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Reviews Categories | Antenna Tuners | MFJ-962D Help

Reviews Summary for MFJ-962D
MFJ-962D Reviews: 97 Average rating: 3.1/5 MSRP: $269.95
Description: 1.8 - 30 MHz 1.5 kilowatt AirCore roller inductor antenna tuner
Product is in production.
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You can write your own review of the MFJ-962D.

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KR4AW Rating: 0/5 Nov 21, 2017 08:28 Send this review to a friend
Not surprised  Time owned: 0 to 3 months
Not surprised the MFJ 962D is just like most MFJ products. They are not what they advertise. This one said rated for 1.5 kw but in the manual in big letters said do not use more than 800 watts. It also said you can plug a 9 volt battery to it. Not true no plug inside for a battery. The manual has to be printed from the internet. It's a joke. Check out page 4 said meter is 0 to 200 watts on low and 0 to 2000 watts on hi. Not true it's 0 to 300 w and 0 to 3000 w. OK just a mistake. I told them about it about a year ago and others have also and they have not fixed it. Same with an antenna I purchased from MFJ said it was good for 160 meters. Not true. After talking with them they told me it did not do 160 but they continue to advertise saying it does. I have never seen a company that just plain out lies and does not care. If I can help it. I will never buy another MFJ product.
G8UBJ Rating: 5/5 Aug 28, 2017 00:42 Send this review to a friend
VFM  Time owned: 0 to 3 months
I found this to be a very flexible tuner and superb value at the price. Impressed by the self resonance damper. This is a simple idea and a trick that some other manufacturers seem to have missed?

I use reasonably resonant antennas and often full legal in the UK (400W) which this tuner handles easily.

Internal construction is solid, not sure how MFJ produce this at the price
N4URW Rating: 2/5 Aug 16, 2017 07:17 Send this review to a friend
Not accurate   Time owned: 0 to 3 months
Bought a used MFJ-962D. First thing I did was to check and see how accurate the watt meter was. After checking, I could tell that it was off so I went by the directions in the operators manual to adjust the pods for low power and high power. But now I noticed that when using my Ameritron 811H, it would only show that the amp was putting out 450 to 500 watts but another SWR/WATT meter shows 750 - 800 watts. So I will need to check and see if the pods need more adjustment.
K4FY Rating: 5/5 Nov 18, 2015 18:49 Send this review to a friend
MFJ-962D; Junk or Bad Rap?  Time owned: 6 to 12 months

A popular sport around Hamdom is to find fault with all things MFJ. Conventional wisdom has it that if it has an MFJ label itís suspect. I was reluctant to pull the lever and order the MFJ-962D transmatch until I saw one at Hamvention. Not bad looking, the operation felt smooth, and the price was right.

Once the unit arrived I decided to put MFJ to the test. I opened the unit and made a thorough quality inspection to see if there were loose screws, cold joints, or bad parts. So far, so good. The parts are adequate for the specs and the workmanship is fine. Iíve built more than one transmatch from QRP to 2KW and, to me, the MFJ seemed well designed and assembled.

I didnít like the inductor knob so I coughed up five bucks for an MFJ crank knob like the big boys use. Much better. Another little quirk is that the meter circuit needs a 12 volt supply to function.

Using a hundred watts, I ran it for a few months on a 40-20-20 OCFD that didnít like any other bands. The MFJ loaded everything except 80 (what a surprise). It does require careful tweaking on some of the off bands.

Then I put some power to it. My ACOM1010 put 800 watts through it without any problems. I always tune the MFJ at 20-30 watts first. Not doing this invites trouble with any transmatch. I suspect some of the arcing problems mentioned are caused by impossible, low impedance loads, or attempting to use the unit beyond its specified range. Read the manual.

Overall, the unit performs as advertised, has solid construction, and represents a good value.
KT0DD Rating: 4/5 Oct 4, 2015 06:43 Send this review to a friend
Just a couple of nits to pick  Time owned: 0 to 3 months
Overall, a fairly good tuner. The roller inductor is quite stiff and the finger dimple on the knob is basically useless. I have to turn the knob by hand.

