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Reviews Categories | Ham Software - Other than logging | Ham Radio Deluxe Help

Reviews Summary for Ham Radio Deluxe
Ham Radio Deluxe Reviews: 393 Average rating: 4.2/5 MSRP: $99.95
Description: Control software for a variety of radios.
Product is in production.
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KM6AXC Rating: 3/5 Feb 25, 2017 08:05 Send this review to a friend
(Chuckle) They got the message?  Time owned: 0 to 3 months
OK guys, here is my take on this Ham Radio Deluxe (HRD) product. First, I read roughly 10% of the 2200 responses about the lousy product/service that HRD has to offer. When I began using the product, I became so disgusted and frustrated, I gave up on it many times - after many reloads and uninstalls of it. The reviews mentioned above were right on. But I stuck to it - damn the torpedoes type of thing.

To the owners credit, he did recently post a new item that both apologizes for past employee actions and also promised better service. Well, believe it or not, I CALLED TWICE after (reading that) for help and both times, a tech answered and actually gave me good answers. I was blown away!!.

TRULY TRULY I say unto you, even now, this product is WAY TO COMPLICATED. Ever heard of KISS? But, alas, once you figure it out, the darn thing is great! As long as you keep it simple (KISS). It still freezes now and then but the reload (i.e. restarting the Radio portion of the program - not a complete new download) seems easy (so far). Here is what I can offer (I'll leave my three pages of complaints for a later posts - complaints that deal with it's complexity). I have a Yaesu FTDX 3000 machine. The manual that comes with it (as you undoubtedly know) is a major joke!! But, that is another complaint letter to the editor that will get posted later:):).. I tried to use that manual as a guide to "interface" with HRD (remember KISS? Instead of the fancy word "interface", why can't they simply say "linking the radio to the computer program?). But, to say the manual was of no use is an understatement. I then - probably like most of you - turned to the internet. I found one article that expressed the amazement of a ham who realized that most users of the machine did not know that there was an internal soundcard built into the Yeasu machine (of course, the Yaesu manual did not mention that point). Anyway, I followed the numerous steps he outlined and the HRD program "worked". But, that was just the beginning of many other associated problems involved in using the Yaesu internal soundcard. I therefore recommend that you do NOT use the internal soundcard but instead, use the below stuff.

So, here is what I did and now, other than the idiotic complexity of the program (in terms of the hundreds of buttons/configurations/processes/occasional freeze ups/etc. you can choose while operating, it works satisfactorily. First, invest $150 in the Signal Link (probably others just a good but this is the only one I use) and get the little $12 plug in thingy that goes inside (they will tell you which one to get). Plug one end (the six pin connector to the rear of the radio and the other USB into the computer. Configure (or per KISS, "set up") your HRD sound card to CODEC for both input and output. Go to YAESU web site and download the Virtual serial port (after you push the product button for FTDX 3000 and then find the itty bitty word that sas files - the download will show up in your device manage as ports 3 and 4). 3 is Enhanced and 4 is standard. I "think" 4 is used for CW but that is another battle that still lies ahead of me. HRD will not work if such is not downloaded. Then, hook up another cable between another usb port on your computer and the usb connection at the rear (note that each end has a different plug in type). Now, if my "computereese" is correct, what this does is permit your computer to operate the radio from the HRD program (i.e. the cable that goes to the usb slot on the back of the radio) while isolating the inefficient computer soundcard from the HRD program (i.e. you have substituted the computer soundcard with the more efficient Signal Link soundcard - the one that hooks up to the 6 pin on rear of radio). Call Signal Link and they will make sure you get the right stuff. Once I got all this done, the HRD program is for the most part, doing what I want. I keep my efforts ONLY in the area of learning how to log contacts automatically. I do not even bother with the tons of other stuff - yet!!. So, if you have the same radio and need help, look me up on QRZ and email me. I spent at least 25 hours getting this thing to work - maybe I can lessen your time commitment? :):)

