it will be even better when I finish the install and the antenna is at 35'. SWR is perfect even at the low install height on all bands. I was concerned that there would be interaction issues but none so far detected.
K4DZR Rating: 5/5 Aug 23, 2013 10:48 Send this review to a friend
A GREAT CHOICE!  Time owned: 0 to 3 months
The Mosley Pro-57b went together according to the instructions and performs per specifications. The SWR is essentially flat on all bands. All parts were there down to the last washer. The color coding made the assembly easy. This is a "big" beam so I assembled it on two metal saw horses where it remained for about 6 weeks before I could get an installer. I used it a 3 feet off the ground with low swr in the mean time and worked about 20 countries. Have it mounted at 48ft on a 45g tower with a tail twister TX2 rotor.
Just got it up today and initial signal reports are excellent. This should be the last beam I will ever need as it is built to last. Good work Mosley!
WB1CQW Rating: 5/5 Aug 4, 2013 08:44 Send this review to a friend
When I was looking for a HF multi-band beam back in 1993, my primary consideration was durability. I heard that the military would use essentially the same design HF antenna as this with good results. From the reviews of Moseley products I got the impression that they were far ahead of the competition in heft and quality of the aluminum and other materials. Now after 20 years of using a Pro-57B-- the results are in: an excellent antenna!This beam has survived multiple New England ice storms that literally broke apart trees surrounding this house and trashed several successive 40 meter wire antennas attached to them. When a couple of years ago I rewired coax to the Moseley antenna and swapped out its Ham lV rotator, I saw no reason whatever to swap out the Pro-57B. Still in 2013 the SWR readings are quite respectably low. In this location I'm limited by zoning ordinances to 30' height, but this antenna makes the most of the limitations of height and poor worldwide propagation conditions. I suppose I could have replaced this with a far more costly and complicated Steppir antenna, but I don't believe (from 2 way conversations with Stepir stations with the same power level as myself) I would ever gain anything on my signal, while quite likely losing plenty in long-term reliability.
WD4LUR Rating: 5/5 Dec 24, 2010 11:05 Send this review to a friend
Excellent multiband yagi  Time owned: more than 12 months
I have had my Mosley PRO-57B for about two years now. I believe it to be the best multi-band yagi I have ever owned. In the past I have had a Hy-gain TH5DX, Mosley TA-33M and a Mosley CL-33M. At one time I had a 10m 3 element monobander and a 15m 4 element monobander up and that was close to one of the sunspot peaks. Even then I didn’t work into Asia as well as I have recently during this sunspot low while using the PRO-57B. I’m not saying the 57B would be better than the 4 element monobander as I attribute some the recent successful contacts into Asia to my location that I am currently at. Both locations were about the same elevation above average terrain but at the new one when I am aiming towards Asia, it is pointing out over what is called Loyston Sea on Norris Lake. Maybe that helps. Anway I don’t know of any single multiband antenna that I would trade this one for except to move up to a Mosley PRO-96 or a monster quad.
K5YY Rating: 5/5 May 17, 2010 16:03 Send this review to a friend
Just a great antenna  Time owned: more than 12 months
Just wanted to say I have had my 57B for about 13 years, exchanging a 204BA I had for it. Well, there is a compromise on FB and gain figures compared to monoband beams, but the ease of switching bands and the very adequate 2.5KW PEP coils made it a great choice for my subdivision lot and 38 foot Rohn 45 tower. I am not worried about normal modern amplifiers hurting the traps, tho did sell a Henry 4K Ultra and 5K due to fear or exceeding the trap ratings. I had the ice storms also turning the elements into "inverted U" aluminum but they sprang right up with thawing out. Try that with other cheaper, recent vintage beam materials! I have worked anything I can hear with this beam, and as I said, at 38 feet. Very satisfied with this "high potency" alternative to monobanders. Can not put up multiple mono band antennas and 100 foot towers as in past QTHs, so am impressed that I have not missed any DX 'new ones' with this 57B and now have over 300 countries on each band covered, including 10m and 12m.
M0EDX Rating: 5/5 May 17, 2010 12:34 Send this review to a friend
Besta antenna in its class  Time owned: more than 12 months
I have been looking for a big 5 band beam with real performance.

4 elements stepir was very expensive, so I researched further for the next best antenna.

It turned to be a Mosley Pro-57-B. Just 1 dB difference in gain etc. And no 180 degree mode etc. Well, see above.

I am in the UK. I ordered Pro-57-B, it took about 3 months to have it delivered. It cost me some £100.00 in customs duty, too.