I can't believe MFJ is still using amplifier input power as the rating for this tuner. It says 1.5KW on the front panel but the manual states that this tuner uses the old school rating of input power and the tuner will only handle 800 watt maximum amplifier output power.

This is quite misleading, as modern hams now mainly pay attention to P.E.P. output power. Why not be up front and just say 800 Watt tuner?

The tuner does what I want and matches my compromise antenna on everything from 75-10 meters. I replaced a 949E that was acting squirrely. I only run 200 watts from a TS480HX Kenwood so there is ample headroom. No arcs/sparks.

I don't think I'd run much more than 600 watts thru this tuner. I have a Ten-Tec 238C L network tuner for the big jobs. So far I'm satisfied. YMMV.
N1RND Rating: 5/5 Jan 19, 2015 05:09 Send this review to a friend
I'm happy with it.  Time owned: 0 to 3 months
After reading ALL of the reviews I pulled the trigger and bought one. MFJ is known for not always having the best Q.C. I was lucky and got a "good" one. I opened it up before even trying it out. Good soldering, no loose hardware, etc.
This tuner replaces a 949E. I have a dx engineering dxe-wa-70 40 meter dipole fed with balanced line going to a dxe-bal050-h10-a remote 1:1 current balun. The whole antenna system is installed exactly as dx engineering advises.
I can say the 962d tunes the antenna on 40 thru 10 M easier than the 949e. If you are buying any antenna tuner whether it is for low, medium, or high power operating, get one with a roller inductor. Tuning (low power) is faster and easier because you don't have to unkey between inductor settings like you do with a SWITCHED inductor switch. (never hot switch those types)
If your wondering why I'm not using the built in balun thats because I bought the remote balun before I got the tuner.
The PEP reading feature seems to work. It does decay rather slowly compared to my Yaesu ys-60 meter.
Keep in mind you will not receive a printed manual with it. In the box you find a slip of paper saying to download the manual. The current manual needs updating. On page 4 it explains that the meter needs two forms of power. 12 vdc thru the rear power jack to light the meter and a 9v battery inside to power the pep feature. There is not any provision inside for a 9v battery. It appears that the meter lamp and circutry get their voltages from the rear 12v source. Also on page 4 it says the forward readings on the meter 0-200 and 0-2000. Mine reads 0-300 and 0-3000! Yet when you look at page 12 (meter calibration) the instructions use the meter scales that ARE on my unit?
To address the spinner knob issue, as others have said you can't stick your finger in the dimple and spin it like a vfo, its too stiff. But that does not bother me a roller inductor needs a small "crank handle" like on older tuners from the day. Maybe it will break-in a bit.
All in all I like the tuner it does what I need.

73's dave
PY2ONU Rating: 4/5 Dec 27, 2014 17:24 Send this review to a friend
Good antenna tuner  Time owned: 3 to 6 months
This tuner is a good product, not a Palstar but is a good product for the price. I use the MFJ-962D with my Ameritron AL-811H and don't have problem to tuner any antena (vertical, dipole, G5RV, Yagi and even any wire).
I'm very happy with my MFJ-962D working 600-800 watts and tuned my dipole Cushcraft D4 of 160 until 6 meters.
KE7MU Rating: 5/5 Sep 7, 2014 09:14 Send this review to a friend
Please Do give it a chance  Time owned: 0 to 3 months
Bought the tuner to use with my AL-811H, and I knew that MFJ products could have issues, So I opened it up and inspected it. I found no issues, in fact I inspected it to IPC-J-STD-001E which has been adopted by Aerospace industry as soldering standard for Quality. With the exception of flux residue (something I have seen in Yeasu & other radios) it met the requirements. So I looked at the fit and smoothness of the coil control, it was a little stiff and not as smooth as I would like, but much better than my old Murch tuner.

