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Reviews Summary for MFJ-9982
MFJ-9982 Reviews: 13 Average rating: 2.5/5 MSRP: $699.95
Description: Rated at 2500 watts
Product is in production.
More info: http://
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You can write your own review of the MFJ-9982.

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W1UFL Rating: 5/5 Jun 1, 2016 12:16 Send this review to a friend
Works well  Time owned: 3 to 6 months
Have been using one for about 3 months, purchased used off of ebay. I have had no issues with it, tuning a QSO King,117'end fed longwire from 160-10 meters with no difficulty and pushing an SB1000. I have my eye on a Palstar for my next purchase as this thing is as large as the amp practically !
K8EO Rating: 4/5 Jan 24, 2014 10:41 Send this review to a friend
Works good for me  Time owned: more than 12 months
I got this tuner in an equipment package purchase from someone getting out of the hobby. My original plan was to sell it, as I didn't need another Hi power tuner, but based upon the negative reviews here I figured might as well keep it No one will want it. Before I used it I took the cover off to inspect it, as some of these reviews made me a little apprehensive to say the least. Actually I was impressed it appears to be made quite well.
Capacitor spacing was straight and true, wires were laced neatly. My only complaint would be the gears don't seem to mesh very well for the turns counter as previously reported. Anyways I tried the tuner, first at 100W, and then with my SB 1000 running into my inverted Vee. Internal wattmeter appears to be accurate. NO arcing at all. I didn't run it on 160 but I did on 80-10 es had no problems at all. Capacitor mechanisms are very smooth. I have used this tuner several times since that initial test es never had any problem.

2500 watt tuner? I don't know I don't run 2500 watts so that specification means little to me.
I agree having a 9 volt battery to run the wattmeter is simply not good. That battery could be dead or dying and who knows what kind of erroneous reading your going to get. As such I run the meter off of a 12V wall wart, no problem.

I am not an engineer so I can't comment about the tuners design specifics only on my own experiences with using it. Based upon my experiences yes I like the tuner it has some minor annoyances like I mentioned. I do think it does carry a high price tag.

I think a lot of MFJ equipment is like a heathkit. The design intent is (usually) good, and IF the right person puts it together you probably have a decent item; if not you have junk. In my case someone cared what they were doing when they assembled this unit and consequently it works well for me.
KF6SIF Rating: 2/5 Sep 22, 2013 07:48 Send this review to a friend
broke before i got to use  Time owned: 0 to 3 months
Well the roller inductor would freeze up every 180 degree turn when i pulled it right out of the box brand new overnight delivery. Next the plastic knob piece of junk broke off trying to free the jam up. The power supply pack also within a minute quit working. Sent back to mfj on around the 1st of september, it is going to start the week off tomarrow the 23rd september so almost a month and still do not know what happend? they sent a letter saying recieved on sep. 6th. mabbie if they keep it long enough they may think i will forget about it? hmm don't think i will forget $700 that easy lol...
K5YZS Rating: 0/5 Jul 4, 2013 05:14 Send this review to a friend
After a Year of Grief  Time owned: more than 12 months
Functions, sort of. After fixing many mechanical problems that I fixed, I wrote MFJ about the junky/weak mechanical antenna switch, MFJ had
Ameritron send me a better switch -- part # 500-2027 at an internal cost at $58.32 and I got at no cost to me. Now, fast forward (or is it slow forward ?) to today and using the replacement switch, I am getting arcing inside the 9982. I cleaned the variable capacitor plates and re-aligned them AGAIN and it will still arc-over at 700 to 800 watts on my 160 meter flat-top dipole. The capacitor air gap is only 0.070 inches and that is a voltage with-standing of 3000 volts. Please refer to ARRL book #0984 about network matching -- especially page 15-13 Table 15-4 and that shows computer T-design calculations that the capacitor has 4030 volts with a mild reactance of 25 ohms and R -j100 ohms. So, the capacitor will arc on 160 meter band and the capacitor max tuned at 1040 pF. So, if everything
is not near ideal 50 ohms resistive, you can have trouble getting to 1500 watts legal limit. Who has a perfect 50 ohm antenna from band end to band end on 160 m and 80/75 m without any reactance either side of natural resonance ?
ARRL book #0984 has many antenna designs that NEVER have 50 ohms from band end to band end. To prove the arcing problem is the small capacitor air gap spacing, I bought a used
but like new condition, Pal-Star BT1500A that has
0.100 inches capacitor air gap, AND IT DOES NOT ARC OVER. Send your arcing 9982 back to
MFJ to get better capacitors installed. 2500 watts
continuous is a gross mis-representation. If I wanted to handle 2500 watts into 50 ohms resistive, I would only need a 3 ft piece of LMR-400 in place of a 9982. You are warned forthwith.
73 Jim, retired engineer, k5yzs
K2ZLS Rating: 2/5 Nov 21, 2012 18:37 Send this review to a friend
Can be fixed  Time owned: more than 12 months
Had tuner for 2 years now with similar problems. After fixes, this is THE BEST. Remove cover and re-dress all wiring so they don't touch each other and give proper clearance. Re-adjust turns counter gears. Replace balun with Balun Designs Custom 1:1 5kw and ask Robert for 3" end leads. Has more effective common mode containment. Mount on shelf where old balun was. Remove battery and add pilot light to turns window. Back out Inductor turns comb so wheel turns freely. Now has better tuning than all others.
KC5UIW Rating: 0/5 Aug 12, 2012 12:07 Send this review to a friend
OMG - Do not use this tuner.  Time owned: 0 to 3 months
I had removed the cover to install the 9V battery. I had noticed a wire with a resistor on the end of it, that feeds the LED for the meter, was broken and just dangling in the wind. So the meter light won't work.