N4EEB Rating: 5/5 Jan 20, 2017 19:15 Send this review to a friend
Power User - Fantastic Software  Time owned: more than 12 months
Don't believe the negative reviews. I've been using this software for at least ten years, and I've never had a single problem, and I've never needed tech support, not even once. I have over 30,000 Qso's in the logbook. I use DM780 on multiple modes. I've used the software with the Kenwood TS-590SG, Icom Pro3 and 7600, and the Yaesu 897D. I am totally pleased with my purchase, and I would highly recommend this software to anyone. I have been continuously licensed and active since 1978.
KK6LE Rating: 5/5 Jan 13, 2017 17:27 Send this review to a friend
Excellent Ham Radio App  Time owned: more than 12 months
HRD is the first radio app I've tried. And it will be my last -- it does everything I need it to do with style and grace, and a bunch of stuff I never thought of that I've now started to use. The rig control module is aces. Highly configurable and the user interface is intuitive and very aesthetically pleasing. Same for the logging module -- easy to navigate and I especially appreciate not only the tightly integrated LOTW interface but the ease of getting data in and out of HRD. DM-780 is feature rich and works as advertised right out of the box, and this was my first experience with digital modes. For a $99 permanent license with support available and reasonably priced, this is the software deal of a century. Couldn't be happier. 73!
AD0AR Rating: 4/5 Jan 12, 2017 16:49 Send this review to a friend
One stop shop for computer control  Time owned: more than 12 months
I observed a fellow ham's PC/station using the software and I was surprised that it was the newer version (6.x). It looks the same as the old. I could not see any more digital data modes offered on the new vs. the old version 5.x I am still using.
I'm pretty sure if I bought a new radio that was not supported on the old software, I just might buy the new software, but then again, I was poking around and found the CAT command manager under the MACROS tab and command tester under Tools tab. I think I could compile my own library of commands for newer hardware??
I do like the ability to control the TWIN PBT on my 7600- it gives me almost the same control as a SDR type radio where I can simply click on a signal in the waterfall of the DM780 Digital master software and using radio commands, I have made macros that I can click once on that automatically center the signal I clicked on, then depending what data mode I am using, I can have the macro automatically adjust the Twin PBT tuning to brick wall filter anything on either side of the desired signal leaving me and the desired signal in isolation. Sheer bliss on a contest weekend!
I can't believe how many features are in this software and in the submenus... the list goes on and on and on if you are into customizing.
I have one glitch I have observed on the 5.x software. The radio command for my Icom 7600 to control the antenna port is set to the same command for both antenna 1 and 2 (when looking up the command set in HRD) so if I hit the antenna 1 or 2 button in the software, it lights up both buttons and sticks the radio on antenna 2 no matter what until I manually punch the antenna button on the radio. I was thinking perhaps it was meant to toggle, but after viewing the command line they do call out the same line of code. Wonder how I can modify this and apply a fix? Been using the 5.x software since 2012 on
4 different Icom radios. It works once the communication protocols have been properly established between radio and computer.
Now if the Ham radio deluxe team added some features like a new layout format for the buttons and sliders and add more digital data features, and perhaps a serial data connection troubleshooter/simplifier to help diagnose connectivity problems, I am sure this would definitely convince me to move to the next version.
In God we trust, all others we monitor. AD0AR
HP3AK Rating: 4/5 Jan 8, 2017 10:02 Send this review to a friend
Update on v6.3.0.613  Time owned: more than 12 months
This is an update to a much earlier review. I gave it a 4 rather than a 5 as I don't yet have a lot of experience with the latest features. *I was one of several ?? who were blacklisted by a former owner of the company and could not upgrade nor reinstall version 6. This has now been corrected.

Many early bugs have been fixed and the program works pretty much as expected now. For the purchase price you get a number of new or upgraded features over the old free version. The expanded WSI (worked status indicators) in the DX Cluster spots is a great upgrade. I am sure that there are others that I have not used yet.