The assembly of the antenna took some time with the friends.

Installation was also fun. Generally you can have it assembled and put up in one day. SWR was close to the advertised.

Have a look at the current photos at my web site

Performance. Well, in 2 words - BIG GUN !

Normally if a station is 59 on a distance of 5000+ miles, when you turn the antenna 90 degrees away from the statiion, the signal dissapears completely ! The gain is tremendous.

If compared to A3S, TH3, T8 etc basic yagis, it is nealy twice longer and havier. Hence the gain and real performance. To illustrate - the boom is 7.3 m, weight is about 42 kg. Need I say more ?

If you have space and finances, go for 4 element stepir - it is the antenna of the future. Otherwise mosley Pro-57-B is the best one then.
WZ0O Rating: 5/5 Oct 28, 2009 19:12 Send this review to a friend
Great soFar  Time owned: 0 to 3 months
Ok here is the story. I was going to buy a Mosley TA53 when a friend told me about a Pro57 B that was for sale from a SK's wife. I contacted the lady and we made a deal. (no I didn't steal it). Her husband had bought it 4 years ago and had never put it up. After I got it home and put it together I had to wonder if I had made a mistake as the antenna is ,as we say in the south a bigun.
WoW what a great product. First contact I busted a pileup on 17 to Guam then 3 JA's right behind that. This antenna hears very very well.
If you get one follow the setup instructions to a tee. I attempted to use a choke balun instead of the coax balun in the manual. As I live close to the water I was worried about the coax pigtail.
After I went back up the tower and changed the balun the antenna tuned almost flat, much better then stated in the spec sheet.
So-far this is a great antenna. Its big (24' boom) and built like a tank (93 lbs). It should last longer then I do HiHi.
I will give you an update next year.
K8MFO Rating: 5/5 Oct 25, 2009 11:48 Send this review to a friend
Big Winner on Long Haul  Time owned: more than 12 months
In 1985 I was unlucky enough to have a “mini tornado” pass through my property, bringing down my 70 foot tower, and all antennas. My main HF antenna was a Mosley Classic 33 beam, which was a solid performer. When the tower hit the house, and Mosley was the first antenna to make contact. Interestingly, none of the elements broke! They were bent, of course,but not broken, and I was impressed that all of the stainless steel hardware looked just as good as it had 15 years ago when new. As a matter of fact, I still have a lot of those pieces and parts, and the traps have been recycled onto antennas of friends!

At that point my insurance company paid for the damage, and I had the choice of buying virtually anything that was on the market. For mechanical reasons, I chose the Mosley PRO-37, which was a new offering. I was delighted with the performance on the 3 advertised bands of 10, 15, and 20 meters. Shortly afterwards, we were authorized the use of 12 and 17 meters by the FCC. At this point I noted that the PRO-37 worked pretty well on those too bands too, as well as 6 meters. Out of the blue I got a letter from Mosley, saying that PRO-37 owners were being offered a reasonably priced “conversion kit”, providing “true yagi coverage” of the 12 and 17 meter bands. The price? Something like $20! Holy Smokes! How could someone resist a deal like this? I decided to call Gary Wurdack – K0VUW, the owner of Mosley, and we talked about the conversion, saying he had tested it personally. The converted beam would be called a PRO-57A. Based on Gary’s recommendation, I went ahead with the conversion.

I could continue to be very WORDY, but let’s get down to the bottom line. Perhaps I should mention that I am a very serious DXer, and a serious contester when the mood strikes. The DXCC Challenge is my primary interest – check my standing on the ARRL website if you are interested.

Let’s make the DXCC Challenge stuff simple. There are 338 current DXCC countries. Here is my current standing on the 5 bands covered by the PRO-57A. 20M – ALL 338, 17M -336, 15M -335. 12M – 331. 10M – 331. So, out of a possible 1690 countries on these 5 bands, I have worked and confirmed 1671 of them. The fact that I still need those 19 band slots has nothing to do with the antenna, but are propagation and politically related! I should also mention that I am using a Mosley S-401 single element antenna on 40 meters, and I have 336 of the 338 countries on that band too! In my opinion, the granddaddy of all DX contest is the CQ WW CW, traditionally held on the last weekend of November. WARC bands are not allowed, but I have been in the “BOX”, which means a top 5 finish on all 3 bands that are used, 20, 15, and 10. Oh yes, and the same with the S-401 on 40 meters.

