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Reviews Categories | Transceivers: HF Amateur HF+6M+VHF+UHF models - not QRP <5W | Yaesu FT-100 Help

Reviews Summary for Yaesu FT-100
Yaesu FT-100 Reviews: 112 Average rating: 3.7/5 MSRP: $895.00
Description: A compact mobile HF-VHF-UHF all mode transciever.
Product is not in production.
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You can write your own review of the Yaesu FT-100.

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OH8EFI Rating: 3/5 Dec 23, 2017 13:19 Send this review to a friend
Good, but not great overtime  Time owned: more than 12 months
I got this rig second hand, I have no idea when this was fist purchased. But it has seen its best days but it does tell that it is a ok for basic operations, but with many many flaws. I have used it in many peditions and it is the only rig I own now - sadly.

Everyone knows the issue with fan not blowing in RX V/UHF (Fixable by a mod), bit annoying.

My biggest hate goes on the stepped selection knob. Gosh it jumps back and forth like it had its own life!

I get weird shorts when transmitting in 17-10m bands. It hasn't been checked out yet, I have just avoided these bands.

Kinda okay, since I have no other rigs. But when my budget grows, I WILL change this rig away. Not great but not the worst.
KG5UN Rating: 4/5 Aug 5, 2014 07:03 Send this review to a friend
Not pefect but not junk!  Time owned: more than 12 months
By now we have all read many reviews and should be quite familiar with the shortcomings of this rig. However hopefully we have read about the mods and fixes available as well.

The FT-100 is a feature rich and very capable radio for Hf and VHF/UHF. When it has the nods and updates done to it, it becomes the radio that it should have been when it left the Yaesu factory. It has a great receiver, awesome noise blanker and very pleasant transmitted audio. What else could you ask for?
KB2SEO Rating: 0/5 Oct 3, 2012 08:21 Send this review to a friend
Buy this rig for your Mother in law- If you hate her  Time owned: more than 12 months
Note- this was my review a while back- Since then, I tried everything I could to fix it, can't get finals, can't get the HF to work, ATAS Antenna was found to be full of water (among other things claimed by yaesu), I finally traded the rig off for a REAL HF radio. Yaesu should be SOOOO ashamed of themselves to have screwed over so many good faithful Hams- NEVER AGAIN WILL I PURCHASE A YAESU PRODUCT- EVER! I never had troubles like this from Icom, Kenwood or anything else I have. If you see one on EBAY or elsewhere- I can almost PROMISE YOU- It will have issues, If not yet- IT WILL! almost every person but one had junked or dumped their FT-100 as of 2012- the one who did not? We put it in his coffin when he SK'd- No sense in selling something a fellow ham will get screwed with, his XYL did not need someone giving her QRM after just losing her husband, right? think the guys at HRO tried to steer me towards the Icom 706 MkIIg..HRO tried Everything to get Yaesu to do the right thing....

>>>>>>>Original review Jun 13, 2007 05:57<<<<<<<<
Purchased the FT100 just as the 100d was hitting the market from HRO in Atlanta, With a good sale of 100's, I figured it was worth it, I could afford an "atas 100" (which would be a great rain guage- Mine filled with water in 2 months)

kept getting told by yaesu that it was grounding, But the Hi SWR meter would come on- Even with a SWR of 1.2-1 and a TUNER running, 2 -440 went soft, could not get more than 5-7 watts out of 440- NOTHING I tried to use antenna wise would work.

I called Yeasu once again, explained that I blew over 1800 bucks (Seperation kit, filters, got all the options, ATAS-100 Went for my LUNGS!) for the ultimate mobile setup and instead, it's falling apart (I later learned that ALL the early rigs had too much Flux used, the solder job was shoddy and quality control was nil)- the radio works into a dummy load- just not any antenna. this time- Now 8 Months later they switched the story to They want all sales slips sent BEFORE a RMA would be issued. I explained that I still had the one for the deposit for the rig- and HRO would be willing to vouch that I indeed purchased the rig- the rest was paid cash, the invoice was lost.
(10/12- to this day, they never returned my letters or calls asking for a escalation to the executives to make good on it either...DRM)

Here it is-6 years later- I won't sell the rig as I would just dump a problem on someone else. I am hoping that enough disgruntled owners read this, Perhaps we can band together to make the tech dept. make good on this radio- 1200 bucks is a lot for a LEMON.

N3IG Rating: 4/5 Mar 30, 2012 00:58 Send this review to a friend
Nice Radio  Time owned: 3 to 6 months
I bought mine used from a friend for a good price to use as a back up. This radio was well used, so much that he replaced the control head with a used one and I had to replace the front feet, mic ptt switch and cradle on the front that holds the control head. The parts I replaced were all still supported by yaesu and cost was under $20 shipped.

