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Reviews Categories | Antenna Tuners | MFJ-993 Help

Reviews Summary for MFJ-993
MFJ-993 Reviews: 122 Average rating: 4.4/5 MSRP: $259.95
Description: MFJs exclusive IntelliTuner™, Adaptive Search™ and InstantRecall™ algorithms give you ultra fast automatic tuning with over 2000 non-volatile revolving memories. You get a highly efficient L-network, wide 6-1600 ohm matching at full 300 Watts SSB/150 Watts CW, 1.8-30 MHz coverage, Cross-Needle and digital meters, aural SWR meter, backlit LCD display, remote control port, radio interface, heavy-duty 16 amp/1000 volt relays and more.

It learns while you're having fun
As you’re ragchewing, contesting or DXing, your MFJ-993 is learning! When you transmit, the MFJ-993 automatically tunes for minimum SWR and remembers your frequency and tuner settings. The next time you operate on that frequency and antenna, these tuner settings are instantly restored and you’re ready to operate in milliseconds!

Each of two antennas can learn and remember over a thousand frequencies and tuner settings. They are safely stored in non- volatile revolving memory.

Highly Intelligent ultra fast tuning
MFJs InstantRecall™ first checks its memory to see if you have operated this frequency before. If so, tuning is instantaneous and you re ready to operate. If not, MFJ's IntelliTuner™ algorithm - - based on MFJ's famous SWR Analyzer technology - - kicks in. It measures the complex impedance of your antenna. Next, it calculates the components it needs and instantly snaps them in. Then, it fine tunes to minimize SWR -- you’re ready to operate. It’s all done in a fraction of a second.

When the impedance is within its measurement range, the MFJ-993 is the fastest automatic antenna tuner in the world.

If it can’t accurately determine impedance, MFJ’s AdaptiveSearch™ algorithm goes into action. Frequency is measured and relevant components values are determined. Only those values are searched for ultra-fast tuning.

For even faster searches, you can set the target SWR to 2 (settable 1.0-2.0). You can manually tune when you can’t transmit (for listening out of ham bands).

Cross Needle and Digital SWR/Watt Meters
Lighted Cross-Needle and digital meters lets you accurately read SWR, forward and reflected power at a glance. An aural SWR meter lets you hear the tuned SWR when you can’t see or read the meters. Turn on a highly visible, instant response SWR LCD bargraph when you need it.

Backlit LCD Display
An easy-to-read backlit LCD displays SWR, forward/reflected power, frequency, antenna 1/2, L/C tuner values, on/off indicators and other information.

Remote Control Port
Plug in the MFJ-990RC remote control and put your tuner at your antenna or elsewhere and control it remotely. The MFJ-993 supports radio tuner interfaces such as the ICOM 706 series. Interface cables are available.

The MFJ-993 is a compact 10Wx2¾ Hx9D inches. Use 12 –15 VDC/1 amp or 110 VAC with MFJ-1316.

Tune any Antenna
You can tune any antenna — dipoles, verticals, beams, phased arrays, inverted vees, quads, random wires, mobile antennas, compact limited space antennas – practically any antenna. A 4:1 true current balun lets you tune any balanced antenna - - horizontal loops, vertical loops, multi-band doublets, quads, folded dipoles, Zepps.

Product is in production.
More info: http://
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K6DRN Rating: 0/5 Apr 1, 2014 11:13 Send this review to a friend
"might fine junk"  Time owned: 0 to 3 months
MFJ sucks. I bought one of their antenna tuners in December and by February it had failed. I tried to return it to the local Ham Radio Outlet, but I was beyond the refund/exchange period so I had to rely on MFJ warranty service. That meant I had to pack up the unit and ship it at my expense ($26 via UPS), plus a check for $12 for additional "shipping and handling", to get MFJ to service their own virtually brand new device that had failed. MFJ dude calls me today -- a full month after receiving the equipment -- and says they are going to send me a replacement which will arrive probably in a couple of weeks. Gee thanks. This means my HF station will have been down going on two months. I'd advise against buying any MFJ equipment because of its mediocre quality and because of their dismal customer service. Think I'm gonna try LDG. I'm not happy with HRO either. I'm giving my business to the on-line stores.
WA7KGX Rating: 2/5 Dec 31, 2013 16:54 Send this review to a friend
MFJ QC bites again  Time owned: more than 12 months
A while ago my 993B stopped working properly in response to the TUNER button on my transceiver. The rig to tuner control cable had seen better days, so I bought a new one.