Looking around inside the tuner I noticed the turn counter cog gears were hap haphazardly adjusted and skipping every turn. The shaft for the inductor was bent over and the coupling sleeve was loose allowing the crank to be pulled in and out 1/2 inch. The pinch roller edge wound inductor is a great idea - but the quality of this particular one is absolutely horrible. Turning the crank and watching the roller grind it's way across the flimsy inductor didn't take me long to realize that it will eventually wear out. The pinch roller would actually expand and contract over 1/8 of an inch - meaning the windings of the roller is not wound accurately and has too much slop in it's comb.

Looking at the spacing for the capacitors I noticed the plates were not evenly spaced and some needed tweaked to get centered.

Put it all back together and decided to try it anyway. I have an external swr/pwr meter and could live without the built in one. I tuned up at 50 watts on 40 meters into a dummy load. Started tuning my amplifier for 500 watts out and heard bacon frying inside the tuner - bright flash in the rear - and a nasty smell and smoke rolling out of it. Dropped power - shut everything off and took the top of the tuner.

I found that the SO-239 input connector was shorting directly to ground. Ugh. No it's not my amplifier - my other tuner works just fine.

I would -not- recommend this tuner to anyone until Ameritron gets a handle on quality control. There is no excuse to release products without quality control.
K5YZS Rating: 0/5 Jul 16, 2011 10:33 Send this review to a friend
Trash Pile Times Three  Time owned: 3 to 6 months
Dead right out of the box. This gets an automatic -10 rating. This box of parts had a missing 4-40 (steel) bolt missing from the roller coil and T-network was not completed. Thus this junk box would not tune. When turning the crank to adjust the roller coil, the cog wheels were mis-set and would jump apart and not turn the turns counter properly. Anetnna select switch shaft was binding so much from the undersized front panel bushing that the gold tone finish on the shaft rubbed off and the panel bushing had to be removed and reamed out. The antenna switch detent was mis-manufactured and wobbled so much that the SMALL detent ball would not "set home" without lotsa fiddling. Tool markson rear top edge changed finish. Velilations holes gang punched in the top and have sharp edges and while cleaning fiberglass machining dust from insides, poor ol' Jim cut his finger on hole burrs. Two missing braces to back panel, which are clearly shown in ad pictures-- 4 missing flat head bolts for these braces also missing. There is NO STABLE GROUND POST on the rear panel. As built, if you have to switch from coax to balanced line (as I do on 160 meters and 80 meters), you have to reach over on the back and move a movable bar. This also loosens the nut on the bars post and the ground lead can come loose. I run a balanced line feed flat top for 160, 80 and forty meters. AND, to improve reception in my city area I use a 5 ft by 5 ft tuned loop for receive, which is connected to COAX DIRECT-1 position. This is extremely inconvenient to have to turn the front panel antenna switch and also move the bar on the rear panel. I have run the ATR-30(none of these problems) successfully for years and MFJ cant even copy the ATR-30--for poor design and poor manufacturing process. With the pretty red wire and pretty white wire on the 4 core current balun on the T-network input, it is wired to the ANT switch such that it acts like a 1 : 1 coupling transformer and there is cross talk back to COAX DIRECT-1 position from my BIG 160 meter balanced line flat top antenna. So, when I switch to an "empty" COAX DIRECT-1 position, I can still hear received signals. Duh !!! Then when I connect the 5 x 5 tuned loop for receive to COAX-1, I get a mixture of signals from the balanced feed flat top and the receiving loop on COAX-1. Is this stupid or what? (they cant copy the wiring topology of the ATR-30). Wow, after reading this I changed my rating to -20. The front panel labeling is cockeyed and the "2500" is 1/16 inch lowerthan the right end of the lettering. "Antenna" and "Transmit" labeling is also tilted. (Elementary school cut and past skills ?) The meter was loose in its hole as delivered; extra white spots on front panel; ads brag about the "balun on the input", but the way the 9982 is wired the balun on the input is between the unbalanced coax input and the unbalanced T-network components. The 1:1 current balun should be at the output is this unbalanced topology to any balanced line antenna, where it does the oft quoted job of forcing equal currents--just the job from the unbalanced T-network to a balanced line flat top, like I use for transitting. (sorry G4FTC this aint right !!!) The ad copy brags about no steel connections for balanced line on the back panel but the thru bolts ARE MAGNETIC STEEL. This junk box is built with 4-40 steel bolts connecting the roller coil. The two large capacitors are made on threaded rod and the stator plates are held in position by aluminium spacers and are locked in place by STEEL NUTS WITH CAPTIVE STEEL STAR WASHERS. In numerous places on the two capacitors the steel nuts cant be tighten to the smaller diamater spaces to keep the steel lock washers from rotating. Last time I worked on power line noise, it was from loose metal parts in an electric field. The loose star washers are fractions of an inch from high intensity RF fields. And guess what? --- they are magnetic steel. The ad copy brags about #10 wire being used, but in another part of the ad copy they say the 4 core balun is wound with #12 wire. If you cant be consistant, why blow smoke MFJ? In the ad pictures, it shows copper strapping being used to connect the two capacitors to the roller coil. To accomplish the connections, MFJ cuts U-shaped notches in the ends of the copper straps and opens up the capacitor treaded rod nuts and sticks the copper strap right between stator spacors. This the stator air gap spacing is deformed by the thickness of the copper strapping as the stator plates are pushed forward toward the rotor plates -- this reduced the voltage withstanding capability of the capacitors by the thickness of the copper straps. Is this junevile or what ? I did not get two coil pinch rollers as claimed in the ad copy--I only got one. The cable from the back panel power/swr board was bowed up and touching the #10 wire from the input So-239. Glad I was only running 100 watts for testing. How come after 30 plus years can MFJ take hundreds of dollars for such CRAP. This abortion has caused me to again lower my rating to -30. Avoid this thing like the plague. 73 Jim, retired engineer, K5YZS