Do I like the PRO-57A? Yes, I do very much. It is by no means equivalent to monobanders on all 5 bands, but it is a very good compromise.
I am very much aware of a book, doing comparison reports on triband antennas, which does not give high ratings to Mosley antennas. I have no idea of the testing systems used, and the most visible author has chosen not to respond to personal emails I have sent him, where I suggest that perhaps test results could have been flawed, or a particular antenna may have had a problem. . He continues to criticize “anything Mosley” on a prominent Internet reflector, which of course we can do in a country where free speech is a right! Likewise, this applies to me, and I have a different opinion.

If I had to do it again, I would DEFINITELY buy this antenna! I have used a lot of antennas through the years, as have perhaps several of the readers of this review. To put things in simple terms, my Mosley PRO-57A performance is on the same level as the Mosley CL-36, Mosley TA-36, and Hy Gain TH-6DXX antennas. Oh, but that’s only on 10, 15, and 20 meters! The PRO-57A stands alone in offering 12 and 17 meters!

One last observation – of course this is a compromise antenna. What are the “best bands”? In my opinion, those are 20 and 17 meters, but the rest are perfectly satisfactory also. I have no sophisticated antenna range, but I can guarantee one thing. If this antenna did not perform well, it would never have made it through the year 1985. Here we sit 24 years later, and I am still pleased with it!
This is an EASY 5 rating!


Don K8MFO Same call since 1958
KS1S Rating: 5/5 Feb 19, 2009 06:09 Send this review to a friend
Still going strong after 18 years!  Time owned: more than 12 months
My Mosley PRO-57B was delivered to me on July 8th, 1991. Since then it has sat on top of 70' of Rohn 25G, fed with Bury8 coax in a conduit. Nothing has been touched or changed since then.

The purchase price back then was $567.95, plus $41.63 for freight. Prices have gone up just a bit since then!

This antenna provides SWR's of less than 2:1 for me on all bands ... tuned for the phone portions of those bands. Front to back ratio is very good, side rejection is excellent, and gain appears to be competitive with the best multi-band yagis out there. This antenna is very ruggedly built.

I have witnessed several severe ice storms up here over the years that have taken down power lines, poles, and trees en masse. At one point the elements of this antenna were so encased in ice that they looked like wet noodles...they were drooping that much. I was sure I would see damage or breaks to the elements. In fact, as soon as the ice melted, the elements sprang right back and were all perfect.

In the years this Mosley has been up, it has seen temperatures of minus 50F, winds of hurricane force, torrential rain and lightning, and blistering heat. All this time it has been teamed to an Alpha 87A putting out 1500 watts of power. It has never given me the slightest problem.

Today, this antenna exhibits the same SWR curves as it did when new. Physically, it looks no different than it did when it was first installed. It's an amazing antenna and one which Mosley should be proud of. I just wish this company did more advertising so more hams would know what a superb antenna it really is.

KA5SMA Rating: 5/5 Dec 20, 2007 14:32 Send this review to a friend
So Far Works Great  Time owned: 0 to 3 months
Just got my Pro 57B up on 40ft. tower about 5 days ago. Appears that is was worth the 2 1/2 month wait. My SWR on all bands is right on specs, however on 12 meters it is better than advertised. Have not had a qso on 12 or 15 meters yet so this is a preliminary review.

I put the antenna together by myself and it took approximately 7 hours over a two day period.
Except for a problem with a U bolt and a little confusion about the color coding on white elements, everything went well. Great mechanically does not sag like my OB9-5 did. OB9-5 was great but very seldom got reports over S9..(should expect 2 element on 17 ft boom, vs 3 elements(on 20) on a 24 ft. boom.)

Only made one Front to Back test on 17 meters with QSB was about 20 db.., front to side is tremendous...stations said I dissapeared altogether..
The antenna is built like a tank, weighs almost 100 lbs compared to about 65 lb for the OB9-5.

Examples of reports in the first week:
Ohio- 59+20
Washington- 59+20
IL 59+40
MS- 59+40
EA5- 59+10
I had two different unsolicited comments, one on 10 meters and the other on 17 meters, that I was "the strongest signal on the band".
I was running 1500 watts at the time...from my QTH about 40 miles northeast of Nashville, TN.
All of this at very bottom of sun spot cycle..
Not sure why there has not been a review of Mosley Pro 57B in over 3 years? I know they have sold hundreds of them since then.

We have been sold a "bill of goods" about supposedly "lousy" traps.

Good job Mosley

73 and good DX

Mike Miller KA5SMA
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