The new cable did not fix the problem. Today I called MFJ to arrange for them to fix it after my attempts to fix it failed.

I decided to do a continuity check on the new interface cable. One of the four wires showed an open circuit! The Molex pin was not properly crimped.

I pulled the pin and soldered it. Voila! the 993B worked as in olden days.

Needless I am disappointed in MFJ's quality control. I should have repaired the old cable instead of buying a new, defective, one that had not been checked for simple continuity. Fortunately I did not break my 993B trying to fix it.
W6DTJ Rating: 4/5 Dec 2, 2013 10:34 Send this review to a friend
Can't be automated with newer Yaesu radios  Time owned: 0 to 3 months
I just purchased an MFJ-993B tuner for use with my Yaesu FT-DX3000. I needed a tuner with a wider range than the internal tuner in the Yaesu. HRO in Anaheim didn't have the right interface cable in stock. I called MFJ this morning and found out that not only do they not make a cable for the FT-DX3000, they don't plan to in the future.

It's a pain to manually change the mode to CW, turn off the keyer in the radio, reduce the power to 15W, press the tune button on the MFJ and then hold down the key until the tuning completes. The tuner works well with the radio manually allowing me to tune 80M and 30M where the internal tuner wouldn't.

The MFJ-993B seems like a good value but don't make the mistake I did in thinking MFJ would support newer radios.
K4SDW Rating: 4/5 Aug 27, 2013 03:39 Send this review to a friend
Works Good  Time owned: more than 12 months
I have owned the MFJ 993B model for about 2 years now. The only problem I have ever had with it was the light inside the SWR window went out. I had it about 3 months before the light went out. The light inside the digital read out panel works fine. As far as the tuner goes, it does a good job for me. The first few times I used it after purchase, it sounded like the insides were going to fly out of it when it was tuning and if it can't find a match it gets loud when trying to tune. Once it get a match, it remembers the settings and really tunes fast the next time you visit that frequency. Overall I am satisfied with this tuner.
KB2NAT Rating: 3/5 Jun 23, 2013 16:40 Send this review to a friend
Somewhat problematic  Time owned: more than 12 months
I have had this unit for over four years. It has pretty good range of adjustment and I've used if for loops, G5RV's and verticals. I've sent it in twice for work when it didn't. It has had an ongoing problem of slowly becoming less responsive to tuning changes. Ultimately, I have had to use CW tones to get it to tune when it no longer responded to voice. Wen I sent it in the first time, I was told it was outdated programming. The second time it repeated the same problem after a couple of years and then just refused to tune so I sent it in a second time. The unit is now becoming less responsive to voice again and I have started to tune it with CW tones again. Also for the second time, the light for the meter died. If I had it to do over, I would simply use a regular manual tuner. It generally is a good idea, but it seems to be a but fragile. I have been very careful with the unit, but it is, frankly, a bit like a toy.
N4YX Rating: 5/5 Jun 22, 2013 15:36 Send this review to a friend
So Far, So Good  Time owned: 0 to 3 months
So far works as claimed after only one day of a pretty thorough "shake down cruise". Opened it up to take a look after a small piece of solder fell out the back. I'm hoping it was a stray. I know, I know .. MFJ!! I'm using it in the shack with my ladder-line fed inverted V dipole. My only "wish" is it would have covered 6m too (like the LDGs). I'm using it with my ICOM 7200 -or- my 706MKIIG and have the matching interface cable and this functions exactly like my ICOM AH-4 in the mobile. There's no doubt that for the small $ the 993B is a nice value considering the built-in current balun for tuned feeders coupled with the LCD digital screen info. Looks like a real winner. As others here have observed MFJ [still] needs to address quality control.
VE3TMT Rating: 3/5 May 21, 2013 19:24 Send this review to a friend
Update to power switch problem  Time owned: 6 to 12 months
Six months into ownership and I have replaced the power switch twice. The second switch has now failed. I did manage to cram a toggle switch in on the front panel directly below the power switch at the bottom of the panel. Those of you who have had the unit apart know there isn't much room in there. The toggle switch is rated 125V @ 3 amps so I don't think it will be failing anytime soon.