K5YZS Rating: 0/5 Jun 23, 2011 09:41 Send this review to a friend
More garbage for the Trash Pile  Time owned: 0 to 3 months
More sad info on the 9982; in my last review I forgot to mention that ad copy brags about rear balanced feed connections NOT BEING STEEL. However, there are numerous steel bolts, nuts and washers connecting the guts of THIS THING.
My engineering books say that magnetic steel parts are the wrong thing to use in high power RF circuits. Also, I forgot to note previously, that as delivered the counter/cog wheels were mis-set and jumped apart when the roller coil crank was turned. Now for the ultimate absurdity: In the ad copy pictures it shows copper strapping connecting the variable capacitors to the roller coil; they cut U-shaped notches in the ends of the copper strapping and loosened the capacitor stator nuts so that the copper strapping could be inserted in between the spacers of the threaded rod of capacitor stators; guess what ? this pushed the stator spacers forward on each of the variable capacitors and then the stator plate's air gap is reduced by the amount of thickness of the copper strapping--thus lowering the voltage withstanding capability of the variable capacitors. Is this juvenile or what? After reading this second set of comments about the 9982, I have again lowered my rating: - 30 !!! Shame, Shame, Shame MFJ. 73 Jim, retired engineer, K5YZS
N4JA Rating: 0/5 May 10, 2011 14:33 Send this review to a friend
unit failed  Time owned: 0 to 3 months
I had the tuner for about 3 weeks and one morning while talking to a group that is scattered near and far, | was using my AL-82 amp. when the tuner failed, it put high SWR on the line and it caused the plate tuning capacitor to arc and there was a large mass of aluminum on the rotor plate on one part of the capacitor. The capacitor has to be replaced. I sent the tuner to MFJ yesterday for warranty repairs. BTW I was using the tuner in the direct (untuned) mode. Icould not get a signal through the tuner and the SWR WAS 9:1 on my LP100. The meters would not work . subsituting a barrel cannector for the tuner, everything worked using a resonant antenna. I could not get any power through the tuner. I opened it up and could not spot any obvious problem. The center pins of the coax coax connectors showed continuity and there were no shorts. | am buffaloed! I think MFJ should replace my tuning capacitor in my AL-82 since the tuner caused the plate tuning capacitor to fail.
VK3EGN Rating: 5/5 Sep 19, 2010 01:57 Send this review to a friend
Great tuner  Time owned: 3 to 6 months
I use AL-1500 and kite lifted aerials. So, I need very robust tuner - and this one is.
You need 12Vdc, I get it from AL-1500. Tuning is smooth and easy. Tuner handles lots of power.
Sometimes I use low range to tune up quickly at low power. Sometimes I use MFJ antenna analyser.
Excellent tuner, will never sell it. With tuner and amplifier power is the most important. Why pay more for uselless features ?
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