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Reviews Categories | Antennas: HF: Yagi, Quad, Rotary dipole, LPDA | OptiBeam OB4030 - 40m & 30m high performance duobander Help

Reviews Summary for OptiBeam OB4030 - 40m & 30m high performance duobander
OptiBeam OB4030 - 40m & 30m high performance duobander Reviews: 20 Average rating: 5.0/5 MSRP: $2,300
Description: Extremely efficient trapless Yagi for 40 and 30m.
2el on 40 / 2el on 30.
A specialty in particular for CW fans !!!
Lossfree shortened elements by software designed high Q air coils.
40m elements decoupled from other bands by the "OptiBeam decoupling stub technique".
Broadband single 50 Ohm coax cable feed system by the "OptiBeam direct coupled driver feed system"
Product is in production.
More info:
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You can write your own review of the OptiBeam OB4030 - 40m & 30m high performance duobander.

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K6ELQ Rating: 5/5 Jul 2, 2017 14:57 Send this review to a friend
Super antenna!  Time owned: 0 to 3 months
I recently installed an OB4030 at 71', 12' above an OB9-5. The OB4030 replaced a OB1-4030 Rotary Dipole. Great observed F/B and F/S ratios and a real performer on both bands. I operate 100% CW so I chose that option in setting the adjustable element lengths. The element tips have holes 15cm apart for fine tuning the lengths to compensate for various installations. This is in addition to holes to set the CW/PHONE portions of 40m. The 40m elements of the antenna feature decoupling stubs to prevent interaction with other HF antennas on the mast and this has proven to be the case. Construction technique and materials are second to none. Tom promptly answers all questions and offers useful suggestions in case of difficulty. If BMW made antennas, they would look like an OptiBeam.
DM5RC Rating: 5/5 May 24, 2017 02:42 Send this review to a friend
Great Antenna  Time owned: 0 to 3 months
I have my OB4030 now for 4 weeks and it is no comparison to the commercial antennas I had before. In these 4 weeks I was able to work on 30 and 40m 43 new DXCC and that exclusively with a maximum of 100 watts
The mechanics are terrific, a clean workmanship. Thanks to the markings, the structure is very easy to set up and in one day alone.
Also the electrical performance is very good, I can work on both bands completely without tuner.
This is very good German quality work and I can only recommend this antenna, the money is worth it!
IZ2DLV Rating: 5/5 Jul 29, 2016 03:26 Send this review to a friend
Top performing!  Time owned: 0 to 3 months
The OB 30-40 2 elements is my last system upgrading, that finally was mounted 10 days ago. My QTH is in a 6 floor condo, I was looking for a final antenna solution and Tom assisted me in finding the right one (is the upper antenna over an OB 11-5). The mounting part is really easy, with the pre assembled and marked elements, but consider the dimension and the weight of this toy... Once up, it was an even better surprise of my expectations: coming from one rotative dipole on 40m and one inverted V on 30, once you turn on the radio, you will receive a new dimension of signals! Also SWR is perfect, better that what expected! I believe this is the top end of what you can put on a condo!
If you have the space, the right structure and the budget, well this is the arriving point!
HB9BMY Rating: 5/5 Mar 24, 2016 12:32 Send this review to a friend
Is life really too short for QRP? - Not with an OB4030!  Time owned: 3 to 6 months
The last solar minimum was very frustrating for me as a QRP DXer. That is why a year ago I began planning an upgrade of my current antenna system. I found the reviews on very helpful. Since spring is a time when many hams are planning new antennas, Iím writing this review already four months after the installation of the OB4030.

In 2000 I began to work CW QRP DX (5W), and since February 2003 I have worked exclusively QRP. Since April 2002 I have used OB9-5s in two different locations. Thanks to my OB9-5s I achieved DXCC Honor Roll #1 mixed with QRO and QRP combined. The last dozen DXCC entities that I needed for Honor Roll I worked exclusively with QRP. Thanks to my OB9-5s I could work 320+ DXCC entities with QRP. The OB9-5 is the best antenna Iíve ever had (please also read my two reviews of the OB9-5).

Because of their performance and legendary mechanical quality, in my eyes only an OptiBeam is good enough. I wanted a directional antenna for both 40m and 30m. The OB4030 was the largest antenna I could install on the Versatower I already had. This tower only had two sections and was upgraded with a third one. The OB4030 is 17m above ground and the OB9-5 20m. There is no negative interaction between the two antennas.

