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Reviews Categories | Towers, masts, accessories, climbing gear | Glen Martin Hazer system Help

Reviews Summary for Glen Martin Hazer system
Reviews: 23 Average rating: 3.2/5 MSRP: $$389
Description: wench operated tower tram system for raising and lowering antennas without having to climb the tower
Product is in production.
More info: http://
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You can write your own review of the Glen Martin Hazer system.

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W1CTN Rating: 3/5 Aug 29, 2007 10:24 Send this review to a friend
Middle of the road  Time owned: more than 12 months
I have a GM H4 Hazer on my tower. It supports a Tennadyne T10 Log Periodic, Ham 4 rotor and 2m/440 vertical on a 50 ft Rohn 25 tower. The system has been up for 4 years now and I have the following comments of it. I perform a bi-annual maintenance on it since I installed it.

It does what is advertised to do, hoist an antenna up a fixed tower. How well is another statement.

I have a brake winch option with mine that should be included as a standard feature and not as an option.

The hoist Cable is in fine condition but the winch housing is showing corrosion. Is a plated steel winch housing the best they could come up with? Stainless or galvanized should be standard as it is out in the weather.

The roller wheels are a joke. The only way to keep them rolling is to make them too loose for comfort. All mine do is keep the hazer properly spaced from the tower, they never roll.

Instruction manual is very poor. Someone without mechanical training would need some assitance in assembling the hazer.

Quality control on the parts were poor. I had to clean out many holes before assembly.

Let me close in saying that on the plus side, it hasn't fallen apart and aside from some problems, I think it will do as the designers intended it to do. I would not buy another, as I'm sure I can homebrew a better one.

KL8DX Rating: 4/5 Aug 26, 2007 14:11 Send this review to a friend
Worked for me but...  Time owned: 3 to 6 months
I purchased the Hazer4 and I was a little worried about some of the reviews I read . Several of the other posts had valid points. I purchased the following;

Hazer 4
Brake Winch
Heavy Duty Pulley Block
Roller Bearings

The brake winch is a must in my opinion. An option I am glad I spent the extra money on. Sure helps as once you get a good size beam, rotor, mast and the Hazer on the tower, lots of weight to manage.

The heavy duty pulley block is questionable. I do see that the cable if slack, can find itself between the pulley and the pulley housing rendering the pulley useless. I read of one other ham having this problem and it actually happened to me in the "beginning" stages of putting the Hazer system on the tower. With that in mind, if you use theirs, I would suggest not sitting the Hazer on a rung taking the weight off of the cable. I find it works best about 1 crank above a rung so the cable cannot achieve any slack allowing it to jump the pulley.

The roller bearing kit was a waste of money in my opinion. The rollers are uneven and do not roll smoothly as it navigates up and down the tower. This does have potential but the way they are currently manufactured and connected to the Hazer finds them more of a useless add on than anything.

The Hazer instructions are less than poor. When it comes to towers and safety, the poor directions supplied can certainly lead to safety issues if the system is not built properly. You will have to take your time and look at various photos and look for photos on the internet. This was the only way I found when trying to piece the system together.

The crank housing also left something to be desired. I have a Rohn 25 and there is a very close tolerance between the crank and how it is mounted to the tower itself. When cranking the tower, the handle to the crank has to be pulled outward so it does not hit the side of the tower. I tried several configurations but modifying the handle was necessary for me.

The Hazer worked its way up my tower the first time very well. All in all, the concept is great and with a little more tweaking, Glen Martin could have a trouble free system. I purchased the system only because it is too costly for me to have a crank up tower delivered to my QTH but I also wanted to ability to lower my array due to the high winds we experience here, hopefully extending the life of my antennas and rotor.

The folks at Glen Martin worked with me on my rural shipping needs and they were quick to respond to my e-mails and to ship the Hazer to my QTH. I rated this a "4" because it does work for me but be prepared to spend lots of time in putting the system together. I built mine over the course of last winter, thankfully. Some of the tolerances could have been better. All in all, when you can't get a crank up tower and don't want to climb, this may be the way to go. I have a tilt base for my Rohn 25 so I just laid my tower over to install the system so no climbing was required.