It would be helpful if the company would indicate whether a new release is a maintenance / bug fix or a new feature release. If both, I assume that you can install it but the new features will be inactive if your support has expired.
M0STO Rating: 0/5 Jan 7, 2017 07:46 Send this review to a friend
If it ain't broke, don't fix it....right!!!?  Time owned: 3 to 6 months
For me to write a damning's very rare... however the software has been messed about with too much. I had v5.? versions for years and it worked great, installed the trial ov 6.? and it deleted my old version (or overwrote the majority), lost many log files, lost settings... lost nearly everything including many macros for PSK31 etc. Then the satellite and Rotator software would not work and crashed. I was bombarded with prompts to buy the software and went through some potty process to get a temporary license. I admit the time I used it I found problems with the 5.? version but none that really affected the running (mostly connection issues) with the new version I was told I needed a subscription to solve my problems). It's buggy and slow since I upgraded and for a software that has not changed to much since the upgrade...what the hell have the software engineers done to it to break it so bad? If the software was 25 or even 20 then I would not begrudge buying it but really glad I didn't as for $99... what are these people doing between getting Gold teeth fitted. from free to $99 for exactly the same driving a car with hole in the gas tank...isn't it? Now I am stuck as I had to dig really deep on the Internet for the old version and ask a lot of people to see if they had it, macros still gone and setting all screwed up...but it works. I heard about the Blacklist thingy....not to sure about that...sounds a bit a smear campaign, however if its true....shame on you guys. Fix the bugs and start getting some positive reviews, rather than Blacklisting people.....I fall on the side of a smear campaign. 0/5 for me. I am giving it a Zero because it deleted all my settings and I have to pay to get help that was once free. Lastly, I was running HRD 5.? when a prompt came up for me to upgrade. I fugured it was from 5.? to a better version of 5.? but it was to 6.?... big mistake.
KC2TUX Rating: 0/5 Jan 6, 2017 20:14 Send this review to a friend
Not worth the free price!  Time owned: 6 to 12 months
I tried it and was not at all impressed with it. Do not waste your time, and do not purchase the $99.00 version. Join the blacklisted SUB section.
AE5GG Rating: 5/5 Dec 29, 2016 20:58 Send this review to a friend
Excellent program with lots of features!  Time owned: more than 12 months
I've used this program for many years. It interfaces very nicely with many of my radios.

I ESPECIALLY love that it will give you the call signs of people on any band that you'd like (e.g. anyone who is frequently logging contacts will show up. You can click on their call sign and your radio will zip you to that frequency. It's GREAT for hunting whatever country you'd like to chat with!)

I can't imagine using my radios without it!
KE4KMG Rating: 5/5 Dec 29, 2016 12:33 Send this review to a friend
wonderful program  Time owned: more than 12 months
I've been running for 8+ years and running the current version .613 through the years they have made great upgrades to each of the programs with HRD. I running windows 7 with a Kenwood TS-2000X with no problems. I feel its a wonderful program
N1GMV Rating: 5/5 Dec 27, 2016 16:09 Send this review to a friend
I love it!  Time owned: more than 12 months
I love this program, is it easy to set up? NO! Does it do what I want, pretty much except I wish the printing options worked a bit nicer. But after using other I really like this program and its ability to connect to both my IC7600 AND my IC9100 simultaneously via USB cables. I can easily click and go into digital modes and the audio is transferred through those same cables.

Oh and don't use an old slow machine. You will need at least an Core I5. I am running an I7 6700 with a SSD and it runs smooth as silk

The other day I tested out a Bluetooth Accessory dongle on my 817 and and could control that radio as well but it did not transfer the audio.
The program is a bit dis contiguous seems to be a merger of multiple applications but if you know your way around a PC you will be fine.

Let me reiterate, if your not computer savvy this program is probably NOT for you and may be better off using a web based system. But I love this program and never needed their support.
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