I have owned two Icoms with AF Dsp (706MkiiG and 718) and the Dsp in this radio blows them away, gets rid of much more noise before starting to distort audio. This is not the "D" model so I bought the 500Hz cw filter and it is just a joy to listen to cw with. This radio with a AT-200 pro tuner make a very good compact station, not a IC-7000 but still very good.

The reason for the "4" is although mine has not given any problems since refurbished the finals they used are getting very scarce which equals expensive if they were to go out and yaesu has made no attempt at coming up with a alternative replacement.
XV4TUJ Rating: 5/5 Nov 5, 2011 01:13 Send this review to a friend
Solid performer  Time owned: more than 12 months
I now have a Kenwood TS-590s as my main radio. Of course with more than 10 years behind the two, the TS-590s clearly outperform the FT-100 in terms of raw performance. Ergonomic is also clearly the dark side of FT-100 small package.
However, using both showed me that the FT-100 also has is strengths : great Noise Blanker, really good audio DSP (but not as good as IF DSP in the Kenwood), quiet receiver and good keyer (no autospacing in the Kenwood).
I am happy to have the TS-590 as main rig and do not regret the FT-100. That said, the FT-100 is a great rig for mobile/portable or as backup radio.
KC7YRA Rating: 2/5 Jan 26, 2010 04:53 Send this review to a friend
Issues from the get go  Time owned: more than 12 months
I love this reg DESPITE the hell it put me through. Here is my story.

I was a young ham when this radio hit the market. It was touted as being the first compact radio that did so much. I saved my pennies for months before I was able to plunk down the $1200 for it.

I finally did and got this little beauty in my hands. It was amazing. It was my first new rig ever (considering my other rigs were over 30 years old) and it was a beauty.

From the moment I hooked it up, I could never get 10 meters to work reliably. I chalked it up to a grounding issue (externally) and thought it was my fault. The rig worked great on the rest of HF, so I never gave it another thought. Hooked to the POS (but that is for another review) ATAS-100, I got my first taste of HF mobile. I had a blast. Made my first 6 meter contacts with this beauty.

After a while (and after the warranty), it started having a problem. The VHF side gave up the ghost. I ended up doing some research and found the thermal runaway problem. I also found the internal grounding issue (which would explain why it was unreliable on 10 meters). I sent it to Burghardt repair center in South Dakota (big mistake there as well but once again, for another review).

It ended up costing me $500 to repair the problems (although they never really fixed the VHF side). Once I got it back, it worked on HF just fine but it has never since been fired up on VHF/UHF. I ended up replacing the cooling fans in it several years ago. The stock ones were making a terrible noise and not moving enough air any more. The newer, bigger fans helped the rig stay a lot cooler.

The reason that I did not totally bust this rig down with a ZERO is that I still use it on HF. It is in my truck (where it has been for over 10 years) and continues to perform on HF like a champ. Now that the mods are done, it works great on 160-10 meters. Be it -40 degrees F outside or 120+ degrees inside, the little radio always turns on and always seems to work. I get great audio reports and the rig always puts out a clean 100 watts. The NB works great and the DSP can hold its own against the onslaught of RF that my truck blasts at it.

All in all, It is a piece of crap that seems to be holding up nicely now that it has been modified. I cannot believe that it ended up costing me almost $2k in the end. That is WAY too much and I am most dismayed that Yaesu did not own up to this little mistake and take care of fixing it for folks.

If you are reading these reviews to get some insight because you found a deal on a used FT-100, BE CAREFUL. Look and see if the mods have been done and when. Also, get your hands on the rig and play with it. Get on 2 meters and talk for awhile. If folks tell you that they can no longer understand you after a few minutes, it means the VHF side is shot. Probably overheated due to the thermal problem.

If you cannot play with the rig before you buy it, I would pass. There is an extremely high chance that the rig may be toasted. Look into the FT-857 as Yaesu seems to have learned from the 100 mistakes.
WB4LFC Rating: 5/5 Feb 26, 2009 17:23 Send this review to a friend
Great mobile and backup rig.  Time owned: 0 to 3 months
A friend gave me an FT-100 the other day.I think its going to be a good backup and portable rig to take on trips.The first contact I made on it was from Alabama to Colorado.
K2ACB Rating: 2/5 Jul 15, 2008 19:16 Send this review to a friend
It was good while it worked  Time owned: more than 12 months
I got my Yaesu FT 100 at the Dayton Hamfest in 2000. I only used it mobile with the seperation kit. The Yaesu FT100 worked well for 6 months and then it suddenly went dead. I used it with the Atas 100 antenna and a duplexer.

I sent it back to Yaesu under warranty. They repaired it and replaced a number of parts including the FET's.The bill came to about $350. They also made the necessary modifications to the FT100at that time.

For the next six and a half years my FT100 worked well. I was very satisfied with it. I worked over 150 countries with it freom my mobile. One day my Atas antenna would not tune. I originally thought it was the Atas or my antenna connection. After checking those out , I determined that the fault was with the FT100.