N5WBK Rating: 5/5 Jul 19, 2007 15:34 Send this review to a friend
Better Than Climbing  Time owned: more than 12 months
I bought my first Hazer about 20 years ago and was not too happy with catching on sections of my Rohn tower, going up or down. I was looking at their website a few years ago and noticed the roller kit had come out. My tower came down in a freak storm and I added 10ft to the tower to make it a total of 60 feet. Ordered the roller kit and have been happy with it since. I have since added an electric winch to it so I donít have to crank anymore. I have installed this year another one for my other Rohn tower and substituted for the better winch and heavier pulley with the roller kit. I recommended the heavier pulley for big arrays. I am going to replace mine some time in the future because of the Mosley Pro 57B on it as well as Mosley 14 element 2 meter beam on the same mast. I have had great service from their staff and no problems in the assembly of both Hazersí. As far as the messenger line I have made my own from 3/16 inch cable and attached coaxes and rotor wire to it with wire ties works great. Also I have a 4 foot steel angle iron attached to the top of the Hazer with a pulley on it to pull my invert v up to the top.
WM1G Rating: 2/5 Jan 5, 2007 18:28 Send this review to a friend
poor customer service  Time owned: more than 12 months
I've had a Hazer 4 for about 10 years now. When I bought it there were so many missing and incorrect parts that it took a month to get the kit ready to assemble. Technically it works as advertised. I have it up 42 feet. The messenger line kit is flimsy, especially the spring that brings the "Latch" to the hoziontal position to rest on the tower. I'm always worried that when I need to use it, the spring will break and I'll have to lower the antenna (TH7DX) all the way without having a place to rest it on the way down for safety purposes. The other flimsy part is the pulley on the top. It is bolted to the tower in two places but the pulley wheel is aluminum and looks as if it could fall apart.

IMPORTANT!!!!!-----> when you are done operating you should always bring the antenna to a "SAFE" azimuth position on the rotor. The elements on the beam have to fit over the tower on the way down. If the rotor breaks (mine did) you will NOT repeat NOT be able to bring down the assembly. So every time you QRT remember to bring the beam to a pre-determined position so it can fit down over the tower. I had to put the guy system above the HAZER and as a result, 2 of the 3 guys must be disassembled for the same reason of the elements being in the way of the guy system.

Customer service is nasty! They did not care about their errors. It's hard to do business with people that treat you like that.
W7RJR Rating: 2/5 Aug 7, 2006 23:32 Send this review to a friend
Needs work!  Time owned: 0 to 3 months
I purchased an H3 hazer for use with my 30 foot Rohn 25G tower. A friend of mine is delighted with his so I ignored the reviews I found here. I shouldn't have. The instructions that come with it consists of 2 pages of useless verbiage. The date on the instruction sheet is in the year 2000. It is virtually impossible to figure out where to begin assembling this thing. The drawings (not photos) are amateurish and lack detail. Essential views are missing. The parts are not marked in any way. It is important that two main frame pieces with 'holes for the cable' be positioned in a certain way, but the instructions never cover it. I called Glen Martin for a little assistance on how to put this puzzle together. The first guy that answered wasn't familiar with the hazer system. The second guy told me he had no other instructions to offer me, but had a list of parts which he emailed me. Unfortunately, that was all it was, a list of parts. After several hours of reading this pamphlet, looking at photos on the internet and scratching my head I finally figured out how to do it.
I realized that I had neglected to order the thrust bearing. Much to my surprise and chagrin they no longer stocked the thrust bearing. They suggested I order a Yaesu replacement (065) which I was told was an exact replacement-- not so. You have to ream out the holes in the platform to make it fit.
The twine they provide for the latch will need to be replaced as I'm certain it will eventually fail. Even with the optional wheels, the hazer gets stuck on the Rohn 25g bolts. Be prepared to 'adjust' the hazer so it will make the trip reliably up and down the tower.
If you absolutely cannot climb a tower this device might prove useful. A better solution is to simply get a crankup tower and forget this thing.

AB7R Rating: 5/5 Aug 15, 2005 07:16 Send this review to a friend
Worked fine for me  Time owned: 3 to 6 months
I've not had any problems with my heavy duty hazer on a Rohn 25. I got the hazer used and had to reassemble it. I put a new spring for the latch on and new cable. I tied a piece of dacron rope to one side and let it hand down and the coax and rotor cable are attached to it as strain relief. Seems to do the job.
It has gone up and down only a few times with no problems at all. Sure makes antenna work easy this way.
W9WZJ Rating: 3/5 Aug 14, 2005 23:42 Send this review to a friend
Needs improvement  Time owned: more than 12 months
Hazer is a great idea, just needs some tweaking. I have an aluminum H3, has been okay, but see some areas that need improving.
1. The H3 is awfully short, if I bought aluminum, I would buy the H2, more stable. I'd probably purchase the steel one next time. As for the Rohn 45, forget the track and make your own 20-21" "Hazer" out of steel tubing.
2. Latch. What a joke. YES it is a good safety idea, but shouldn't it be able to function with out having to bend it or modify it? The instructions do not warn you of this problem. The rope is very prone to stretching when pulling on a stuck latch. I have had one friend to climb all the way up to "rescue" my Hazer, and yesterday, it got stuck about half way down. Which wasn't too bad as I cranked it up to the next cross brace and then pulled the latch to free it up. It would still be at the top if the latch did it up there. I am thinking I am going to do what I saw on here and replace it with a steel cable that does not stretch.
3. Glen Martin does not say anything about the tower top. Look at a bare section, there are three stubs facing up waiting to catch your feed line. I am going to make a "top" piece to guide cables out of the way AND to hold the top pulley. YES, TOP PULLEY, why isn't it AT the TOP? placing it on the cross brace makes it a little shy to the top.
4. Buy the brake winch, should be included, but isn't.
Last but not least, 5. Thrust bearing. I refuse to over pay for this item, therefore I used a large Yaesu one and reamed the holes out to fit. Saved myself almost a hundred dollars.
Now if I had to do it all over again, I'd buy a crank up tower. If I couldn't afford that, I'd get a welder and make my own.
Good luck! 73
KD6WD Rating: 2/5 Jul 19, 2005 14:33 Send this review to a friend
tolerable  Time owned: 0 to 3 months
Initially I thought that having a hazer would be a great addition to my tower. I had heard that others just loved having a hazer. Well I can tell you all that glitters is not gold. I purchased the hazer 2 which is $360.95. This is their biggest aluminum hazer. Unfortunatly the hazer is not as pictured on their web site. The guide blocks are not included in the price you pay. So after you have tried to crank it up the tower you realize that you need to order the optional roller set which is $64.95 to keep it from catching on the tower leg bolts as you crank it up the tower. It does not end there. You realize when you place your order that the standard 1/8th inch cable is marginal at best so you order it with 5/32nds cable which is an additional $42.00 added to the base price.

