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Reviews Categories | Ham Software - Other than logging | ADMS-2E for FT-90 Help

Reviews Summary for ADMS-2E for FT-90
Reviews: 13 Average rating: 1.5/5 MSRP: $38
Description: Programming software for FT-90
Product is in production.
More info: http://
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You can write your own review of the ADMS-2E for FT-90.

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N5NPO Rating: 4/5 Apr 15, 2007 06:47 Send this review to a friend
Have used for FT-90 and FT-2600  Time owned: more than 12 months
These programming sofware items are not perfect, but much better than manually entering all the data by manualually turning the dial and hitting buttons and turning the dial and hitting buttons and turning... you get the idea. If you have ever seen some of the Commercial programming sofware by the likes of Motorola, GE or Icom, you will apreciate the ease of use and understanding of this ADMS software. Yes, improvements could be made, but all in all I like them.
GW1MCD Rating: 5/5 Jun 4, 2005 03:19 Send this review to a friend
Simple to use. Does what you need.  Time owned: 0 to 3 months
Just purchased on Ebay , USA , from Hong Kong . Brand New and sealed. Loaded onto Laptop and Main Computer, with Xp. Both loaded up perfectly. Programmed all Uk simplex and 12 "can be heard" repeaters, along with required parameters. All OK. Downloaded from Laptop to FT 2600M , no snags, all Ok first time around. Since have made several mods. to parameters etc. with no problems. I must report as I find. Altough "Basic" at todays standards,take that into account. 1st. Class!!. Made my life a lot easier.
YEPSURE Rating: 0/5 Oct 28, 2004 14:47 Send this review to a friend
Complete Failure  Time owned: more than 12 months
This software is the sorriest excuse for radio programming I've EVER seen. Yaesu needs to have their head examined for contracting with RT Systems to release something like this. I've used several other RT Systems based software and they all seem to be the same . . . total waste of time and money.

Yaesu really needs to re-evaluate their product offering here. They should pair up with Kenwood regarding their programming software, as Kenwood's software is absolutely FLAWLESS (not to mention free). Yaesu has taken the wrong approach with this mess. The software is quirky even years after it's original release, and support from RT Systems is poor at best. I have eliminated almost all of my Yaesu equipment and switched to Kenwood for various reasons, and I LOVE Kenwood's programming software vs. Yaesu's. The total simplicity of kenwood programming software blows away anything RT Systems has ever put out. And the most unbelievable part is RT Systems actually charges MONEY for this garbage while kenwood offers theirs for free!

Yaesu has some loyal followers for this trashy software, but their losing the marketshare bigtime. And the longer Yaesu allows RT Systems to write and market their software the more people they will lose.

I mean it folks, this is some of the worst software I've ever used in my life, and I refuse to purchase garbage like this again. RT Systems has lost all credibility and I will NEVER use or purchase anything they write or market again.

Total trash.
KE6YOC Rating: 1/5 Apr 28, 2004 19:54 Send this review to a friend
Would be OK if free  Time owned: more than 12 months
This software is very basic, about 10 years ago it might be acceptable. Good idea - poor execution. Can not print list, adding frequencies is a problem, np cut and paste. Should be supplied free with every radio.
KG6LFN Rating: 1/5 Apr 28, 2004 18:05 Send this review to a friend
I gave this software a “1” just because it loaded into my computer as advertised, and I am in a good mood, hardly a reason for spending nearly $40 on something that is supposed to make programming a radio easier. Well, maybe this software wasn’t really designed to make a radio easier to program and RT Systems was really trying to make your radio more frustrating to program with a PC. They succeeded!

Here’s the way this programmer works:
Imagine a sheet of regular notebook paper with each line on the paper representing one radio channel. All of the relevant information for that channel, frequency, offset, PL, power, etc. is on that line. So far so good, huh? Now imagine twenty or thirty or a hundred and fifty lines with all of your information logged for all of the frequencies you want to store on that paper. Looks good except when you decide to add a frequency somewhere. For example: line 20 is a local repeater on 147.220 and line 21 is another repeater 147.550. You join a club that uses 147.400 and you want to add that line between channel 20 and 21 – forget it! You have to re-enter every line including the PL's, power settings, offsets and etc. from line 20 down because RT Systems didn’t include a “move up”, “move-down” or a “cut and paste” option. It took me forever and a day to get my programming almost right as I would forget to include a frequency somewhere and have to re-enter all of the information that was “in the way” to keep things organized. The reason I want programming software is to make it easier to add or delete frequencies while keeping things organized either by frequency or by alpha characters.

If you are used to using RT System’s programmer for the VX-5R or FT-51R or Kenwood’s FREE software for their TH-F6A this doesn’t work anything like any of those. Save yourself the money and aggravation, scribble your frequencies on a piece of paper and enter them into the radio manually, you won’t feel ripped off like I do. Yaesu and RT Systems should be ashamed of themselves for offering this garbage. This sort of stuff will keep me from buying their products in the future! By the way the software for the FT-2600M is the same as this – trash!
FORMER_WM5Z_SF Rating: 1/5 Mar 2, 2004 13:50 Send this review to a friend
Soft suport, poor product  Time owned: 0 to 3 months
I bought a copy of the software from AES in Las Vegas near the end of January expecting I would be able to program my FT-90 before I went on my trip. The first copy of the software would not load on my computers. The floppy arived unreadable. Sent this stuff back to AES, and they replaced it. The second copy arrived but my computers said that I didn't have enough memory to run the program after I loaded it. (Win ME, and Win XP, both with 512 MB Memory)

Called RT Systems, and they said that they would send me a new copy if I would return the disc. They also sent via email new files. I was now able to get the software to run on the computer, but when I plugged their cable into the radio, it shorted out the mic power, causing damage to my radio. (The 8 volts was shorted to ground, burning a resistor in the radio)

They did send me a replacement cable (RT Systems) over night, and I now do have a programmed radio, but I sure did have a lot of frustration getting it to work.