Rather than send the rig back to Yaesu for repair(if it was under warranty I definitely would have sent it back to Yaesu for repair), I sent it to an authorized Yaesu dealer who is also authorized to repair Yaesu rigs. The dealer's repair service told me that the fault was in a chip in the low voltage circuitry of the Yaesu FT100. The repair service placed an order for that chip. Yaesu parts said they did not have the part in stock . They might have the part in Japan but they were not certain about that.

After waiting several weeks and nothing heard from Yaesu parts, at the request of the repair service, I called them up and they said they were still searching for the part in Japan.The repair service had also heard the same from Yaesu and felt that pressure from me as well as them might speed things up.

Yaesu did offer the repair service the part taken off another Yaesu FT100 they had in their shop. I was advised by the repair service that unless Yaesu sent them an authorized part and would guaranty that part they would not repair the radio. I respected that opinion and in the end I sold the radio as it was, for considerably less than I would have received if the radio was in good working condition.

I was very disappointed in Yaesu that they would not support a radio that was only 7 years old with spare parts. Other stories like mine(where Yaesu no longer has the spare parts for the FT100) are well documented on the FT100 reflector on Yahoo groups.

If the finals go on the FT100 ,or some other critical parts as in my case,you probably will have to junk the FT100 or buy another one on the used market just for spare parts

This seems to be the trend these days especially with the less expensive radios that are solid state. They tend to be commodities. The manufacturers, especially the Japanese,want you to go out and buy a new radio rather than repair the old one. Even if they do have the spare parts for the radio ,like the final FET's,they may charge such an exorbitant price to repair the radio that it would be cheaper and more cost effective to go out and buy a new radio.

This is what I ended up doing when I could not adequately repair my FT100. I took the money I got for selling my FT100 and bought a Yaesu FT 857D. I did this because I got a great price on the FT857D (I paid $500 less for the FT857D in 2007 than did for my FT100 in 2000). I also had installed a Yaesu FT857D in another vehicle I own with the Atas 120 antenna.I thought the FT857D was a worthy successor to the FT100. I also felt that because Yaesu is using most of the same parts for the FT857D and the Yaesu FT897D they will keep those parts longer than they have kept them for the FT100 or its successor the FT100D.

Thus far I have had no problems with my FT857D radios which I only use mobile.I am still driving the Honda Odyssey van I purchased new in 1999 and which the FT100 was originally installed and then replaced with the FT857D.

Initially I would have rated the FT100 between a 4 and 5 . However because of problems some owners are now experiencing with this radio and the fact that Yaesu is not carrying major spare parts for a radio that has been only out of production for 4 years, I can only rate the Yaesu FT100 and its successor the D model a 2 or 2.5 at the most.

W3RXO Rating: 0/5 Jun 30, 2008 21:11 Send this review to a friend
JUNK, pure junk  Time owned: more than 12 months
I can't say it any more plainly than that. First, mine started getting the thermal runaway trouble, when I would have a fairly lengthy QSO on 2M FM. Would just go into LEFT FIELD, and transmit on some unknown band, with no warning. Then, when I got the mod done, by another tech, to take care of the overheating problem, the VCO board went out, just ass I was selling it to a friend. Had to give my friend his money back, buy another body on eBay, and then sell it for a HUGE loss, on eBay. All because of inherent design flaws, that Yaesu should have recalled it over. Instead, they throw their loyal customers to the curb. Screw them!!!! It is junk, pure junk. Plain and simple.
To make things worse, YAESU told me they "No longer support that platform". Refused to work on a radio, that 7-8 years ago, was their state of the art micro-mobile. Yet, I can take my Kenwood T-599 and R-599 to Kenwood, and they will gladly work on those 30+ year old radios. Due to that, I will never buy another Yaesu radio. Icom, Kenwood and the used Boatanchor market, have my loyal business, now.
KN0CK Rating: 4/5 Dec 26, 2007 21:37 Send this review to a friend
Nice rig even if used  Time owned: 0 to 3 months
I've owned my FT-100 for about a month now and I've really been happy with it. Compared against the TS-140S I own, it definitely has more features (other than the V/UHF bands) and seems to have more receiver sensitivity than my '140S has. I've been using it on the digital modes (PSK31, Olivia, etc) as well as listening to HFDL and it does a remarkable job of pulling sigs out of the noise. I have mine set up with a HyGain 4BTV vertical antenna and it's been working out fine used in a base configuration - haven't put it to use as a mobile rig yet, but have the screwdriver antenna ready for that soon enough. Tuning rivals most top end rigs (10 Hz tuning seems real smooth in VFO mode). Adjustable power is a plus for QRP operation if I want to do that. Has so many features I have trouble remembering them all! This rig is a 4.5 out of 5.0 - - definitely worth the purchase even at $400.00 these days.
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