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Reviews Categories | Transceivers: HF Amateur (inc. HF+6M+VHF models) | Yaesu FT-102 Help

Reviews Summary for Yaesu FT-102
Yaesu FT-102 Reviews: 58 Average rating: 4.7/5 MSRP: $1150 (When new per Oct '83 QST)
Description: Multi-Mode Hybrid HF Tranceiver with WARC Bands
Product is not in production.
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You can write your own review of the Yaesu FT-102.

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WK1W Rating: 5/5 Dec 26, 2013 18:24 Send this review to a friend
Wonderful Rig  Time owned: 3 to 6 months
I recently had the good luck to obtain a truly mint station consisting of YAESU FT 102 transceiver, SP 102 speaker, FV102DM remote VFO, MD-1 mic. The features are numerous. Superb audio reports. Ease of tuning, whether from remote VFO or on the radio itself. You can put the freuency into any of 12 memory channels. There are controls for split and you can split or operate on same frequency by choosing radio, remote or memory. In addition you can increment and decrement plus or minus 5KC. Also plus or minus 20 KC. Extrememly convenient. Covers 160-10m. Truly a breeze to use. I use this one for casual ragchewing. If I found another I would buy it immediately,
KF2CF Rating: 2/5 Mar 21, 2013 19:24 Send this review to a friend
This is the radio that put me off of Yaesu products for a long   Time owned: 0 to 3 months
I bought mine brand new when they first came out. I was entralled by the 3-6146 PAs and it was my first store-bought factory radio. After a few weeks of useage I started getting reports of low modulation after long QSOs. Then I started having drive problems and at certain tuning the PAs would oscillate. When the meter stopped working and the audio cut-out I called the dealer and they said send it back. After a month and several phone calls they said that of the three they had sold all of them had come back for repair. The final outcome was that Yaesu recalled them and they refunded my money. It was a beautiful radio to operate. I agree with others about the receiver being very sensitive and quiet although I thought the VFO drifted a little too much for a (then) modern rig. My HW101 was better in that regard.
G4ICD Rating: 5/5 Jan 6, 2013 10:04 Send this review to a friend
FT102 30 years on  Time owned: more than 12 months
Superb radio and still going strong, super receiver as it runs on 24 vdc and the 3 x 6146B loaf along at 150 watts. The quality of the die-cast front panel beats the newer plastic type radios, I run 3 of them and would not part with them for any of the newer transceivers, spares are becoming hard to find in the US, however in Europe they are available even after 30 years
PE1RLN Rating: 5/5 Nov 18, 2011 12:23 Send this review to a friend
Very good transceiver despite it's age  Time owned: more than 12 months
I bought this transceiver a while ago from a relative. The receiver went dead after 1 transmission due to bad relays. I bought new relays, even the odd one, replaced them within about 2 hours and since that day, it works perfectly.

The receiver performs better than a lot of radios you find today. It is very quiet and I often let the local HF frequency standby as there is only little noise heard. As soon as someone starts to speak, you can hear him very loud and clear, just like in FM with squelched reception. Wow!

Transmitting goes just fine, about 150 to 200W maximum makes only a little difference but enough in a pile-up. The audio is very clean and I often receive compliments about the quality.

It is an old transceiver and you don't get RIT, split or shift. You will have to find the very rare FV-102 (I own one, great add-on) to get this, along with a stable VFO but without works just fine.

If you have a working FT-102, lucky you, if you can buy one with bad relays for little money, buy it and replace them, piece of cake. Then you will get a perfect receiver for little money. The transmitter is nice but not spectacular, however clean in class-A.
WS4B Rating: 5/5 Aug 5, 2011 20:01 Send this review to a friend
Love it as an AMer !!  Time owned: 6 to 12 months
As one that operates AM 99% of the time, the FT-102 with the 6146 tubes puts out one of the cleanest AM signals you will hear. The audio quality compares to the boat anchors of old, and the modern SDRs of today. Pending on the band, the radio will put out as much as 200 to 225 watts CW/SSB and not break a sweat.

Receive on this radio is equally impressive. I highly recommend that you either find a 102 that either has been Malcomized, or send it to him to get the mods done.