Any one who has had a free wheeling winch realizes the danger of a 100 or more pound load getting out of control as you crank the antenna and hazer down so you add the optional break winch. This adds another 43.45 to the price. By this time you figure your stuck with the product and you add the messenger line kit at 76.00.

When I placed the order for the messenger cable they told me they are out of stock on the thrust bearing they offer and have now discontinued it. All in all the hazer exercise will have cost me over $600.00 with shipping. What finally ticked me off was them being less than candid on shipping. It started with the basic hazer. They said they were in stock and could ship this week. A full week went by so I called. They said it had been shipped. Well dumb old me I believed them. I finally called again the next week and they said it shipped yesterday. Well checking the shipping dates with UPS they were off again. Finally yesterday I decide I could not live with the sticking of the hazer as it went up and down and caught on the bolts on the tower legs I ordered the wheel bearings. Since I had the tower guy coming out out this afternoon I figured I would spend the extra bucks and have them ship them out next day. UPS came by twice but nothing was there for me. They must make up these Polish jokes about people like me so I called Glen Martin again. They said the wheels had been shipped. This time I demanded the UPS shipping number. They put me on hold twice and finally admitted that they had not been shipped but were now in a box ready to go. The problem is that from their location and the time I know that UPS next day was most likely impossible. I said "now ship them ground". The person I spoke to seemed offended that I expected credit for the next day shipping they had charged to my credit card. Would I purchase another hazer from Glen Martin? The answer is NO!!!! I don't know if the people at Glen Martin were scared to just say no. However everyone else I have dealt with such as Ten-Tec, The Wireman, Radioworks, AES, HRO, Etc have always been up front about deliveries and what was included and what was not included in the purchase price.

One final note. I had to order a thrust bearing from Texas Towers. The holes in the Hazer were not on the same bolt centers as the thrust bearing so 4 additional holes had to be drilled in the hazer top plate.

My suggestion to other hams is to look at building your own hazer. Its not really that complicated. My guess is that the aluminum cost is under a hundred dollars. A worm gear winch from harbor freight is 20.00. You can purchase a a power hacksaw with metal cutting blades, a drill press and bolts and some casters and be 300 bucks under what I spent. In fact, even though I am in a wheel chair, I plan to do just that. Its obvious that neither CQ nor QST would publish an article on a homebrew hazer and risk loosing advertising revenue. So my solution is to form a group on Yahoo which will describe the building of a homebrew hazer which I hope can be superior to the one I have.

John kd6wd/4
W9RPE Rating: 5/5 Apr 12, 2005 06:15 Send this review to a friend
Excellent accessory  Time owned: more than 12 months
I installed one on my 25G when I put it up and it has worked flawlessly ever since. Going on 4 years!

Money well spent!
K1MCN Rating: 2/5 Aug 23, 2004 13:57 Send this review to a friend
Nice design but very poor quality and useless instructions  Time owned: 0 to 3 months
I ordered a hazer 4 along with the roller kit. it came and I was surprised by the lack of instructions and that the steel pieces were cold galvanized.
I assembled the hazer and installed it on my 50 foot rohn tower and then stood the tower up the first time I tried running the hazer up the tower it jammed at about 30 feet I had to go up the tower and un jam it. This on a tower with no guys. Not a good situation.
I ended up breaking the top pulley block during the un jamming so I had to rent a aerial lift to replace the pulley block and cable.
I ended up reengineering the hazer and making different wheels for roller system as well as spacing out the corners because the clearance wasnít enough.
All and all after totaling up the expense of the tower with renting the aerial lift I could have just about bought one that raises and tilts with the same height and capacity.
As far as I am concerned the Glen Martin Company was no help their design is a decent one but as far as support they fall short and their quality is poor.
I think if you already have a rohn tower then itís a good way to go but if your starting from scratch spend a little more and get a crank up version.

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