The tuner continues to work great, will tune my sloper on all the lower bands with ease. The digital wattmeter is not that accurate and the peak function is useless, but I use it only for the tuner anyway and my Swan WM3000 takes care of the PEP readings.

Seeing as how I only paid $35 for it, I shouldn't complain too much!
KL7GRF Rating: 5/5 May 18, 2013 19:50 Send this review to a friend
Works for me  Time owned: 0 to 3 months
I have a really badly positioned Chamelion End Fed Zepp that runs along the top of a brick fence. I have quite a Gestapo for a HOA so I had to be careful.

I have had the 993 for a week now and it matches almost anything I throw at the zepp. I can't say I am working the world with it but have made my share of QSO's with it.. It takes some serious study of the manual to understand all the features and how they work together so anyone contemplating the 993 should be prepared to do some book learning, the 993 is not "really automatic" unless you know how to work with it. The display has lots of tiny indicators on it that can be a bit difficult to sort out but reading the manual carefully (several times) will be a big help.

Once tuned to a frequency it retunes to that frequency very quickly when returning to it.

I am happy with it, I have not run into the loose screws, busted power switches etc. that others have reported I have not looked inside the tuner and I won't until I need to.
W7KKK Rating: 5/5 May 10, 2013 07:31 Send this review to a friend
Very Dependable  Time owned: 6 to 12 months
I just sold my 993B.
I had it for almost a year but I am adding an amp to my station and needed more power handling capabilities.
This tuner gave me very dependable service with a wide variety of wire antennas and a 33' vertical over the last year. It has a very wide range when at the lower power settings.
Once initial tuning is accomplished it memorizes that spot and tunes very quickly.
In the past like many I have had to "help" MFJ QC mostly in the area of soldering but this unit never gave me a minutes trouble.
TA3EP Rating: 4/5 Apr 7, 2013 01:47 Send this review to a friend
Great rig-poor workmanship  Time owned: 0 to 3 months
I have bought one of these from USA using web (B version). It was very hard to own it for me, because I had to go to nearest customs bureau (far away 100 miles from me) and pay some extra duty taxes etc. At last, when I opened the box, there was a little surprise waiting for me. A little screw (the one in the middle of the front buttons) was not in its place! A little investigation has showed me that, it was in the plastic packaging poch. I screwed it to its own place again. This operation made me think that I've bought a do-it-yourself kit :)

-The rig itself works excellent. The best choise for my 30ft. longwire balcony antenna so far. It REALLY tunes almost everything, with a 1:4 balun ready made in it. Makes great combinations with my Kenwood TS-440 and TS-480SAT, also with Yaesu FT-857D.
-Easy operable, user-friendly menus.
-LED enlighted double pin SWR meter and great LCD status panel. Also it has a perfect working frequency counter which is great for my homebrewed QRP rigs.

-Poor workmanship... Poor post-productive quality control... If you buy one of these, you must be familiar with tools such as screwdivers. But, circuit works well and does all its promissed jobs.
-The buttons are weak and gives a poor material feeling. I'm afraid one day the on-off switch will be broken and I don't know what will I do then.

Conclusion: One point goes for poor workmanship and weak buttons, the rig gets a solid 4 points. In spite of all negative factors, it's the flagship of my station.
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