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Reviews Categories | Microphones for ham radio | Yaesu MH 59A8J remote mic Help

Reviews Summary for Yaesu MH 59A8J remote mic
Yaesu MH 59A8J remote mic Reviews: 21 Average rating: 4.0/5 MSRP: $82.95
Description: REMOTE CONTROL DTMF MIC FT-857/FT-897
Product is in production.
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You can write your own review of the Yaesu MH 59A8J remote mic.

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KC9ZSY Rating: 2/5 Jun 26, 2016 14:51 Send this review to a friend
Mic failed three times during field day  Time owned: 0 to 3 months
I have an older copy of this mic on my FT-857D, which is in a go box. I recently bought a new 857 and ordered this mic to go with it. During field day, the mic PTT button somehow slid past the flat metal PTT inside the mic, and failed to reset (got stuck under the metal piece) effectively turning my rig into an expensive receiver. I was able to correct it, and then it happened twice more. I'm glad it did not happen during an emergency, but I would expect MUCH better from an $80 Microphone. Pretty disappointed. I am going to request an exchange from my dealer, but THIS mic, bought brand new a month ago, does not meet my requirements for durability and quality. I have not had any trouble with the older one, which makes me question Yaesu's quality control.
MM0HRL Rating: 4/5 Jul 3, 2015 05:42 Send this review to a friend
Should be the stock mike for FT-857d  Time owned: 3 to 6 months
Like many others I found the stock mike to give muddy flat dingy audio on sideband/HF. On FM/VHF I got decent reports with it, but was told I seemed quieter than on other rigs.

Got the MH59 and immediately got screaming feedback on 10m in the home set up. My old TS50 Kenwood when plugged into the same set up with an amplified mike always got flowers sent on the audio. Absolutely no feedback with the older radio. So I dug around for ferrites and festooned the mike cable, patch lead to tuner, also coax from tuner with beads. That worked. By chance I then read that Yaesu in their wisdom (?????) don't fit shielded cables to these mikes - the standard one included. Perhaps that accounts for the mike's deaf performance - it's to stop feedback issues?

God knows - well Yaesu-San knows too but he's not saying much about this.

I've found that it doesn't matter hugely what you set things at on this particular radio (897 as well) because the ALC circuitry steps in to hugely limit the audio output on ssb. What can you do about that? Buy another radio. HiHi

But if you can accept the rather thinnish audio produced - and conquer any RF issues you might discover - you just might find you become fond of this mike/radio combination. If you regularly use another rig - ie any Kenwood that I've ever used - you'll get pee'd off with the Yaesu and its mike. However it is a VERY handy thing to have so many radio functions duplicated on the mike keypad. If, that is, you're prepared to learn how to use them all. Most likely you'll find a few you like and won't bother with the others, depending on the pattern of your usage.

Would I buy it again? No. Would I buy another FT-857d? *Definitely* not. But meantime I have them so will continue to use them - a part of the reasoning for this is simple. Right now I can't easily afford to make a change. I'm glad beyond measure that I kept my old TS-50 so I can swap around the radios as I wish.

Perhaps later on I'll budget for a TS590 - but not this week...
W6LDX Rating: 4/5 May 18, 2015 13:34 Send this review to a friend
RFI  Time owned: 0 to 3 months
I had a terrible problem with RF in my signal that was so bad no voice audio made it through. I was portable with a Buddipole antenna and no ground. When I got home I tried the mic again on my same radio, ft857D (no ground & no tuner)into the Buddipole and it was bad with RFI again. I opened the mic and saw that there was a .001ufd cap across the mic line which is good, so I put a toroid inside by running the mic cable wires and connector through the toroid and put a snap-on toroid (1"x.5")from a TDK device that fit snug on the mic ccable right at the cable entry point on the radio. Made certain the station ground was connected and was running through an LDG YT-100 tuner. No more RFI. A good ground, a good match and two toroids later all is well and good.
KA3RCS Rating: 4/5 Jan 3, 2014 00:54 Send this review to a friend
Excellent except for RFI susceptibility  Time owned: more than 12 months
I got this mic about 7 years ago for use with my FT-857 mobile setup. Unlike the stock MH-31A8J with its abysmally muddy dynamic element, this mic has a proper condenser element which generates very good audio. I can't imagine why some users report bad audio with this mic, unless they have inappropriate DSP mic EQ or carrier insertion point adjustments or something.

The remote control capabilities of this mic really shine, allowing almost any function of the FT-857 to be used without touching the control head. That is especially handy now that I have moved the FT-857 to a different vehicle, in which the control head is currently much more difficult to reach comfortably.

