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Reviews Categories | Transceivers: HF Amateur (inc. HF+6M+VHF models) | ICOM IC-7000 Help

Reviews Summary for ICOM IC-7000
ICOM IC-7000 Reviews: 321 Average rating: 4.3/5 MSRP: $TBA
Description: HF/VHF/UHF All Mode Transceiver.
Digital voice recorder (DVR)
Improved AGC loop performance
2 MNF (Manual Notch Filter)
2-mode band scope
2.5-inch color TFT display with TV screen receive capability
Remote control Microphone
Digital IF filters

Available mid 2006
Product is not in production.
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You can write your own review of the ICOM IC-7000.

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WS6L Rating: 5/5 Nov 28, 2009 17:06 Send this review to a friend
Awesome rig!  Time owned: 3 to 6 months
I won't belabor the point that everyone else has said about this rig... I love it, with a couple of things that Icom has omitted:

* Why doesn't this rig have a built-in antenna tuner? The '703 does, and it costs hundreds less than the '7000...

* Quarter inch jack for the keyer... that is soooo 1980's... In the 2000's, we use a 3.5mm jack... Icom, are you stuck in the Dark Ages?

Other than those two minor gripes that I've posted, this rig is awesome, and it's a keeper. My kids marvel at the display, heck, I do too! I love all of the features, and the menus actually make sense to me. I'm lovin' this rig as my primary rig in the shack, and I'm considering purchasing a second one to replace the venerable Kenwood TS-430S thats living in my truck as a mobile rig.

It's interesting to note that I'm using the mike supplied with the rig, and I haven't received any negative reports about the audio, unlike some of the other reviews. Maybe I've just been lucky, or maybe the gods of 75 meters have smiled upon me. Anyway, future plans include a new microphone.

Overall, I give my IC-7000 a 4.6 out of 5.0, as the only perfect thing (or person) that has been on this earth is Jesus Christ. So chalk up my 7000 in the excellent category... buy one, and enjoy the experience!
KC4VFP Rating: 3/5 Nov 22, 2009 11:56 Send this review to a friend
drains battery, low PO @ 12.5v  Time owned: more than 12 months
Although the IC-7000 has many features, it will drain a battery overnight, if left on; not desirable for a mobile rig.

Without the motor running, 35 watts output is typical.

I put my IC-7600 in the mobile for a short trip, and the IC-7600 put out 100 watts @ 12.5 volts! It would be nice if ICOM's top mobile rig did the same.

p.s. The logic unit and a UHF PO transistor failed, and were fixed under warranty.
WC0R Rating: 5/5 Sep 30, 2009 20:57 Send this review to a friend
Excellent so far  Time owned: 0 to 3 months
I am new to amateur radio and am using the IC 7000 as a mobile rig. I am still learning the features and capbilities, but the radio has performed flawlessly so far. Although I am certainly not as expert as many reviewers here, I have found the radio easy to use particularly for mobile operations. The features I use the most are easily accessible; I have barely scratched the surface of the capabilities of this rig and I am learning something new about it almost every day. I am now shopping for a base-station rig and am considering another 7000. From my perspective as a "newbie" I think this rig is a great start that brings plenty of capability and a lot of room for growth in a mid-priced, versatile rig.
N6BOB Rating: 5/5 Sep 30, 2009 00:09 Send this review to a friend
IC-7000 Does everything including CW  Time owned: more than 12 months
The prior reviewer has a very narrow view of amateur radio and has down graded this fantastic compact mobile/base rig for not having CW mode A. Now this seems to be a very myoptic view of the rig. If you don't know the difference between the two modes A and B check out this link to a YouTube video from Ten Tec. Most operators on CW just use the paddles and this is a non issue.

The IC-7000 is a fantastic rig and I still love mine after about 4 years of daily use. I did have to send it into Icom a few months back for new pin diodes in the 2 meter transmit section. They blew with a high SWR on 2 running high was repaired quickly and reasonably. I didn't realize that at the bottom of the 2 meter band my SWR went up to about 3 to 1 and the rig shut down...
Most CW ops will love the keyer as it has 3 memories and can be looped with a short pause for listening during a CQ call. This is such a nice feature during a contest.
I have the original mike and it works fine but had one a few years back with the mike mod and it worked fine too... it was stolen and had to be replaced along with a new control head.
The prices are reasonable for this rig considering all the features. Good job Icom.
KK5F Rating: 2/5 Sep 29, 2009 19:31 Send this review to a friend
Iambic Keyer Poorly Designed  Time owned: 0 to 3 months
It amazes me that so-called reviews of the IC-7000 and other rigs, here and in the ham rags like QST, omit important information as the fact, in the case of the IC-7000, that its iambic keyer ONLY functions in mode B. In spite of the hundreds of menu items available to the operator, including some for the keyer that few would ever wish to change, ICOM stupidly provides NO mode A capability, and has confirmed this firmware design failure. This is important because it is very difficult for an operator accustomed to one mode to use the other. Most Jap rigs with built-in keyers provide only mode B, for some perverse illogical reason. In the US, even $150 QRP rigs with built-in keyers usually provide selectable modes, but not ICOM on their premier mobile/portable rig.