Due to their ruggedness the OB9-5 and OB4030 are heavy antennas. A heavy duty rotator is crucial, as well as a suitable tower, concrete base and guys. The laws of physics and mechanics cannot be tricked. If you decide to install an OptiBeam antenna, make sure you also provide the necessary infrastructure. If you fail to do that, disaster will be inevitable. I let the upgrade of my antenna system do by professionals, by HB9AAZ and HB9TTY. Both are very experienced installers of big antennas. HB9AAZ is probably the most experienced and best expert we have in Switzerland. During installation they noticed and solved problems I didnít even know they existed. If youíre not an expert yourself, Iíd strongly recommend you to let do the installation by experts for you.

SteppIR antennas have got a big advantage over OptiBeam antennas: They offer comparable gain with significantly less weight and windload. However, their elements consist of fiberglass, they have many moving parts and wires as well as sophisticated electronics. If only one of these many parts or contacts fails, antenna performance is either severely impaired or reduced to zero. If you consider installing such an antenna system, you should be able to repair it yourself or have someone at hand who can repair it for you immediately, even in winter. If not, you will risk missing a most needed DXCC entity that had not been available for the last twenty years and will not be available for the next ten to twenty years. If you miss it because of your broken SteppIR, life might indeed become too short for you! Not only with QRP, but even with a big linear amplifier.

I donít have my station at home but in a different place where Iíve got sloping ground from northeast to southwest. Since conditions on the higher bands are still good, I havenít yet spent much time with the new antenna. But what Iíve heard and have been able to work was amazing and most promising for the future.

40m: In the first night of the CW part of the ARRL International DX contest I made a couple of QSOs in the CQ mode. In the second night I managed to work stations in CQ mode for one and a half hours. Sometimes up to three stations came back simultaneously. I could work stations from parts of the USA with amazingly strong signals I never could work before.
30m: In January 2016 I worked 3D2AG/p (Rotuma) ďuphillĒ via long path. Signals were so weak that I didnít expect to work him with QRP. In March I worked TX7EU (Marquesas) via short path after twenty minutes calling. For more than an hour I heard him with S8-9.

This report is not complete. I heard a lot of other DX stations with the OB4030 with amazingly strong signals that I didnít try to work. But what I managed to hear and work makes me believe that the OB4030 is just as good an investment as the OB9-5.

Peter Egger
G4RCG Rating: 5/5 Jan 11, 2016 02:56 Send this review to a friend
Best 40/30m Beam I have had  Time owned: 0 to 3 months
After using a F12 EF230/240 for several years with good results I had a major tower crash which smashed the F12 beam, seeing that they do not make it any more I looked around for a substitute and was recomended to look at Optibeam, it looked good so ordered it, it arrived in quite a short time after being told it had to be built first. All i can say is that the beam is one of the strongest I have had and its build quality is superb, every part fits perfect and the only adjust I had to make was to alter the tips of the 40m driven element to give me a 1-1 swr on 7025.0 30m was flat across the band.
On the first day of use on 30m I had running JA pile ups for 2 hours and ZL's giving me huge reports. 40m was just the same and the front to back is exceptional.
Like I said its one of the best antennas I have had and once my F12 C31XR needs changing I will be getting an OPTIBEAM
K5YG Rating: 5/5 May 4, 2014 18:31 Send this review to a friend
OB4030 Well designed Yagi  Time owned: 0 to 3 months
The OB4030 assembly was easy, following very well written instructions. 40M VSWR 1:1 at 7.000, 2:1 at 7.200 Mhz. 30M VSWR 1:1 10.100 thru 10.150 Mhz.

Over my 60 years in Ham Radio, this is the finest beam I have ever had the pleasure to assemble and install. All parts fit perfectly, even tools and spare parts were provided! No one else does this!

Back in the 50's, Telrex was the King of antennas, now OptiBeam is the "King of antennas".

Thank you OptiBeam and the personal touch by its owner Tom, DF2BlueOcean.

Bill - K5YG
N7XM Rating: 5/5 Jul 13, 2013 09:25 Send this review to a friend
Performs very well !  Time owned: 6 to 12 months
this dual band yagi does a very good job!
I am in a very windy area of Northern Nevada
its been up since OCT 2012 at 33 meters above ground. It is a pleasure to use ( especially on
30 meters ) !