Unfortunately, this mic (like its DTMF brother, the MH-36E8J) has a serious RFI susceptibility problem. It took years until I finally realized that this mic was the reason why I had to add copious ferrite cores to every cable in my FT-857 mobile setup to be able to transmit without getting reports of RF in the audio. I've tried adding bypass caps and small ferrite cores inside the mic, and have thus far not managed to cure the RFI. I plan to investigate the issue further and see if I can come up with a fix, as I have a significant investment in three similar mics.

In summary, if this mic is used far away from the antenna, it usually works and sounds great. However, mobile operation (or use with an amplifier, etc.) without RF getting into the transmit audio may require additional RFI mitigation. The MH-67A8J (the stock mic for various Vertex commercial radios as well as the original FT-450) offers similarly great condenser element audio with no RFI problems, though it does not offer DTMF capability. There are similar commercial mics which offer 12-key and 16-key DTMF pads which might be a good match for the FT-857; I need to research them.
VA3GNX Rating: 4/5 Sep 22, 2012 15:43 Send this review to a friend
Much better than the stock mic  Time owned: 3 to 6 months
I wanted to be able to control the radio remotely so this was my only choice. At first it was a bit overwhelming but it didn't take long to figure out how to use it. I gave it a 4 because it is a good mic but I had to change it, no other reason. The audio reports were tinny and thin sounding so I modified it by removing the small plastic baffle that sits in front of the element[not the wind baffle it stays in], made a slot out of the 2 extremely tiny voice ports and enlarged the hole in the rubber mount for the element. I found this online by doing search for mh59micmods. It's no desk mic but the reports are better than it was and much better than the 38. I agree yaesu should include this mic with the radio even if they added $50 to the price point it would be well worth it.
CR7000 Rating: 5/5 Apr 19, 2012 11:05 Send this review to a friend
A must have mic  Time owned: 3 to 6 months
Why yaesu dont include this with the radio is beyond me

Excellent audio and full functionality from a superb mic

A must have for any 857/897 owner
K4AMT Rating: 4/5 Nov 21, 2011 16:33 Send this review to a friend
Good but...  Time owned: 3 to 6 months
I got this remote after the original went out at field day. I thought I'd go ahead and upgrade since I was going to be buying a new one anyway. As others have said it's really hot. My first few reports were "Man, you need to turn that mic down!" and "Check your ALC!" So I made the necessary adjustments and it was fine after that.

I'm giving this a Good rating for now. The reason I won't give a Great! at this time is because I've noticed that the top two buttons, the up and down buttons on the very top, are not working. I haven't found anything that might be a result of some type of setting that might have locked the buttons up. I checked with a friend who has one too and he can't think of anything either.

I won't be very happy if this remote is already broken because since field day, I've only used it about three times. My antenna got taken down by high winds/storm and I just got it back up this weekend. If the remote is bad, this would be the second Yaesu remote that I've gone through in just over five months. I'll be fair and if I find out the problem is me, I'll gladly adjust this rating to Great.

Rick K4AMT
N6PG Rating: 4/5 Mar 24, 2011 07:16 Send this review to a friend
great mic, be prepared to turn the mic gain down  Time owned: more than 12 months
I like having a DTMF pad for VHF/UHF, but the mic runs hot. Not sure about FM settings, but on HF I had to turn the SSB MIC GAIN down to about 9 or 10. It was sounding overdriven otherwise. The MH-31 had a mic gain setting up around 60 or 70 without a problem.
KD0KIX Rating: 5/5 Apr 11, 2010 11:53 Send this review to a friend
Great Audio  Time owned: 3 to 6 months
This is a great mic. It lets you do almost everything using just the mic. There is just one function, setting the squelch level (it can momentarily eliminate the squelch but not set it) but that is a VERY small criticism. It is a marvel.

The audio quality is superb, lots of punch and good range--others tell me it sounds great, plenty of power, full modulation, and several times I have been told not to change a thing. This had been a concern to me based on earlier postings but is absolutely not an issue, to the contrary I get rave reviews on my audio. PROC level is set to 50 and SSB MIC gain set to 55 on my FT-857D.

Why put wear and tear on you front buttons when you can put it on a $70 mic?

Great item.
KC4RZW Rating: 5/5 Oct 23, 2008 08:00 Send this review to a friend
Fabulous Mic  Time owned: more than 12 months
This mic makes the 857D stand up and shout! Direct frequency input, the keypad and functions of this mike are fabulous. Great audio, usually get the report that my audio is the best on the HF net. Recommend it highly. Not sure why others apparently have problems with this mic but when you understand how to use it, you would not want to go without it.
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