I suggest that RT Systems gets their QC act together. They should test the cables 100%. I was able to replace the resistor myself, but how many hams are qualified to replace SMT devices?
K8LEA Rating: 3/5 Dec 17, 2003 14:49 Send this review to a friend
Well, it works....  Time owned: more than 12 months
I don't have an FT-90 (yet - looks interesting), but I do have two other Yaesu radios using similar software.

When I converted to XP, the stuff quit working. An e-mail to RT resulted in _nothing_.... Re-installing the software did the trick. (Interestingly, I just bought a new notebook, and just copied the software to it without re-installation. It worked.... Go figure.)

I'm an Independent Computer Consultant (i.e., professional programmer among other things), and well, as I said, it works. My list of things I'd like to change is pretty long. But, as others have mentioned, the proprietary file format is the biggest problem.

(I have a TH-F6A - the software for it is only fair, too, but at least the file is manageable should I get the urge to "fix" that problem.)

I've worked with "communications" in PC's before - getting the software to handshake with the radio can be a major problem, and it's somewhat version-dependent, too, between different versions of Windows. This makes for a more difficult job on their end.

For the guys who can't get it to work at all, XP in particular does some interesting things. Check your "System" pages (Start | Settings | Control Panel | System | Hardware) and see if your copy of Windows knows about an external serial port at all. Make sure that you've not managed to install a modem on that port, etc. See if it's using any IRQ's, and if they're clean. (As a very general rule, if _anything_ is using COM1, don't try to use COM3, or if something is using COM2, don't try to use COM4. Doesn't take much to get around that, but....)

I ran into a hilarious situation - described elsewhere - with an RS USB to Serial adapter. My new notebook has three USB ports, and I managed to plug the adapter into all three ports. This kept moving the COM port that the driver software was providing for the RT software. Took a while to figure that one out - the port would be on COM3. Then it moved to COM4, etc. The RT software reported a failure, but didn't say what. Finding six or seven COM ports in that "Hardware" page got me thinking....

K5XXX Rating: 0/5 Oct 18, 2003 00:55 Send this review to a friend
Do not buy this product!  Time owned: 0 to 3 months
I bought new FT-90R on 13 Oct 2003. The next day I bought an ADMS 2E from AES. Installed successfully to my Windows 98. When I double clicked the icon, I get an error message that reads "A device attached to the system is not functioning". To my dismay, I returned the product and got an exchange. Installed the software again and received the same error message. I even installed the software to a different computer and still the same error message. I e-mailed ADMS technical support but no response.
This time I am getting a refund!
I do not recommend purchasing this product if you have an FT-90R. K5XXX-Patrick
KD2E Rating: 5/5 Oct 11, 2003 10:10 Send this review to a friend
Works great  Time owned: 0 to 3 months
I purchased my FT90R, (great closeout price) a
comet antenna and the ADMS-2E software from HRO.
I installed the antenna, and jury rigged the radio in HRO's parking lot. I had my old Toshiba laptop with me in the back seat, so I loaded the software, played some music on the car radio and programmed in my frequencies.
Plugged the laptop into the FT90R and WOOSH!! everything is programmed...easy as pie! I don't understand the problems in other reviews...the software load and subsequent programming was easy as could be!
Now I have all the repeaters on my laptop, if I should decide to change things. Yes, it would be slick to have an interface to some website, where you could click on repeaters and have that information fill up the spreadsheet..ready for programming, but in the meantime...I don't mind programming everything once!
NB6I Rating: 0/5 Oct 4, 2003 16:42 Send this review to a friend
Yup ... Definitely POS  Time owned: more than 12 months
When this company started making programming software for Yaesu I liked their approach. The tools they created for the FT-51R and the FT-8500 were innovative and useful. The move up/down, copy/paste, standard band settings and the ability to pull data in some form from an FT-51R file to an FT-8500 file were features of that software that were clearly a step up from the DOS-based commercial radio programs for Vertex and Motorola families that preceded them. The only useful thing missing was the ability to do import/export to editable text files.

ADMS-2E is a step backwards beyond even the old DOS software that required RIB boxes and other what not to monkey with the EEPROM's.

Problem 1: The programming interface for the FT-90 stinks. You cannot move or copy memory items; a feature which is arguably the primary purpose of radio programming software. Even the Motorola stuff that used F-Keys (remember?) could do that. What were these people thinking? Aside from cloning one radio to another which you only need if you buy more than one FT-90, it's useless. It's actually faster and more convenient to program a new channel into the radio by hand.

Problem 2: More severe is the clear degradation in this software's ability to talk to the radio compared to it's predecessors. Uploading and downloading is an exercise in wishing for good luck that the COM port fairy smiles upon your soul. Whatever handshaking protocol they used, the left hand definitely does not know what the right hand is doing. And I'm talking about it doesn't do well even on a slow computer with a dedicated COM port powered by a real UART chip, the kind of machine even a Motorola RIB box loves to play with.

Bottom line. This software is not commercial grade and the manufacturer's woes have only gotten worse since they released it. If these guys want to stay in business the only saving grace for this company is to re-write the software and release it as a freebie to make amends to everyone who spent money on this disappointment.

There are clearly other programmers out there who are beginning to exploit the weakness. Yaesu-Vertex needs to shop around for another supplier before sales are meaningfully impacted by this weak link.
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