I am so impressed with this radio, that I am in the process of purchasing another. I have MP3 audio samples of me on AM with the FT-102, and I am happy to e-mail them to any interested parties. If you want a clean sounding signal with equally impressive receive, this rig is a winner! Ones in good shape are hard to come by, so grab one if you can.
W1RKW Rating: 5/5 Feb 6, 2011 13:42 Send this review to a friend
Excellent Rig. I own 3 of them  Time owned: more than 12 months
My first FT-102 I purchased in the late 80's as used equipment from a ham radio dealer. I got a good deal on it but it needed a little work to make it work 100%. I did the relay update back when Yaesu supplied the relays. I've only had one problem with the rig since doing the relay replacement and that was a mechanical failure of the band switch. It was repaired and the rig has essentially operated flawlessly for over 25 years. I have been acquiring spare parts for it to keep it going. I have most of the PC boards and some mechanicals. And recently I acquired 2 more FT-102s for a total of 3. I hope to keep my main rig running for years to come. There's no other transceiver like it.
VE3PTC Rating: 5/5 Feb 6, 2011 11:21 Send this review to a friend
excellent  Time owned: 0 to 3 months
i bought an ft 102 back in the mid eighties, and found it to be an excellent performer. i always got great unsolicited comments on my tx audio, and the rx was sensitive, but also had superb strong signal handling. i always said someday, i would own another. recently, i did acquire a pristine condx 102, and as i was setting it up, i wondered if it really was that good, as sometimes, we all look back on past experiences, and gloss over the bad things.
well, my memory is still intact, as the rx was as silky and smooth as i used to remember it. tuning across 40m with the usual monster signals,the 102 handled them with ease, and with 2 stations very close together, a quick rotate of the width knob, followed by a tweak on the if shift, restored the audio from one signal only with consumate ease!
i done my own a/b test with another classic yaesu, the ft 1000mp, complete with full filter line-up and roofing filter installed, and i have to say, i prefer the audio and filtering of the 102. i have had many different types of radio's over the last 25 years in the hobby, but i can honestly say, that the 102 is a pleasure to operate, and it looks damn nice too to boot!
i traded the last one in, for a "top of the line" solid state radio,and that was a mistake, as i took quite a few steps backwards, performance wise, but this one will be staying in the shack.
they have their problems, like relays , but they can be replaced with modern units from omron, and then you have no worries.
if you can find one in good/great condx, then snap it up, and put it to use. you will not regret owning one!
best 73 de bob. ve3ptc
CT1DDW Rating: 5/5 Jan 10, 2011 07:19 Send this review to a friend
Reliable iron horse Radio  Time owned: more than 12 months
Reviewing these masterpeace of equipment its not easy Job since there are so many issues to comment and others have just done that work with merit. Anyway let me leave here my humble contribute to one of the best (for my personal view the best owned since 1983!), transceivers in the Hamradio World.
Pratical issues only:
- Smove and high fidelity audio reception in the worst noisy/interferference crowded bands, almost unbeateable results comparing with medium/top modern transceivers.
- Powerful transmission with average 150-200 Watt generated from valve amplifier with linearity unmatched so far by solid state devices.
- Modulation well generated with high peaks modulating the valve P.A. in very efficient mode with great performance.
- Filtering system unmatched comparing with average transceivers even DSP ones(sorry donít having the FT-1000D to compare, nobody its perfect!).
- Own my FT-102 for 4 years resulting from a sale of a SK Radioamateur, it came to my hands in bad condition resulting from a technical approach from another hamradio, I detected failures on relay system also Processor unit, with working and warming conditions the relays didnít fail so often so its operational geaving me lots of pleasure specialy in the low bands.

The look of the FT-102 its tremendous, unmatched robust and solid aspect. I got the closer related FT-726R and they form a nice pair!
If you like to feel real Hamradio get iron radios!
See my facebook site:!/pages/Filipe-Ferreira-RadioamadorHamradio-Ct1ddw/152239814827390
GM1SXX Rating: 5/5 Jan 10, 2011 04:32 Send this review to a friend
FT-102 relays  Time owned: more than 12 months
This is a follow-up to my review of two years ago.
The FT-102 is an aging transceiver and the relays are likely to be a problematic area for owners. Most of the relays can be replaced by a competent tech,or hobbyist, and are easily obtained, but the Fujitsu relay numbered RL-02 is long obsolete, made of unobtanium. Of course it's possible to 'bodge' in another relay, but this can degrade the transceiver's performance. Instead, I used a canned mil-spec relay, very similar to the Teledyne 712-12 (12V Coil, DPDT type) which is still available. No bodging is required, since the relay can be made to fit the original pinout simply by fitting it into a DIL turned-pin socket, soldered into the PCB in place of the original relay. This has the benefit of neatness, and my transceiver has worked beautifully since doing this mod.
The other relays were replaced by ordinary sealed signal relays that are widely available. This radio is my main station transceiver, used for several hours twice every day over the last two years. The radio with the RL-02 mod has now been in regular use for several months, and I'm very happy with it.

Should you need to replace RL-02 in your transceiver, you can see my mod at..

Hopefully this may save some lovely old high quality transceivers from being scrapped or parted out.

73 Al.
K9CTB Rating: 4/5 Aug 26, 2010 22:03 Send this review to a friend
Nice Rig!  Time owned: 3 to 6 months
I guess I had to see for myself what all the hubbub is about this rig. I found one and the price was right. I thought I'd bring my experience with the FT-102 here.

It's a nice rig, but after looking it over and putting it on the air, I believe the big draw is those 3 6146s in the PA assembly. I guess I expected more elsewhere in this radio.

Transmitter sounds nice on SSB and AM. My rig has the AM/FM card installed, but this is not a rig you'd want to use on FM. There is no split nor is there a tone encoder. Still the SSB audio sound as good as my TS-940. It could have been my particular rig, but in CW, with my AEA MM-3, there was noticeable key click. It was worst on 40 meters. For checks and balances, I tested it with my horrible straight-key fist ... same click. So I concluded that this is an SSB'ers rig. Probably a good choice for the 11 meter gotta-have-that-power crowd as well. That scares me because what's out there has a good chance of being on the wrong end of a "golden screwdriver". It's been said elsewhere I think, but the relays in this rig are not suited for any of the ARQ modes or even Packet. I'm not sure what the receiver turnaround time is, but those relays probably won't give you very good figures and they definitely won't do so very long, either. To boot, I'm not sure the VFO is stable enough as well.

Receiver is great! I don't have fancy test gear in my shack, but I trust my ear pretty well. The receiver in the FT-102 is every bit as good as my TS-940 (de facto standard around my shack for non-dsp receivers). There might have been a tad bit more noise on the FT-102 on 10 meters ... but it's a tough call. CW sounds good on the '102, also. Shame the CW transmitter isn't as well behaved.

All in all the FT-102 looks like a tough rig, and it performs well within it's envelope. Unless you want those 3 honkin 6146s in one box, buy an amp. There are much better rigs out there with more reasonable price tags. For some reason, those 3 final tubes jack that price up beyond what the FT-102's features and performance are actually worth in my opinion.
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