Sure, I could use an external keyer, or revert to single paddle slap key manipulation, BUT I SHOULD NOT HAVE TO WITH THIS SO-CALLED SOPHISTICATED RIG! An omission of such an obviously needed capability, while providing many many other features of dubious value, leads me to doubt the quality of the whole engineering effort behind the IC-7000.

ICOM, get your head out of your butt! Providing this would cost you nothing but a little conscientious attention to detail in the firmware department.
AF2Q Rating: 5/5 Sep 27, 2009 18:47 Send this review to a friend
My 2 cents on the IC-7000  Time owned: 3 to 6 months
I have 4 FT 817 rigs,3 FT 857-D rigs and 1 FT 897 Rig.
I really don't need another rig but my G/F who is a nurse feels my desk looks better with more rigs on it:-)
I love the rig,had it about 3 months.
Only one thing I feel ICOM should do and that is to use a bigger fan with a lot more CFM.
The rig does run warm even on receive.
I think the Little lady paid $1,150.00 on sale with the separation kit that i'll never use.
Other then the running hotter then my other rigs I have nothing bad to say about it.
It rates a BIG 5 from me
K7MHI Rating: 4/5 Sep 11, 2009 16:32 Send this review to a friend
great radio for portable  Time owned: 0 to 3 months
I am not going to get into the technical, but I want to address from another perspective.

This radio is great it is all mode all band. However If your considering buying this radio because you cant afford a 756 or 7600 and want something cheap to get you on the air. This radio will work for that HOWEVER. I went through the same problems as you, my advice. The 7000 has very small buttons and they hide things in layers of menus for the lack of buttons. This is a pain if you use it daily. I would never ever replace my 756 for this radio as a base station.

Also dont buy this radio for the spectrum scope, it will not make you happy.

For a portable and camping radio or for a emergency rig backup rig, additional rig to your primary base station its awesome as all people say.

Just remember that you dont want to operate this radio all day all night as your primary it will drive you a little nuts.

If you use HRD it helps as the buttons are on screen easy to get at.

One more tip if you want to work digital you will need to get a interface of some sort like the RigBlaster P&P works nice.

It would be a 5/5 for me but the learning curve for radio use with the small and confusing menu's was a lot to deal with. I am not a RTFM person.
WA0USA Rating: 5/5 Sep 5, 2009 23:08 Send this review to a friend
Great little radio after almost 3 years of use  Time owned: more than 12 months
I purchased the IC 7000 new almost 3 years ago to replace my 706 IIG. I have been licensed since 1968 and operate primarily CW. I have used it mobile in 3 Florida QSO Party Multi op/ multi station mobile efforts, used it portable one year in the ARRL VHF contest from Oregon and loaned it to a friend for use in CQWW from J68 last year, where he made right under 5000 Qs single op with a handful of wire antennas and a 30L1. I have also used it mobile on several extended business trips in rental vehicles using well bonded roof or trunk mounted Hamsticks. In the FQP we used it with an AH4 tuner and a 108" roof mounted whip. The radio has performed flawlessly after its first FQP outing where the HM 151 mic issue raised its head when the radio was used on SSB the first time. Reading the instructions and knowing how compression works solved the problem for the contest after which the mic went to AB5N. It has worked flawlessly in all modes since and the mic mod has improved the audio quality and quantity with out resorting to cranking up the compression. Even after three years of use the flexibility and capability of the radio continue to surprise me. Having owned a 706 IIG for a couple of years before the menu system was familiar but is much deeper. I still have to resort to the manual at times as I use the radio in unfamiliar modes (RTTY, PSK31) It is my full time 6m radio as well. I have never had any heating problems with the radio even while ragchewing on CW in the mobile with the radio in a less than ideally ventilated area. If I had to get rid of all the other rigs I own and keep only one, the 7000 would be the one that I would keep. I guess that says it all.
K3GM Rating: 4/5 Aug 4, 2009 08:16 Send this review to a friend
Separating control head problems....  Time owned: more than 12 months
While I echo the good and not so good points the reviewer made below, I have one additional item to point out. With the control head separated from the radio, the IC-7000 becomes extremely sensitive to RF feedback. RF gets on the umbilical cord, and will shut the radio down. This is especially bad on 40 meters. If you're using this transceiver in a mobile installation, care must be taken to adequately ground the antenna and transceiver with a short, heavy braid or more preferrably a copper foil strap to the vehicle body. You must also apply ferrite chokes to both ends of the umbilical cord. Doing so will completely eliminate the shut down problem many experience, and will either eliminate or greatly reduce ignition noise. Otherwise, this is a slick littke radio, and shares many of the features of it's big brother, the IC-756 Pro III.
KA1YBS Rating: 5/5 Aug 3, 2009 08:46 Send this review to a friend
VERY VERY GOOD Mobile Rig!  Time owned: more than 12 months
First off, I want to bring out my criticisms...