So far, using it has been a pleasure, I get 800 watts easy out of the 811H and both amp & tuner work great together on all bands on an 80M FW loop.

Be aware that even the Defence / Aerospace Industry has quality issues, that's why they do source inspection and audit their sub-tier suppliers. Even the auto industry (where lives are at stake) have issues. Look at the millions of cars recalled for various issues.

Now if you want to have a high level of confidence that your purchase has the highest level of quality, then do a source inspection, perform a receiving inspection ( MIL-AERO does) and pay a premium for the higher criticality.

Also be aware that MFJ utilizes special needs employees who are given a chance at a productive life.

Do yourself a favor, if you have the money then buy the best of the best of the best. If you don't have the money then do yourself a favor and perform an inspection on your new purchase, and most of all remember that High Quality is not cheap. Don't be that person who buys an abused tuner or anything for that matter, at a swap meet for $10 and expect it to perform like a new high dollar device.
5B4AJG Rating: 0/5 Sep 7, 2014 06:47 Send this review to a friend
Please Don't !!!!  Time owned: 3 to 6 months
Got my MFJ-962D to be a companion for my Ameritron AL-811HX. My antenna is a 30 year old KT-34A and it's just been serviced and is as near perfect as can be on 10/15/20 mtrs. This atu was for safety back-up in case of antenna or coax failure etc. Well the vswr meter was fine on first switch on, so far so good with rig set at 100w. Time to test with the Ameritron. Rig set to 35w on 15m, amp's plate & load set, band selector on 15/17, tuner had been tuned at 100w and re-checked and now the rig is set at 35w so switch on the amps transmit switch and tx........... H'mmmm, shouldn't have done that, power reading was just over 550w when the magic smoke escaped from the atu.
Now bought a Palstar AT-5K to protect my equipment, I will NEVER EVER trust MFJUNK again.
Please, if you've worked hard to buy your radio etc. why take chances with this crap. With the amount of junk sold, it's fair to say sometimes it'll work, do you really want to take that chance with your gear, I've learnt the hard way.....
WX9DX Rating: 5/5 Mar 28, 2014 03:03 Send this review to a friend
Great!  Time owned: more than 12 months
I know this tuner is rated at 1500 peak which is 1060 RMS, and they tell you this when you buy it. Also on some antennas if you don't add inductance to ground you will build up a high voltage arc in the tuner! Talk to N9UTJ Keith he'll tell you all about how he did this and that and finally found out this fact. I have had mine and it has been flawless and I realize it is not meant to take my 2 each 3cx800 tube amp. It's a single 3-500 amp type tuner. So I bought the Ameritron ATR30 and it can take anything this amp troughs at it. Full carrier at 1500 watts. It does not arch. I can even adjust it while transmitting to a point at full power. But The 1500 watt tuner is really a 1kw tuner, it tells you that on their literature! I'd like you to run or own a company like this one and try to please all those Hams that don't read before they buy!

MFJ stands behind their equipment and has great tech support. The big thing with calling any place is don't get huffy on the phone and people will bend over backwards to help you! This MFJ-962D (1500 Watt) tuner works great in my studio B transmitter shack with a 572b desk top KW amp and that is really what it's made for. You want to run 160 meters buy a tuner for that. Talk to Richard at MFJ their PR guy and he'll guide you. He's tech savy and knows the product line, and what the equipment will really do. If your scared to just buy something from any company call and ask to talk to their PR people, Like Richard at MFJ or Mike at Ameritron! Don't cry baby about it after the fact, because (( you )) did little or no research before you bought something. Sorry but that is just my Opinion. Do you do that when you buy a car?

I have never had a problem with MFJ that they have not stood behind or tried in every way to help me. I have had this MFJ-962D since they came out. It has had a new roller inductor put into it, why because I wore it out in YEARS of use. I bought a new roller from them and installed it myself. If you don't know how to solder or can't anymore they have a great support team there that can do the work for you.

But Hey I'd like to see you run a company like that and please everyone. You think you can?
Jimmy, WX9DX
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