Very well thought out and mechanically and electrically very sound

I am CW DXer and it does the job with a relatively
small footprint compared to the BIG YAGIS
KM1C Rating: 5/5 Jan 4, 2012 17:34 Send this review to a friend
Well Built and GREAT Performer  Time owned: more than 12 months
Configuration: HDX555 tower. OB4030 mounted at the bottom of a 24' chrome molly mast on an NN4ZZ TiltPlate. (There is an OB9-5 mounted in the middle of the mast on another NN4ZZ TiltPlate and an OB5-6 mounted at the top of the mast. The entire stack is rotated by an MSquared Orion rotor. The TiltPlates allow the two larger OptiBeams to remain essentially in the horizontal position as the tower is tilted over toward the ground. As a result, all of the beam building and maintenance can be done with the beams on the mast while working at ground level. Absolutely no tower climbing!) OB4030 specifics: Very strong, very well-engineered beam, easy and intelligent assembly process. Makes working 40 and 30 meters a delight with just 100 watts of RF. Easy to hold a frequency during contests on 40, easy to break DX pile-ups on either band. No sign whatsoever of any interaction with the beams above. Obvious Front to Back and Front to Side nulling. All 3 OptiBeams survived a direct hit by hurricane Irene with zero damage to any of them. Nothing twisted, nothing bent, nothing broke. These antennas are fantastic and well worth the price. Communications with both Tom, DF2BO, and Array Solutions, was top notch when I had a few questions about integrating the OptiBeams with the NN4ZZ TiltPlates. Thank you Tom, DF2BO, for a job well done. 73 de Bill KM1C Oriental, NC, USA
W2EG Rating: 5/5 Apr 14, 2010 16:12 Send this review to a friend
'5' on yagi & '5' on cust svce  Time owned: more than 12 months
I have had this antenna up for roughly 3-1/2 years, including through 4 TOUGH winters here in the upper Hudson Valley with all the ice storms one could ever want. (I've seen > 1/2" radial ice on the elements.) I have concluded that this antenna is built to take it. I had one minor problem due to failure to sufficiently tighten the bolts fastening the boom sections together. It was easy to remedy and all the fault was with installation, not antenna.

The antenna has performed VERY well, indeed. I have it mounted lowest on the mast on a 70' tower. Until recently, I have been operating barefoot and have been able to run EU (on 40) in cw contests (admittedly, most often in the upper portion of the cw band, though sometimes in the lower part). I can crack pile-ups, no problem, and am hearing/ working DX on 40 like never before. I am sure that my hilltop location (moved here shortly before installing the antenna) accounts for a good part of this success, but I attribute much to the antenna. There are no traps; the loading coils are BIG. I doubt there is much loss as compared with a full length elements (and how many of those are there for 40 mtrs?). I compare these coils with those on other shortened 40 mtr yagis, and it's like night and day.

I've not spent that much time on 30 mtrs, but the performance seems comparable to that I've enjoyed on 40.

Customer service: I had a minor problem with incorrect parts when I received the antenna. Tom (Blue Ocean) at OptiBeam went beyond the extra mile (or two kilometers) to make everything right PDQ! In these days of what seems like general diminishment in customer service and even expectations, I was IMPRESSED!

The antenna is well-designed (from its heavy, square boom to large diameter coils, etc., etc.), very durable, and sold and customer-serviced with great professionalism by Tom (Blue Ocean).

In short, I have been (and expect to continue to be) DELIGHTED! It has much to do with making 40 my favorite band.
WF2S Rating: 5/5 Sep 4, 2009 05:42 Send this review to a friend
Great Results !! UPDATE  Time owned: 3 to 6 months
I previously reviewed only the assembly aspects of the antenna and now have had an opportunity for 'on-the-air use. Erecting new HF antennas during the sunspot shortage, I did not expect much chance to test them out. I now see that this is the BEST TIME to test antenna performance. The OB4030 sits at 66 feet, above an OB11-5. My Ten Tec Titan amplifier sits silent. I have been able to work any station I hear with minimal effort. Working the Middle East of 40 SSB with 100 watts never happened with my previous 2 el. 40M Yagi !! On 30 meters I enjoy PSK as never before.. Hams are calling me on the phone and quizzing me about my Optibeams and several have stopped in to take pictures. The WNY DX Assn wants a presentation on the optibeams and their construction. This is a step above my previous yagis of the past 38 years. I am glad that I did not 'cut corners' on my antenna. No traps to collect spiders and lose resonance, element to boom clamps that won't slip and preassemblies to reduce repeptitive and time consuming tasks make Optibeam antennas a pleasure to assemble. I had a question during assembly and the owner/manufacturer , DF2BO Tom, responded to my email in 2 hours answering my question and including close up digital photos to make certain I understood. Have you tried this with any other antenna 'company' ??
What remains is for me to improve my operating skills !
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