Although I give it a 5, I do have a couple of gripes. This review pertains to mostly MOBILE use, as I also have an HT, a QRP portable rig, and a Base Rig... This is a 5-star rig, no bones about it! Remember the old saying: "You get what you pay for".


Memory/VFO mode. Oh man, if you're mobile, and whack the wrong thing, you can get totally lost in a hurry! I find that If I execute MEM mode while on HF (all my memories are VHF/UHF), I get blasted off the band and have to re-tune, which is a pain. Sometimes the triple band registers save me though...

No SWR meter in 144/440 :(

Runs HOT. It's a little tiny rig though...

Uses way too much power for serious backpack portable work, get an IC-703 or FT-817

Spinner knob has a useless aluminum detent lock, a set screw would stand up to real abuse. I took the rig portable for a VHF contest in my backpack, and once the knob plopped off, it has been weakly attached since, it falls off all the time now :(

No way to download voice recorder files to a PC and retain time/date/freq stamping without manually/separately recording them off line out.

My rig has been plagued by weak 70CM finals. Some days/temps they are 20 w, some, 7w... oh well, that is definitely a gripe considering I thought I was at fault the whole time and never sent the rig back :(

Not really gripes:

Menu system can be a challenge, especially when some functions work on M1 and M2 but not M3 for instance. They had to put a lot into a little.

Setting and naming memories seems like an impossible and unsafe practice while driving, please don't try and attempt unless stopped.

More memory control can be had by using RUMtrol (google it) and a CI-V cable, it's really worth it and free, to boot.

Would be awesome to have a speaker on the control head :)

The 'fish finder' scope is cute, but I never bother with it. (Love it on the Pro III) Audio clipping is annoying, as is muted audio. It's just not practical in motion and is a distraction. Just tune the band with your ears, and keep the eyes where they belong :)

The HM-51 MIC element. What is everyone complaining about? For 2 years, I have run this thing stock, and actually got great audio reports on HF, and NO ONE, I repeat... NO ONE has mentioned poor audio! Maybe for audiophile hams it's not the best, BUT IT'S A DARN MOBILE RIG... FOR YOUR MOBILE! So go get the mod if your wallet needs it. I'll keep my cash, I've spent enough on the rig!

Noise Reduction is not as effective as the other DSP modes, and setting it to above 5 makes audio garbled for me.


Wow. This rig has an EXCEPTIONAL noise blanker! Not only does it practically ELIMINATE RFI from the ignition... but the S-meter responds, and the stations sound like they just turned a kw amp on... AND swung the 4 Element SteppIR in your favor!

Dual Manual Notch. OMG... in heaven. Even easy to do while in motion. Beautiful. My Pro III dosen't even do dual manual notch. a top feature!

Auto Notch. Same as above.

Color Screen. It's not "eye-candy" ladies and gents... it's all about safety on the road, and the colors are a boon to safety. They look nice, too :)

No add-on filters! Don't you HATE spending $400 on 3 filters? OK, you pay for them up front, but all the extra goodies are then... FREE!

RTTY Decode. Simply amusing while driving, too bad there was no SSTV decode. That would have been absolutely insane, even on the color Pro series! Oh well :)

AH-4 Tuner integration. I can't speak for monoband loaded whips or screwdriver antennas... but when I tune off frequency of DX and hit the PTT, a nice 4-second tune takes place (> 10w) and I'm locked and loaded. No fuss, no rear-end collision. Priceless.

Voice Recorder. Voice Recorder. Voice Recorder! This little feature should be in EVERY rig! If I am driving and having a great QSO, but cannot find my log, I can hit a button, and it records the time/date/frequency/mode and the other station provides the call! It also records your TX voice and you can use that to make adjustments later. This feature alone is one of the best for me. I like to save the best clips and listen again when the bands are slow! Plenty of storage room, and the sampling is fantastic. 16-bit 22,000 hz! Amazing. Great safety feature as well.

AGC is great. Love to tweak this depending on band and WX conditions.

HM-151. You won't find a better mic. Aside from some ops complaining about fidelity, which can be modded... the buttons on this mic alone are worth the price of admission. The triple band stacking registers are an absolute JOY to behold. Imagine, tuning to a pile-up, then tuning to a net, then tuning to a QSO, and flipping between them without your eyes leaving the road... all on the mic! Also, there are some other useful buttons like tune up/down, mem/vfo and ptt, lol!

Programmable tune steps. Most rigs have them, but love the one-button switcharoo on the 7000. Just love it.

Mounting flexibility. All in one, or two-piece. Mine is in the trunk, head mounted gooseneck up front, and AF going into my stereo system for further EQ, just perfect! and the remote kit has always been 'standard' with purchase.

What it's not:

A dual-band, APRS embedded VHF/UHF mobile rig. While that would have been really nice, this rig does the rest, and does it top-notch. You can't blame Icom on that!

If you are looking at other mobile rigs:

Compare the price of the rig + filters and other options. If you think you are going to spend the cash on a couple of options in the future, don't. Just buy this rig and be very happy!
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